Moments in Video Games that made you feel AWESOME

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    Give me some stuff that made you feel fucking cool, like a badass, or just plain AWESOME. Be it a mechanic, scene, or even ending!

    Dark Messiah: Jump kicking a guard straight into some spikes before spinning around to decapitate his ally in one perfect motion.

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    That ending where you purge the succubus bitch from your body, acquire divine weapons, save the cute apprentice girl, then release your demonic lord father.

    Even fucking BETTER when he bro-fists you for purging the selfish bitch and invites you to conquer the world with him.

    Kerbal Space Program: Getting that terrible rocket into orbit and back home safely with minimal casualties.

    C'mon. Let's see some ACTION.
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  3. Good times. Even better when being a part of those raids was something that you could relate to.

    Let's see..

    Playing World of Warcraft as the hunter of the raid. Entire raid is wiped. Boss only has a FEW hundred thousand HP left and I'm the one being marched upon. The entire raid yelling in TS as I try to run in circles praying for that last crit to win it.
  4. I've never lasted on any one MMO long enough to take part in Raids.
    It's something I'd really love to do one day though if I can find a group of people to play with (Therefore keep me involved in the MMO).
  5. Hands down my favourite:

    A few others...

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  6. Nydanna pimped out in her Red Mage AF (open)

    Getting my full artifact gear on Red Mage in FFXI. I screamed so loud I couldn't talk for hours afterwards.

    Also in FFXI...kicking Maat's ass as red mage, one of the hardest limit break quests at the time. Of course now it's a piece of cake, but when I did it, it took nearly everyone a half dozen times to beat him.

    Took me 7 tries to do it... (open)

    Getting Sea access before everyone else, and I hadn't even reached the level cap. I was the lowest level in my group, and beat the expansion a month and a half after it was released. I was pregnant at the time, my group kept telling me I wasn't allowed to go into labor until we finished the final fight. lol

    I miss that game so much. Too bad SE sucked all the fun out of it....
  7. Spoiler for Black Flag (open)
    I'll admit I felt pretty badass when I was able to go complete stealth on a serious mission, and took down three flag ships, while being at only one red blinking health bar on my ship.

    That's my badass feeling cause I'm a bit new to gaming.
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  8. Swimming up to a ship, unseen, and boarding it and cleaning its decks. Did it once and never managed to pull it off again.
  9. So many. Oh, so many.

    But one that always sticks in my mind wasn't actually a cutscene or an achievement or anything - it was just a moment of pure awesome. I was playing Halo 3 splitscreen with my brother, we had Eminem's "White America" blasting in the background, and we came out of a building/CQC area into an enormous open section. And it was stuffed to the gills with enemy vehicles and squads, scattered across the area. Along with our Marine NPCs we just came running out, tossing grenades, and nothing could touch us. I don't know if it was just the mood we were in, or the perfect timing of the music, or what, but I've never been able to replicate the unadulterated awesomeness of that moment.
  10. I've had my own awesome moments but I was there for one of my cousin's( She's on the site and goes by the name of Flicker ), and she was around 4 years old at the time. She was playing Halo and at the end of this long hallway, was an elite or hunter- can't remember which to save my life- and she launched a plasma grenade down that hallway and it landed on the alien's face and exploded it to pieces. She was FOUR. XD Her dad and I were going nuts over it and I know her dad still tells the same story over and over. It was awesome.
  11. Landing a leaping Falcon Punch or a KO Punch in Smash Bros. There's nothing quite like landing an insanely difficult to pull of attack against an opponent, and wondering what they must be thinking, knowing they fell for whatever trick you used to get them into that situation.
    Also, pulling off stuff like this:
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  12. Surviving a week in Minecraft with Better than Wolves (a hardcore mod). Oh, and finishing the first dungeon in Skyrim, but with Requiem ('nother hardcore mod). And killing a Big Daddy. And getting to the last level of FTL. And finishing a puzzle in Limbo without looking at a walkthrough. And doing pretty much anything in Morrowind with my current mod list.

    Also, not exactly in a video game, but I think it still counts: Actually finishing a full install of a bunch of mods for anything.
  13. Finishing up any sort of major building project in Minecraft. Any avid Minecrafter knows just how satisfying that can be.
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  14. Not necessarily something I did that made me feel awesome, but it definitely got me pumped.

  15. Proudest moment?

    Managing to keep a party of underlevelled noobs alive in a high end instance, using only my DPS main and her low level tank pet. Over about an hour and a half I tanked through walkers, mini bosses, avoided six party wipes (after the first complete wipe where I was left standing) and finally took down the end boss with a pet that was hardly levelled enough. Sure I had an advantage of about 10 levels compared to the mobs in the instance, but the others were pathetic.

    That one time required me to use everything I learned during my previous three years of playing, and every trick in the book.

    Then there's getting a stealth kill on a dragon in Skyrim. With dual wield daggers and a thief character. At around level 40. That was fucking glorious.
  16. beating teh game
  17. The last level of Half Life 2 with the gravity gun on steroids and sticking The Man to lasers.

    Getting Platinum on a dojo or "As far as you can go" level in Rayman Legends. Getting in the top % is hard.
  18. Like, every moment I got to play as Ellie in The Last of Us? Including the DLC! Maybe it's just me but I find playing as a fourteen year old girl killing shit pretty fucking awesome.
  19. Anytime I get that SSS rating in DMC 1, 3, or 4. Sure I'll never get as good as this:

    But I can sure try.
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  20. When you finally manage to kill off the boss in FTL: Faster Then Lightning.
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