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  1. Mothers day is soon. Just over a month away.
    We all have them, a mother to love or one to hate. One we worry for or one ignored. It is hard telling as our circumstances in this life differ in ways which are... well, needless to say we've all our own trials. But in spite of all things, know that even that one day should be held dear. Wish her your best.
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  2. Once upon a time, I hated my mother with an unholy passion. Life was not good growing up.

    I realized I become a real adult when I finally understood why my mom is the way she is and forgave her for it all. .__.; Now I can finally appreciate her for all of the good things she taught me, and not be so bitter about the bad things.

    So if she were nearby, I MIGHT allow her to have a donut!
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  3. My mother and I had a very complicated relationship. We were constantly butting heads, til I moved out because of the constant conflict between my parents and the toll their vices were taking on me. It got better for a short time, but didn't truly get a chance to bond with her before dementia took over. I spent the last three years of her life taking care of her and being forced to making medical decisions on her behalf (despite her never wanting to talk about what she preferred) and she resented me for that quite a bit. She passed away January 16, 2014 and I miss her. Not sick her, not alcoholic her, but the image of "mom" that I had when I was a kid. I often wonder what it would be like if we had a chance to fix our broken relationship, but I still believe everything happens for a reason.
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  4. My mother and I do not speak to each other and most likely we probably never really will. Everyone in my family claims that it was because my father abused her while they were married, and he treated her like crap during her pregnancy because he never wanted kids, but that's not really an excuse. Even as I grew up, I could never truly understand why she was the way she was, and when I became a mother it only made me resent her more. I could never imagine making any of my children feel left out the way my mother did, and I certainly would never throw my kids out of the house when they're sixteen years old and have no place to go and no way of taking care of themselves.

    The truth is my mother was not a mother. She was simply a guardian who took care of my financially, and did little else. My aunt on the other hand, she was my mother. She talked to me when I had problems, and spent time with me whenever I went over her house. Even after I moved, she called me at least once a week, and when we do talk it's we can spend an hour on the phone and still have trouble ending the conversation. When I was pregnant, she was the one I asked for advice, and when my kids were sick, she was the one I would call up. Every mother's day I may call my mother to say 'Happy Mother's day', but it my aunt that I buy gifts for.
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  5. My mother gave birth to me when she was only 16. I was three months premature and she was close to death. We both survived and she graduated from high school. She tried to go to college but she usually wound up having to drop out because of me and work. I had a great childhood and great memories but there were times where she had to catch the bus to work or school no matter what the weather was like. We moved around a lot because of financial trouble and some other things. But luckily we did have support from family members and other people from church. No matter how dire things got, Mom would always have faith and she never gave in. She always made sure I was properly taken care of even if it was at her own expense.

    Mom finally managed to get her bachelor's degree in Psychology (she wanted to be a therapist) and she was gonna go back to get her Master's degree in 2013 but she died on March 16th, two weeks after my birthday. Her death hit me hard and destroyed a part of me that I'll never get back. I miss her very much and there are many times where I could tell her how much I loved her and appreciated everything she did for me. We were very close and she got me through some really tough times (the death of my father for example). Now I feel like I have no one I can be that close to anymore even though there are people I call and talk to whenever I feel down and out.

    I just wish she had the chance to accomplish her dreams and goals before she died.
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  6. My mother is built with the most unbending will of steel I ever seen. While this makes her incapable of sayin "I'm sorry" or admit to ever being wrong, it has also kept her going despite her sisters taking suicide, dying in cancer and trying to financially ruin one another in court. I has allowed her to keep going when her brother fell into a coma from a unknown disease, and then spent 5 years braindead before finally allowed rest. My mother is in many ways my hero. She is a stalwart politically engaged feminist, who has faced down nationalists and other scum that would opress others. She has been to so many rallies, known so many influential people. Yet she never bragged, never made it about her, never taken it out on anybody. She raised me and my siblings, she managed to do well for herself. She defeated cancer twice. She won't brag, so I will do it for her. She and I don't much get along these days, two very strong wills clashing. But I know I can always rely on her.
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  7. My mother currently ignores me right now, she is Chinese and came from a very traditional family. While my father was American with British parents with a more outgoing family. My mother's family hated my father's family, they didn't understand the same language, didn't have the same ideals, and every time we go to my mother's side of the family for so called "celebrations" we were excluded. I was an only child growing up, because my mother's family refused to the fact that my father is American. I was the person left out of everything. Even though her family stood against it, my mother still married my father and raised me, I respect her for doing that. I hated the atmosphere when I was with my mother's family, they all look at me weird and thought my mother was ungrateful just because she had western ideals. She endured that for years.

    Two years ago my father passed away, and my mother's family is criticizing her marrying an irresponsible person, but my father died of an accident, it has nothing to do with him as a person. My mother stayed strong as you can expect her to be. She didn't break down, life remained as usual for me and her. My mother's brother, my uncle, and my father's family are very nice to us. My mother changed since my father died though.

    She was always a really childish person, and quiet lazy. So lazy that I wrote one of her essays for collage for her when I was in sixth grade, it got like a 60%, and that I been cooking for her for a couple of years now. Now she seems to be looking for a boyfriend or something, she doesn't really have good judgement so my uncle and my dad's family told me to watch the people she's contracting. That's the reason my mother ignored me right now, she's like the teenager and I'm like the parent, except that she can drive. So she's been stalling with me for a couple of months now since I required her to let me see every guy that she's seeing, so yeah, any "talking to a irresponsible person into choosing their date in a responsible fashion" advice?
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  8. My mom is a total Asian tiger mom. Perennial, quintessential tiger mom.

    Dancing lessons, ice skating lessons, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, horseback riding, tennis, basketball, swimming, piano lessons, flute lessons, violin lessons, afterschool math and reading programs, SAT and AP test prep, Chinese school on the weekends... super strict curfews, high expectations, high standards. They expected the best from me and settled for no less.

    I hated it. I had almost no life as a child. She's calmed the fuck down now that I'm an adult.

    Looking back, though, I'm actually pretty grateful for it. It taught me the value of hard work, of well-roundedness, of striving to achieve that which I know I am capable of achieving. I show her my gratitude every year and will continue to do so this year.

    Thanks, mom. <3
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  9. Is it bad that I read this in a super fast, alvin and the chipmunks voice?
  10. I intended for it to be read fast. xD
  11. My mom is amazing.
    She's lesbian, and not afraid to speak her mind. She never backs down, not even to her boss at work, which is why she's well liked around the Finger Lakes Times delivery system. She had a harsh childhood. She grew up with her 8 siblings. They were a poor family, barely ever having heat in their home and rarely affording good food. She was also criticized a lot when she was younger because of her sexual orientation, which is how I came around.

    My mom had a girlfriend, who had a brother. Now at the time, her girlfriend's brother was a nice man, and she respected him. So, to keep gay-haters and her christian/catholic family at bay, she married him. Now this wasn't the first man she had been with before she came out of the closet. She was with a horrible man, and it resulted in a pregnancy. This pregnancy wasn't my conception, no, but my older sister's. Now, after my mom had married my father (The first man I mentioned), her girlfriend married my mother's first 'boyfriend', having several kids. Now, because of this weird ordeal, my sister (Who is currently expecting her fifth child), was treated harshly by her half-sibling's family, saying she was born out of sin and what not.

    Anyway's, back to my mother. After she married my father, she had my older brother, who is 10 years older than I am. She and her girlfriend withstood their horrible marriages for ten more years, by which time I was conceived. My mother left my father before I was born, but she managed to force him to sign my birth certificate (Lucky me, I get $36 a month for child support). My mother had dropped out in eighth grade, so she couldn't get very many jobs. She struggled, taking cheap jobs in order to support and raise her three children.

    Fast forward about ten more years, and my mother had a new girlfriend. Her, her girlfriend, Me, my brother, and my two new step siblings, all lived in a big house in a rural country town. My brother moved out because he couldn't accept the rules that were set for him.

    During that year, my mother and her girlfriend had went to the sperm bank. My mother's girlfriend was artificially inseminated. Nine months later, she gave birth two twin boys, Kobey and Mavrick. About a year later, my mom and I were kicked out of the house, left abandoned and homeless. After we managed to get back on our feet, and we had a nice place, we started getting weekends where my little half-brothers would visit. My mom never smiled like that before than.

    Fast forward a few more years, and the twins birth mother took the visitation rights away, because she didn't like my mother smoking cigarettes around them. This would have been fine, but she wouldn't even accept my mom leaving the house to smoke while I watched the boys inside. It's been about four years since we've so much as seen the boys. My mom cried for months on end because of this loss. My mom, by this point, had a new girlfriend. Mind you, this was before gay marriage was legalized in NY state. They were on and off in their relationship, the girlfriend constantly making accusations and discriminatory remarks towards us. This has been going on for almost seven years. We've moved three times since then. We now live in a trailer park in trailer that is in my mom's name, so that nobody could ever kick us out.

    My mother busts her back, not only handling the stress of her life, constantly battling depression, but to keep food on the table. We're in a tough spot right now, but we manage.

    My mom is the strongest person I have ever met, or even heard of. I don't know where I'd be without my mom, who is the coolest queer in the world (Her words not mine)
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  12. All I'll say I am deeply blessed to have a very good relationship with my mother and the same goes with the rest of my family. I was raised by a bunch of laid back southern folk from both sides of the family. Had a lot of good times back then although life tends to draw distance between us at times we all still gather for Sunday supper.
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  13. Just saying, your johnny cash signature, bombin' man. It always brings Dawn Of The Dead to mind
  14. That signature is sacrosanct towards my history of many failed fellowships in the past and present, but I'm thankful of the compliment nonetheless.
  15. My mom is cool I guess.
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  16. My mom is s strongs woman. Always has been. She's an honorably discharged Army Veteran turned website designer who has worn more hats than anyone should ever have to. She raised me well and in a time of my life where I thought my father hated me (turns out he didn't, just didn't spend as much time with me as he did my sister) and I was constantly being bullied in school, suicide had become an option for me. The night I had planned it out, she came into my room and sat on my bed and just talked to me for hours. I remember that conversation as if it happened yesterday. least ten years later and now I'm a dad so I have two mothers to honor. My wife has blessed me with a daughter (4 next week) and a son (2). She's a strong woman who still struggles every once in a while with the consequences of a sexually abusive father, a mother who did little to nothing to protect her, and having little more than a seventh grade education. Last year, I helped her get her g.e.d. So we are slowly conquering one problem at a time.

    My wife currently works, cares for the children when I need to study, and helps me with house work. Without her (though sometimes we annoy each other like any other married couple) I would not be the man I am.

    I am very thankful for both of these mothers in my life.
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  17. Do note that was actually a line from Hurt written originally by Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails. A song which Cash (surprisingly) covered.

    Otherwise it is good to see a diverse group of statements onto the relationship of that one person, Mom, Mother, Mama...

    I loved mom deeply, there is no other person (other than dad) whom I would give anything and everything for. Though she's been dead and gone for nearly seven years now, there is rarely a day I don't think of her. A good Christian woman who suffered deeply from severe manic-depressive disorder. But even through that sickness she never lost sight of her two baby boys, as she would always call us. That plump lady with that crooked smile, bright blue eyes and a singing voice I would give anything to hear again. Lullaby's as a child and even when I was a young man, I know she would have sacrificed every ounce of her sanity, life and finance to see her two boys survive in life. The same would go for dad, a man who in spite of marital arguments and disagreements would always be there and visa versa.

    I'll never forget those last words, as if they were for any other day and any other year, spoken as a good woman, a good person.

    "Dane, everything will be alright."

    Thank you everyone for providing just a little insight as to that one person, that only person you'll ever have. Hated or loved, they shaped you more than can be imagined.
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  18. My mother is a very great person in short. She's basically a single mom that raised three mild mannered seedlings all the way through to maturity while living in a poverty household which is a noteworthy achievement all in itself. If that's not enough, then I guess I should mention that she served her country like a boss so yeah. Of course, she has some downsides(Like trying to force names onto my future children that I didn't even have yet for example XD) but the good undoubtedly outweighs the bad in the end, even if it is only by a little. Whatever the case, I couldn't see myself calling anyone else "Mommy!!" when I was little so I guess one lucky mom should be getting stoked for Mother's day.
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  19. The stages of a girl's life!

    1. I love my mommy!
    2. OMG my mom is the worst
    3. Omg. . . I'm my mom
    True story.

    My mom is the best. She homeschooled my older sisters through their senior year of highschool, and my brother and I from K-12. She was a stay-at-home mom and raised us as a full time job while my dad trucked on the road, home maybe once a month, and when my dad hurt his back and couldn't work (he herniated a disk in his spine) she got a job and became the family provider; I was fifteen, my brother was twelve, and my eldest sister was getting married that summer. We haven't always gotten along (teen me was a BITCH! If you go back in time, avoid my stomping grounds from 2004-2009!) but she's always been there when we need her, and even if she doesn't quite understand all our passions and dreams, she always listens and makes an effort to support us :)

    And her birthday is in may, too! My sisters and I are taking her out for a steak dinner and we always get her gift cards to get seeds and stuff for her garden - although this year she might want stuff for her cabinetry more, and my brother is sending hugs and kisses from the base in Borden :P
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  20. I'm not particularly close with my Mom.

    Mainly because growing up we both took on a lot of stress from the Autism therapy I was going through.
    This caused both of us to snap and yell at each other on a daily basis, effectively cutting off any means to grow close to one another.

    It wasn't until years later we were able to sit down, talk about it, take equal blame for past conflicts and then work towards getting along better.
    And it's improving, but I'd still say I'm more distant from her than most people tend to be with their mothers.
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