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  1. Welcome young Mage, Welcome to the Holy Grail War.

    Back Story - In site to Mage's

    The Holy Grail War, happens every two years. Between seven Mages and seven Casters. Mages are chosen by the Holy Grail. Once a Mage is chosen they will know my a small tattoo looking thing on the back of their dominate hand. They are called Command Seals. Once whomever earns their Command Seals they can then call upon a Caster, A Caster will refer to their Mage's as Master or whatever name their "Master" so desires. Typically the Caster chooses the name given options, but can be told what to call them. Mages are part of everyday life, so they have the same activity's as anyone else would have, the only thing that separates themselves the rest of the world is that they are Mages.

    Mages, have Family crests that are passed down, sort of like a pattern that allows them to use the Family Magic, only 1 out of 100 can gain the power to make their own pattern or Crest. In order for your Crest to work you need Mana to flow through your body and you need to be able to focus it on one area in order to be able to use any magic at all. Unless it's to summon your Caster, Caster Rituals are another topic.


    Caster have Seven Classes:


    *Each Class has a set of skills based off:

    Speed -
    Agility -
    Viligance -
    Close Quarters Combat -
    Long Range Combat -
    Cleverness -

    *Everyclass has a perfect 10 (The Highest) in something

    Handy with the art of a Sword, Swordsmen are typically very obedient and Brave, if the Master wills it then it shall be. Swordsmen typically plain with their master about a plain to keep their identity hidden, and how they should fight the other casters and other [foolish] masters. A swordsmen skills are:

    Speed - 8
    Agility - 4
    Vigilance - 8
    Close Quarters Combat - 10
    Long Range Combat - 2
    Cleverness - 6

    Archers practically dance when they fight. They are extremely graceful, and have some sort of close range weapon, thought their clumsier, they still need a way to defend themselves. Archers like stragity, but don't rely on it unlike the Swordsmen. Archers can have a carefree attitude when not fighting, but standing by their master during a fight, they are all business. Archers only wait for a command if their in some sort of Alliance or three way fight and he and his master are 2 against one and it's to tell him weather he should long range or close range. Archers are typically stealthily, though they can make major slip ups.

    Speed - 7
    Agility - 9
    Vigilance - 6
    Close Quarters Combat - 5
    Long Range Combat - 10
    Cleverness - [COLOR=#00ff00]8[/COLOR]

    Lancers are the fastest of all the Casters, though they are loyal, they are reckless. A Lancer normally has one of the Weaker Mages to balance themselves out, a Calm to the Chaos, almost like a Light in the Dark. Lancers use speres, and can have it's length vary from small dagger size for quick and efficient blows or a larger lance were they can use their [/COLOR][I][COLOR=#ff6600]Noble Phantasms. [/COLOR][/I][COLOR=#008000]Lancers are loyal to their master and often listen to their masters instructions when in combat.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]Speed - [COLOR=#ffcc00]10
    Agility - [COLOR=#ff6600]6[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Vigilance - [COLOR=#ff0000]5
    Close Quarters Combat - [COLOR=#00ff00]7[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Long Range Combat - [COLOR=#00ff00]7
    Cleverness - [COLOR=#ff0000]5[/COLOR]

    Riders are difficult, because they can keep on the constant over and manage to almost never miss a blow. Riders with out their Mounts are not useless but difficult to cooperate with. Riders are stubborn and like to do things their way, No strategy is needed for them, all they do is wait for the command to fight. Often times Mages with this caster Loose the war faster because they use their Command Seals to quickly in order to keep their Caster at bay.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]Speed - [COLOR=#00ff00]8
    Agility - [COLOR=#ff0000]4[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Vigilance -[/COLOR] 4
    Close Quarters Combat - [COLOR=#00ff00]9[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Long Range Combat -[COLOR=#ff6600] 6
    Cleverness - [COLOR=#ffcc00]10[/COLOR]

    Assassins are quick on their feet and very stealthy. They rely upon surprise attacks with small weapons. typically a dagger or throwing stars. Assassins have the ability to make themselves dissapear for seconds at a time for stealthy close range attacks. Assassins are easy to work with as long as you follow his rules of keeping your Identity hidden for as long as possible.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]Speed -[COLOR=#00ff00] 7
    Agility - [COLOR=#00ff00]9[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Vigilance - [COLOR=#ffcc00]10
    Close Quarters Combat - [COLOR=#ff6600]6[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Long Range Combat - [COLOR=#ff6600]6
    Cleverness -[COLOR=#00ff00] 8[/COLOR]

    Witches are specialists in Magic, and will cheat to get them and their Mages to win. Witches are able to have their own little Mana source, so they can generate other being to assist in a fight. Witches are cunning and Calculating, they don't need their Mage often because they plain to win the cup for their own motives. Witches stay Loyal to their Mages and protect them.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]Speed - [COLOR=#ff0000]4
    Agility - [COLOR=#ff6600]6[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Vigilance -
    Close Quarters Combat - [COLOR=#ff6600]6[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Long Range Combat - [COLOR=#ff0000]4
    Cleverness - [COLOR=#00ff00]9[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff][COLOR=#ffff00]Spell use[/COLOR] - [COLOR=#ffcc00]10[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ff0000]Berserker's are very hard to kill, they are practically large beasts with the ablility to hold off almost all attacks. Where they lack is in covered areas where their enemy can hide an land surprise blows.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]Speed -[COLOR=#ff6600] 5
    Agility -[COLOR=#ff0000]2[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Vigilance -[COLOR=#ff0000] [COLOR=#00ff00]7
    Close Quarters Combat - [/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00][COLOR=#ffcc00]9[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Long Range Combat -[COLOR=#ff6600] 6
    Cleverness - [COLOR=#ff6600]5[/COLOR]
    Strangth - [COLOR=#00ff00]9[/COLOR]
    Resistance - [COLOR=#ffcc00]10[/COLOR]

    Each Caster is permanent until the War is over, the [I]Holy Grail[/I] chose the Mages and it chose perfect Casters for them. If a Casters Mage is killed, the Caster has no desire of living and will kill themselves.

    A Casters Promise is a simple one:

    [COLOR=#00ffff]Your Fate is My Fate.[/COLOR]

    Slide 3

    Caster Rituals are how a Mage summons their master upon them. Everyone has a way to summon their caster, and a deadline to do so. The chant that is used to summon them is this:

    [COLOR=#00ccff]Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Let each be turned over five times, simply breaking asunder the fulfilled time.
    Let silver and steel be the essence. Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation. Let my great master be the ancestor. Raise a wall, against the wind that shall fall. Close the four cardinal gates. Come out from the crown. Rotate the three-branched road reaching the Kingdom.
    – I shall declare here. Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be with your sword. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. If you will submit to this will and this reason…… then answer!
    – An oath shall be sworn here! I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven. I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell! – From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power.[/COLOR]

    Though your actions depend on the outcome of your ritual, or in other words how Effective or strong your Caster is.

    Summoning Rituals are done most effectively when at 2:00 AM when their Mana is at their peak, so you can have and effective Caster.

    Once you call upon your caster it can't be undone until the War is over.

    Slide 4

    It's an Omnipotent cup able to grand the Mage one wish.

    The Holey Grail will only materialize if every other Caster and Mage is dead [you] and [your] caster have to be the last ones alive for it to fully materialize, and along the way during the Holy Grail War you learn a chant to make the cup able to grant [your] one wish

    Command Seals

    Command Seals are how Mages know that their part of the Holy grail War. With it, they are able to summon a caster to be by their side and fight in the war. Command Seals are small tattoo looking things, their in a three part shape and their are used to make your Caster obey your commands. A Caster can't disobey if you use a Command Seal. When you use one, once of the tattoo like marks will fade. Once they are all used you have no connection to your Caster and your Eliminated from the war

    Slide 6

    The Holy Grail war happens every two years, it's a war to find out who is worthy of the Holy Grail.

    The War is based upon Seven Casters and Seven Mages that the Holy Grail chooses, they then fight to the death in order to gain the Holy Grail

    Slide 7

    Mana is your Life Flow. You need to learn how to control it and focus it in order to be able to use magic.

    Slide 8

    Noble Phantasms are "crystallized mysteries", powerful armaments made using the imagination of humans as their core, and weapons or abilities owned by Casters. They are the embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero that symbolizes his existence through historical facts and anecdotes. They can be physical weapons, such as swords, lances, and bows, or support items, such as rings and crowns. They can also be abstract concepts, like unique abilities, unique means of attack, curses, and changes to the environment and its physical properties. When summoned as Casters in the Holy Grail War, they are the trump cards of the heroes that allow them to overcome others in battle.


    [CENTER][FONT=arial black][U][B][U][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=5]Rules You Must Follow[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B][/U][/FONT]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=arial black][U][B][U][COLOR=#ff0000]*Credet of some rules go to Wicked*[/COLOR][/U][/B][/U][/FONT][/SIZE]

    [COLOR=#33cccc][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3]1.)
    I am the GM, and My word is finial, if you have an issue please PM me about it and we'll talk.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#33cccc][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3]2.)[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
    [FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]Posting Expectations are limited to how much you can offer, please give enough information to let others around us know what your saying. I have to excuse grammatical Errors for spelling and Punctuation, mainly because I have a newbie learning to Roleplay.[/COLOR][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]3.)
    For this roleplay, I encourage nasty treatment and talk when in character. your all fighting for the same thing and two out of the fourteen of you get to get it, please have arguments, and resentments, but don't be afraid of making alliances. [/COLOR][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]4.)
    Don't make your Mage or Caster Over Powered! if you do because I feel you have or other players do I will ask you to change your character -Neglect to do so will result in leaving the Group[/COLOR][/FONT]
    [sub][FONT=arial black][COLOR=#808080][SIZE=2]When you make your CS Please put your [/SIZE]Favorite[SIZE=2] color at the top of it[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/sub]

    [FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]5.)
    Please if your to swear keep it to a minimum.[/COLOR][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#33cccc]6.)
    Romance allowed, but do not take it into Fifty Shades of Grey degree. Do not go into too much detail. Note that there are young players also present! We don't want to leave permanent emotional scars on people, or something like that. And since this RP is a mixed age group, please take note about Iwaku's rules regarding this matter.[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#33cccc]7.)
    Iwaku Rules Apply!!![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#33cccc]8.)[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B][IC INFO][/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
    [B][FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]I can and will be posting unexpected events, so I need a semi posting order established. I will post first then I will chose the order, I can intervene on this, so please wait anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes in between posts. This give the other person time to respond, and time for me to throw a plot twist in. For now, So long as their are three posts in between your posts I'll allow it.[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

    [B][FONT=arial black][COLOR=#33cccc]9.)
    If you reserve a character, the spot will only be held for three days. Fail to give in a form before the deadline and your spot will be given to someone else.[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

    [FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#33cccc]10.)
    Your Character(s) Can and will probably die, this is why I recommend that you make two, but it is up to you if you want one or two character[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [COLOR=#ff9900][FONT=arial black][SIZE=3][B]2 is the Max[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

    [CENTER][U][B][U][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=arial black][SIZE=7]Forms and Spots[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/B][/U]
    {slide=Mage Spots|center}
    Mage - Swordsmen
    Mage - Archers [Reserved - Wip]
    Mage - Lancers
    Mage - Rider [Reserved - Wip]
    [URL='[URL]'][/URL]Mage - Assassin - Savanna Ryan Nile[/URL]
    Mage - Witch
    Mage - Beserker
    {slide=Caster Spots|center}

    [URL='[URL]'][/URL]Swordsmen - Susanoo Mikoto[/URL]
    [URL='[URL]'][/URL]Lancer - Riken Shatter[/URL]
    Assassin [Reserved - Wip]
    Beserker [Reserved - Wip]

    {slide=Mage Form|center}
    (Try to stay with English please! May include nickname.)


    (What you were born)

    (What you are)

    (At least four traits.)


    (Love interest, family, friends, enemies, etc. Optional.)

    (Even if you someone isn't a caster of the kind you picked please put down What specialty your Caster is: Lancer, Archer,Witch...ect.)


    (Description, pictures or both)
    {slide=Caster From|center}
    (The Name should have some cultural Importance. I ask that , thought I am not Christian myself, that you keep to a sacred Religious name to keep the theme going.)

    Caster Type:

    (What your Mage perceives you as)

    (At least four traits.)


    (Love interest, family, friends, enemies, etc. Optional.)

    (Information that must be added once you have a Mage)

    Noble Phantasm:
    (See Overview if you misses it.)


    (Description, pictures or both)
  2. Looks interesting, I may be joining in on this one. Just have to give the background of the rp a bit more reading.
  3. That's fine! If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer
  4. So a fate based Rp I'm in.
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  5. Yeah, I thought you'd be one of the first to join too ^.^
  6. Some of the classes stats are a little weird especially when we consider some of the people that were summoned and not everyone would use hand to hand combat maybe you should add a melee weapon skill since Sabers(Swordsman) would be better with a sword rather then hand to hand same with berserker which would have heavy weapons rather then hand to hand almost no servants used hand to hand fighting.
  7. I'll fix this what I meant by it was close quarters combat.
  8. Now what do I want to be I have characters that fit Saber, Assassin, Lancer, Berserker, and Witch.
  9. I don't know, anything you feel strongly pulled towards i guess.
  10. Sorry for being a bit late, but I have the Assassin spot... Right sis? I'll make my CS sometime tomorrow or Monday.
  11. I'll take the sabers spot then if that is okay.
  12. Im going to reserve Lancer.
  13. Thats fine for the both of you
  14. I have added new information to the overview, and to go along with it, I have added to the Character Sheet. I need you to go and read what I have added to the Overview. It doesn't matter if you read the CS or not.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Susanoo Mikoto

    Caster Type:


    Loyal, Reserved, Confident and Steadfast are some words to describe the swordsman. Though he does his best to hide his emotions, ironically he is unable to remain stoic in the face of injustice and villainy. Swordsman is quite kind with a strong sense of justice, he'd just rather let this sword speak for him. Swordsman does have a tendency of becoming restless when out of combat, but regardless will follow his master's orders without fail.


    The Legend
    The legend of Susanoo, the god who slayed the eight headed dragon Yamata no Orochi was not a tale of simply triumphs... No, Susanoo's tale begins with tragedy as he was cast down from heaven from Izanagi, his father because of his own jealousy of both his brother Tsukiyomi and sister Amaterasu. They were both granted the heavens while he was granted the storms and the ocean. Whilst on earth his power had subsided, turning him into a mortal. In spite of this Susanoo went on to help the citizens of Japan, his greatest feat being the slaying of Orochi.

    Holy Grail War
    Susanoo has been deemed one of the more powerful servants due to his great strength and speed. Typically he is able to fall under all classes besides witch and rider, but more often he is under the sword class. The last caster to summon him was an inexperienced female mage who in spite of his best efforts got herself killed during the war. Having been close to the girl he blamed himself for her death, and he carries that weight with him now.


    Father: Izanagi
    Mother: Izanami
    Sister: Amaterasu
    Brother: Tsukiyomi


    Noble Phantasm:

    Kusanagi no Tsurugi


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  16. If more info is needed please let me know. :)
  17. The Only thing I ask is that you explain what your Noble Phantasm Is - What your character dose that is different than his other moves. Other than that your accepted and I'll see to it on the Cast Page
  18. Mage - Assassin

    Savanna Ryan Nile




    || Optimistic || Loyal || Depressed || Spontaneous ||loving||brave||


    Add as I go


    Always needed


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  19. Name: Riken Shatter

    Titles: Demon King
    King Killer

    Caster Type: Lancer

    Gender: Male


    Riken was known as the Demon King and the king killer in Rikens young days he read up on all the others legends like King Arthur Alexander the Great and Gilgamesh he wants to be known as a great hero as well but went about it the wrong way and with the terrible things he’s committed he was thought to be myth and not fact in his time as ruler he genicided one third of a race and had the rest turned into slaves he even attacked a country and had the land salted so that nothing would never grow there again one of his best kills was on a boat to boat battle he lighted his lance on fire and threw it and it hit the king of the other boat and the king fell into the boat lighting the gun powder on fire causing the ship to explode which gave him his noble Phantasm. He eventually found the legendary gate of Babylon.
    He has been summoned before in other grail wars under classes of Archer and Rider but his best class is a lancer class.

    None at the moment.

    Noble Phantasm:

    Gáe Bolg
    Gáe Bolg: Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death which is the true use of Gáe Bolg, is the largest and most powerful attack delivered using the spear. It is the “attack that unleashes countless darts at the enemy” that is spoken of in the legends. It is the attack that made him a hero which utilizes the full potential of the lance's curse, converting all of Lancer's magical energy into energy and releasing the accumulated power after the spear is hurled, detonating on impact with enough power to blow away a multitude of enemies.


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