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  1. There are many versions of the Moiari (The Fates) This Role-play is based on the Greek version of the Moiari

    Note: The Fates are three sisters, you are free to Role-play as Male if you wish. (You will just be considered a Brother)

    "Every 700 years on the eve of the blood moon, three children will be born each baring the mark of Moiari. Each born with the gift of there ancestors to one day take there place as the fates"

    (These are the Greek names, feel free to choose a more suitable name for your RPC)

    Koltho~ Spinner of the thread (created Life)

    Lakhesis~Apportioner of Lots (Decided the fate of Humans)

    Atropos~ She who cant be turned (Decided the Humans Death) -Taken by ~Pixe~-

    ( for the birthmark, doesn't have to be on the hand.

    Leave a comment down below of Character Bio on the Fate you wish to play.
    ~ Thanks
  2. If noone else wants to play her, I volunteer to play Koltho
  3. when the role of Lakhesis is taken i create a thread for the Rp, it basically a freedom rp, anything can happen.
  4. Can I please do Atropos? :) This sounds really interesting by the way :)
  5. Hey, its pixe...i have created a new account due to the fact my sister uses the other one now, anyway @Becca Mailk i am sorry but the main reason i created this Freedom RP so i could play her :O i am really sorry
  6. Oh, ok then. I'll play Lakhesis then :) No problem.
  7. Awsome :D glad cause i been waiting for people to respond and i can get this RP under-way
  8. Great! I can't wait to start this!
  9. Just fill out the Character Bio down below, so we have some general idea of your charter

    What Fate:
    Age: 19 (we are all the same age)
    Brief history:
    Injected-With-Venom threw 6-faced die for: Total: 4 $dice
  10. What sort of history? I'm drawing a blank on that one. Can I get a bit of help on that one?
  11. Basically what's the history of your character, do you want me to fill mine out so you have some kinda of example?
  12. Yes please :) (and btw I like your signature :) lol it made me smile)
  13. Name: Asia Sasaki
    What Fate: Atropos
    Age: 19 (we are all the same age)

    Brief history: Born in Japan Asia moved to America after a terrible accident happened, leaving her best friend May dead. What they didn't know that Asia was the cause of may death, after kissing may on the check wishing her a "Happy birthday" she had suddenly dropped dead, They had come to a conclusion it was from natural causes. Her parents thought moving away from her family and the few friends she had left was something she needed, a Fresh start. They were wrong Asia withdrew from the people around her and the students at her school scared it was going to happen again. She knew she was different the night she killed May and her powers were growing, every living thing she touched died under her touch. Wearing black knitted gloves Asia now keeps to herself while attending school and hangs out in the cemetery after school. She couldn't kill something that was already dead plus she felt strangely at home in the Cemetery.
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  14. (I thought you were being Atropos???)

    Name: Elvira Summers
    What Fate: Lakhesis
    Age: 19 (we are all the same age)
    Height: 5'2
    Brief history: Elvira grew up in the small Yorkshire town of Bradford in an area called East Bowling, and ever since she was a kid, she has always been influencing what people do, influencing what happens to them. Most people avoid her because she is seen as slightly creepy, but Elvira does have a small group of close friends who keep her sane.
  15. Name: Anita Nyte
    What Fate: Koltho
    Age: 19 (we are all the same age)
    Height: 5’6
    Anita (open)

    Brief history: At an early age it was easy to tell Anita was different. Her eye color was unnatural and she had a pale golden birthmark across most of her face. Animals seemed to adore her, and whenever she touched a plant it grew without a problem. If she touched a chicken egg meant for breakfast, even though there wasn’t a rooster around, it would hatch. She was home schooled by her rather protective parents before she finally had enough at 18, after much begging, they allowed Anita to venture out into the world.