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  1. City: Helian
    In the city, there are two groups of people that have arisen over the past decade. Those that are born with unique abilities, and those that go through genetic procedures in order to obtain power. Such is prominent in high society. The younger generation has shown a significant increase in the number of those who possess abilities few ever imagined possible. This has caused the mass populace to treat them as outcasts. Until the governing bodies of the city can smooth over the inclusions of these children of high society into the normality of the city, they are sent to a newly constructed academy in order at the center of the city. However, there is friction between groups of students within the academy. Those that were born with power, and those that were given power from science. The latter have far more difficulty with their skills since they are foreign, and they develop far differently than the former. Not all of those at the Academy are of high society, though. Some have been born with unique abilities in the lower classes, though it’s uncommon. Those that are have been granted entrance in the school so long as they can keep up with the rest of their classmates.

    Teachers: The teachers of The Academia Spectum do not wield powers like their students, however they each have their unique traits. They were brought in specifically to handle the students and make them superior in every way. Those that teach are not of the faint of heart, so beware when you step into class.

    The Arkosis: Those whose power had manifested and developed naturally. Their power is underdeveloped, so they can do little at the start. They develop faster than the Magnis, due to their power being natural instead of artificial. They are considered weaker at first to the Magnis, however, they do not tire as easily. Some of the Arkosis have a overly large sense of entitlement and look down on others, but not all of them.

    Magnis: Through varying scientific breakthroughs and experiments regarding the unique abilities that have presented themselves over the past decade, the Magnis are those whose power manifested artificially. Their abilities are similar to the Arkosis in what they can do. They are initially stronger than the Arkosis due to scientific advancements, however, they do not develop in the same manner as their counterparts. The Arkosis develop naturally, while further scientific aid is required for a Magnis to grow stronger.

    Factain: The “peacekeepers” of the Academy. They are students composed of the two groups that are charged with keeping order in the Academy. They use specialized weapons that can forcefully suppress abilities (temporarily), and can inflict injury upon those that would disrupt the peace.
    Since this is an interest check, some of the information that'l be with the rp (like a character sheet) is not up yet. Should there be enough interest for the rp, I'll have it up as soon as possible :)
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  2. Welp, it's nabbed my interest o.o
  3. I'm curious about what you'd imagine the characters to be doing. Is this going to be about feuds and peacekeepers? Or is it more slice of lifey?
  4. There shall definitely be feuds/fights. The two main groups don't really like each other, and now they're being put in a nice big academy together. May the sparks fly! The academy has a combat area for training and practice, though I feel not all students may choose to "practice" in there. The city is open as well, so you're not stuck at school all the time.
  5. I would like to add my interest here.

    Quick question too could you perhaps define some levels / examples of the powers you have in mind
  6. I want to keep powers somewhat open to allow the creativity of those that join.

    A student might have telekinetic powers. They may be able to lift and move objects solely by focusing on that object and moving their hands.

    A student might be able to manipulate water on a limited scale.

    Maybe a student can alter, retrieve, learn, and destroy digital data just by touching the device.

    There's plenty of creative liberty in creating your character (once I put up the character sheet). Just remember that your character doesn't start out as an all powerful wealthy powerhouse. No disintegrating people, or causing major injuries just by thought or touch, please :)

    As for Factain weapons, I fully expect people who take this route to have things like swords or guns. Take note that the weapons are meant to subdue and temporarily suppress powers, not seriously harm someone. How people work with this will be interesting.
  7. Alrighty Sweet I like creative freedom more than X CAN HAVE THIS POWER ONLY sorta deal lol. So Yep fully solid in my interest now, and scoping out Factain position heheh ^.^
  8. Good to know! Creative liberties are given for the factain as well. What people come up with to work around the rules I've mentioned so far will be interesting indeed.
  9. Oh indeed! I already have the perfect weapons in mind. I hope we get more interest soon
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  11. Sounds pretty interesting to me: count me in (if the position is still open).
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  12. Wewt! More interest!
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  13. Still open! Bring on more interest!
  14. -dansu dansu ~ DOES MIGHTY RAIN DANCE OF INTEREST GATHERING! ~dansu dansu~
  15. Just to double check: I'm guessing this a futuristic/semi-futuristic setting (judging from the pic up top)?
  16. That it is.
  17. Sooo, how long on average does it take to get interest for these kind of things?
  18. Yo, anyone still here?
  19. This looks cool, but I'll be on a trip at the end of August to the first few days of September without internet so I'm not sure about joining yet.
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