Modern Worldbuilding - Building a School

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  1. A great way to add more depth to your run-of-the-mill Highschool or College/Uni roleplay is to give more thought to the setting! Here in the worldbuilding guild, building settings and adding more depth to the playing field is what we do, so get ready to get grilled!

    Try to answer as many questions about your fictional school as you can; add more if you want! Remember that a setting is more than the rooms and furniture, it's the history behind it and 'why' behind it as well as the things that take place in those rooms. Don't feel limited to one-word or one-sentence answers; give as much detail as you want.

    School Name:
    School Abbreviation/nickname:
    How many students:
    How many teachers:
    Most feared teacher:
    Most liked teacher:

    One school story EVERYONE knows: (ie: two seniors got caught screwing in the Library's back study room, now it's a stop on the security guard's rotations.)
    Quality of cafeteria food:
    School's policy on violence:
    Three School Traditions:
    School sports teams:

    Mascots of those teams:
    Rival School:
    School logo:
    School colours:
    Student Clubs:
    Any AP or Honours courses:
    College Scholarships available through this school:
    Security level:
    On-campus facilities (pool, baseball field, etc):
    School bragging rights:
    Graduation rate:

    Technology level: (laughably old projectors or high-speed laptops? Decent internet and flatscreens in the library or microfiches and CRT screens?)
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Thread Status:
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