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  1. [​IMG]
    Hello Punks! and welcome to the show....well more like gang but hey you get what i mean!
    Now let us be serious, My name you ask? Well im Know as Akuma the destroyer. But my men? they know me as Akarahashi Momoto the top leader in the towns Crime Syndicate. Yes i know i know why would this be a great title? Well im not completely sure but shit plenty of people have joined me already. But i mean look at this beautiful city.
    Tell me that isnt nice....huh of course you think it is but look deeper into it
    whats this place have to do with it? well this place is very corrupt and very you say backwards and over the years it has changed.
    well im here to show them just how bad they have made it and it is time to turn this city into our own. Now some people will call us supervillians...just because of our special powers....but hey long as the government continues to make super soldiers then i see nothing wrong with what we do.
    And from our destruction there will be new government...NEW POWER! NOW GRAB YOUR WEAPONS AND JOIN ME IN THIS FIGHT!
    So basically this rp is about a group of super villians who want to take over the government and maybe the rest of the world. I just need a character skelton which should look something along the lines of this.​
    (Picture of your character)​
    Weaknesses:(atleast 3)​
    Evil Theme song:​
  2. I have a question, what do you mean by theme song? Can it just be a regular real song or...?
  3. May I please join? O w O​
    Lemme know if I did something wrong this site still confuses me.​
    { Under construction }​
    Name: Rhydian Jensen
    Age: 28
    Personality: When left alone on his own accord, having the chance of opportunity for some 'quiet' time away from lively companions and seeking solitude just to preserve what's left of his sanity, Rhydian is usually seen sleeping or dozing off anywhere he may feel comfortable resting in. From a random rooftop building to a baffled person's warm lap and sometimes in the middle of a session when not bothering to work alongside his teammates - it's easy for Rhydian to fall fast asleep without a hint of disturbance or discomfort. He'd often skip important events scheduled dates just to sleep in, particularly during the weekends, which more so than not gets him into deep trouble. Though, as much as his poor attendance and lack of dedication to Crime Syndicate should hurt his reputation around town, the fact that Rhydian can effortlessly succeed in almost every assigned mission gives him an automatic free pass. He rarely ever takes his work or duty seriously, yet somehow manages to do it well. Detached yet unbelievingly hostile, Rhydian isn't one to be messed with. He's that kind of knight in shinning amour girls dreamed to be rescued by but could never reach because he's just so darn unapproachable. Despite the calm and small 'smile' displayed on his face, the eerie aura surrounding him almost always drive everyone away, yet he just can't seem to understand why. There's always something about him that sets others off, wondering if they even know a single fact about him. But of course, when he wants to, he'll confide in friends he trust most - only a minority of people, but at least he choose to open up, even if barely. However, in spite of keeping a constant blank demeanor, there are times where Rhydian may be able to reach his burning point. Once provoked, even if by the slightest bit, given the current circumstance, Rhydian's face changes into one resembling a demonic creature. He'll turn intensely violent and all rational thoughts instantly fly out the window. He won't stop until he has you wrapped under his fingernails, suffocating you to a slow and painful death.
    Power: || Sense deprivation ||
    Rhydian can create a mist or fog which upon contact with someone paralyzes them and cuts off all, or some of their senses as he desires. This ability does not reach full effect instantly, but creeps upon the victim. He can channel the power through his hands; it takes the form of a visible black smoke that slowly moves toward his target, though he can retract it with his mind.
    Weaknesses: || Generally submits to the ideas and suggestions of others without thinking of his own needs. ||
    || He is extremely ticklish on his side. Poke him there and he'll squeal like a little girl. ||
    || Thanatos ||
    || Small and narrow spaces triggers anxiety and panic attacks and those generally escalates quickly for the worse. ||
    || The thought of losing his freedom and his long nap times scares him down to the core. ||
    Evil Theme song: Karma Police - Radiohead

    Name:Veronica Heidi Rodriguez
    Age: 26
    Personality: Veronica is a natural born leader. A self-proclaimed 'take-charge' kind of person. She lives in a world of possibilities where she sees all sorts of challenges to be surmounted, and almost always wants to be the one responsible for surmounting them. She has a drive for leadership, which is well-served by her curiosity to venture beyond restricted grounds, quickness to decide judgement, and ability to remain remarkably cool despite the obvious impatience dripping in her voice. Considering she grew up in an environment where the strongest fought to become the best of the best and friendship always came last (or they didn't exist at all) she doesn't quite take a liking in following orders from anyone rather than giving them out herself. Ergo having someone else run the place on her behalf is a huge blow to her overbearing ego. Not only is she thriving to achieve full dominance over her own comrades, but Veronica is aiming for a long-term goal; rid of all the filth in the world herself. Merely trailing behind for her own personal gain, Veronica struggles to maintain a strong front when dealing with unwanted conflicts or having to lower herself for the sake of power. It isn't easy trying to persevere leadership when nobody even looks up to you. For one, Veronica has both superiority and inferiority complex, as she refuses to believe there is someone else who is stronger and much more intellectual than she is, yet constantly obsesses when she thinks they are. It's hard to determine whether she's simply just insecure or threatened. Although, she definitely has high self-confidence, given that she'll confront older and much more experienced individuals under any circumstances (even if they pose no signs of hostility toward her). Especially if it has any relations with what she stands for, no matter who it may be, she will not hesitate to state her own opinion, whether it's needed or not. She rarely (if not never) considers her actions before initiating them and is rather self-destructive and reckless, acting out on impulse rather than logic. Which leads to her lack of fear; Veronica sees death as an opportunity, not a wicked nightmare or something to be afraid of. Sure, she lives for the moment and cherishes her existence more than anything one could ever offer, but she doesn't mind putting her own life on the line if it means being able to feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins after another round of life-threatening missions. It's as if she's numb down to the core. Some may call her 'insane' or 'ludicrous' or maybe even 'daringly stupid', but all she wants to do is make a mark for herself. She wants people to know she exists and that she actually matters - because despite growing and learning to accept the people of her surroundings, Veronica never had the chance to experience unconditional and honest love.
    Power: Veronica is gifted with the ability to manipulate fire at will. Thus having the control to initiate arson, create small ball of fire, and summon a sea of flame. She can disguise her power in the form of a black butterfly's spirit. However there is a drawback to her ability. . .
    Given its limitations and the consequences of prolonged fire usage, it's easy to consume her health. The longest she can maintain her control depends on her condition. If she isn't feeling well, say she has a skyrocket high fever, the effects will backfire. Instead of affecting her targets, her power will go berserk and might accidentally jeopardize her own life.
    Basically, she can release a great amount of power for a limited amount of time.
    Weaknesses: || She doesn't know how to swim but is willing to play six feet under water until she drowns. She's fond of the 'near-death' experience. ||
    || She works extremely well under pressure, always having been the kind of person who seems to exceed highest expectations no matter the circumstance, but unfortunately, she has no clue whatsoever on how to cooperate with other people's personal needs. Lacking human empathy, Veronica will appear rather awkward and confused when dealing with things having to do with consoling someone broken or trying not to explode when someone needs an 'advice' from her. She has poor people skills and is probably the worst person to seek when discomforted. ||
    || Her tiny bladder gets her nowhere. She'll have the burning urge to want to pee literally every five minutes. ||
    || She hates ducks because those motherfuckers scare the living shit out of her like whoa get out. ||
    || The thought of disappointing and letting those who are dependent on her down crashes Veronica’s spirit. The fear of failure haunts her down to the core, never letting her bounce back right up without feeling as though she’s done something wrong. Her lack of perseverance and persistence to please everyone else makes it fairly difficult to dislodge. ||
    Evil Theme song: Power & Control - Marina And The Diamonds
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  4. I believe I am finished now.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Eris
    Age: 24
    Personality: Eris believes she is some sort of god. She is proper but looks down on others not in the gang. She shows them respect most of the time. She thinks she is the one who will bring about salvation for people from the corrupt world that they live in. Although she feels god like, she has a darkness style to her, some considering her more of a devil than a god. As a child Eris was always able to use much more of her brain than others.
    Power: Superhuman mentality; genius (meaning she can remember everything, knows everything, can hack anything, etc)
    Weaknesses: She is too into herself, believes in giving people a second chance only if they offer to be a slave for her, tends to get headaches from her power and tires easily because of so much brain use. She isn't very strong physically.
    Evil theme song: Control the Divine by Blind Guardian (It's a real song)
    Extra: None
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  5. just a song you feel represents your character so yeah it could be a real song or one you came up with
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Father Lorik​
    Age: 36​
    Personality: He is... devout in his beliefs. Hard headed and stubborn to the point of madness. He believes the simplest way is the best way. If there is a wall, there is no going around it. There is only through it. Now as a pious man of his religion, he has a firm understanding of rules and obligations. He also has the understanding that these rules means nothing and if one has the power they can bring upon their own rules. So you can say his religion is quite loose in it's structure. He hates all things flashy and glamorous. Let him be at any local graveyard rather than concert or a convenience store. He is quite partial to bladed weapons. Especially if they are rotating at 60 mph.​
    Power: He can use his "holy" power to resurrect the dead as his faithful zombie army. He is also able to keep his body moving beyond normal human capabilities to the point where a few jutting bones might seem excessive. Just pop them back in and get back into the fight.​
    Weaknesses: ​
    Headshots are a sure way to incapacitate him.​
    Being a priest of a specific church, blasphemous symbols such as the cross will weaken him greatly.​
    He also doesn't like hearing hymns and other blasphemous songs. He prefers a nice smooth heavy metal to calm his nerves.​
    Evil Theme song: The only thing you can hear when he approaches is the revving and loud sounds of metal scraping against the ground.​
  7. Ooh very cool, I'll make a character profile when I can get on the computer!
  8. You know I've got to get in on this. "Kosen foot activate" lol
  9. Casual Attire Kilik.jpg

    Formal Attire
    Kilik 2.jpg
    (Picture of your character)
    Name: Reito Ketsui
    Personality: Reito is withdrawn by nature, giving him a rather stoic demeanor. He often displays a rather unfriendly and "cold" disposition. He is extremely blunt and often says exactly what he's thinking, much to chagrin of those around him. When focused on achieving his goals he is calculating and ruthless, without a fault and will not hesitate to snuff out all those who stand in opposition. His reasons for joining the syndicate are privy only to him, but the organization coincides with his motives and so he has no problem exploiting this fact. He is not entirely opposed to working with others as long as that effort results in him progressing plans.
    • Genesis Tundra: Reito has the ability to generate and manipulate sources ice and freeze liquids. This varies from freezing water molecules in the air to freezing entire bodies of water or even more interesting affecting other aqueous substances such as blood. He is also capable of producing strong blizzard like winds which aide him in freezing substances. In terms of manipulation Genesis Tundra is used to produce a vast array of weapons that can be used in his arsenal.
    • Hakuhyo: Black Ice, which is basically Reito's unique brand of stronger ice which has the appearance of black ice with a white outline. Hakuhyo is generally stronger than his normal ice manipulation but requires more energy to create and maintain. It's unique ability is that it can freeze almost anything it comes in contact with if exposed long enough
    • His abilities obviously give him a resilience to colder climates which he tends to be quite fond of. As a result heat or flames are his natural enemy by default.
    • Hakuhyo puts a major strain on his body and if used enough results in the progression unique blood disease known as Frost Necro which basically freezes and eats away at the users body which can be fatal if it progresses too far.
    • Since his abilities deal with moisture as a basis, facing an opponent that uses water can result in a disadvantageous situation or a stalemate depending on their skill.
    Evil Theme song:
    • "Fountain" by Pendulum
    • He has habit of ending his sentences in "Toketsu" which translates to freezing, a pun on his name meaning and motif.
    • He also has a bad habit of grading people based on their performance, almost subconsciously, and tends to blurt out their score in a rather rude fashion
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Graceland Simmons
    Age: 19
    Personality: At first glance Graceland seems quite friendly and charismatic, though upon closer inspection that calm smile and joking demeanor start to seem a little off. No one is entirely sure just what lies behind that mask or why he feels the need to put it up, but he seems to get along just fine with most people despite it possibly being a farce. Because of his young age Graceland also has a bad habit of doing things at his own pace and not listening to orders- he's not much of a team player and would rather take things into his own hands and do it alone. Despite being good with people, he's not actually a people person; he's quite distrustful of others, hates crowds, and can't stand being touched. Even though he's normally quite calm and composed, there are times when it cracks and he loses control of his emotions, and it can be quite the problem for both himself and others.
    Power: He can control electricity. His powers are quite destructive and also difficult for him to control, even he seems a little nervous about them. If he let's himself go too much he risks getting lost in the destruction and has to be brought back to his senses by an outside force.
    Weaknesses: |His powers take great concentration to control, the more powerful his attacks the harder they are to control, losing himself in his emotions is a quick way for his powers to go haywire as well. | He's not a team player and trusts no one. He's something of a loose cannon whose hard to keep in line.| He's physically weak and has a low pain tolerance, meaning he's poor with hand-to-hand, and a well aimed hit could take him down.|
    Evil Theme song: Seven Devils by Florence + the Machine
    Other: He will not harm a child.
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  11. Seht Ihr Mich? Versteht Ihr Mich? Fuhlt Ihr Mich?
    Paxillus Atropa | "The Mechanical Madman"
    Age 28
    Paxillus is, in no small or uncertain way, a psychopath. He shares many features in common with serial killers: broken home, absent father, abusive mother, bullied as a child... from all this has sprung a twisted and in no small way cruel man. Paxillus is shamelessly hateful and selfish, seeing most of the world as, at best, a cold and empty place. Most humans in it don't get more than passing interest from him, and he's hardly more sympathetic to animals. In fact, the only person who he really cares about is his little sister, though they don't get along more days than not. She is the reason he chose to leave home, the reason he decided to make something out of himself rather than live a hedonistic life until it killed him. He sees himself as a combination of parent, role model, and guardian to her. He feels inordinately guilty for watching her suffer in silence for those five long years, and seeks to make everything right again. It's a strange feeling for him as he never gets the same protective or caring urges for another living soul.
    When she isn't involved, he can be a sadistic bastard. His tastes range from dark to darker, his humor morbid, his outlook unfailingly negative. The only things he really enjoys are watching women in pain and building machines, and he knows which of the two will keep him out of trouble, but indulges in both regularly. He's an unabashed sadist with a hint of a masochistic streak and a fetish for power, control, and domination. Not a pleasant guy; not by a long shot.
    Pax is what you might call a technopath. Put simply, if he can connect with a piece of electronics, he can use it at will.
    Of course, it's never quite that simple. There are plenty of rules on his abilities:
    • His body is a terrible source of energy, so anything more powerful than a lightbulb must have a power source.
    • He must be in contact with the power grid, or at least close to it, without much blocking him and the wire. Even an uncovered wire is only accessible from a foot or two away; a well-insulated wire is a hopeless task even right next to it.
    • He cannot change the function of electronics. No wires reaching out to grab his foes, no making a robot out of a TV or anything. Microphones make noise, screens make images, etc.
    • This is a complicated process that requires complete focus. He's too distracted to even walk around while he works, much the less talk about his day or fight off an opponent.
    • He can "download" from the memory of a device, or see what it has stored, but cannot "upload" anything (cannot put a picture on a camera using only his brain but can see what pictures it has taken).
    • He has a series of cameras surgically replacing his left eye and a series of mechanics in his left leg, both done to make him whole again after an energy. Those require enough energy that he usually has a battery running, and without it he becomes slow and loses much of his vision.
    • His body is resistant to electrical damage. Not completely immune, but it takes an industrial grade charge before his body starts to get damaged. This also inhibits his ability to use his body as a conductor, so as much as he wants to be able to, he can't grab a battery in one hand and operate a battery-less phone with the other.
    Evil Theme song: Ich Will by Rammstein
    Extra: Paxillus is highly intelligent and attended two and a half years of community college, using his time mainly to illegally download various materials which he later studied on his own. While he is a specialist in technology, particularly computing and robotics, he's knowledgeable in everything from anatomy to zoology. This left him with relatively little time to learn physical fighting skills, but he does alright with his guns and lasers and attack robots.
    Welcome to my world, she said. Separated world, she stayed, separated.
    Belladonna Atropa | "The Purple Panic" or "The Tween Terror"
    Age 15
    Bella and her brother share many common formative features. The broken home was nearly as hard on her, and she has never really had a parent figure other than her brother. Her reaction to all of this, however, is the complete opposite of her brother's. Where he has become withdrawn she has become extroverted, where he sees people as tools she sees them as means of salvation, and what he hides she flaunts. Mostly because of how she was raised Belladonna is largely lacking empathy, but she is a naturally caring person. If anything she is a bit too needy, afraid of being alone and even more afraid of abandonment. She's desperately longing for a meaningful relationship with anyone, whether it be romantic, platonic, or even rivalry, as for much of her life Bella has been isolated from other people by one circumstance or another.
    Due in no small part to insecurity and desire to be loved, she dresses promiscuously and flirts readily. In all truth she has a lot of reason to be insecure; her powers have only combined with her psychological conditions to give her a terrible case of anorexia, and she could pass for a much younger child easily if she dressed the part. Bella is maybe four foot nine or ten, and looks like a decent gust of wind could knock her over. She wants nothing more than to be swept up into the strong arms of someone who will treasure her, but to the world she puts on a show of bravado and feminism, afraid to admit weakness- especially to Paxillus.
    Belladonna's abilities are rooted in a naturally produced toxin that is produced in small quantities by poison glands located all throughout her body. This poison circulates throughout her body, present in every tissue and fluid she has. In small doses it is a muscle relaxant, in larger doses it becomes paralytic, capable of stopping a person's lungs or heart. At will she can release small quantities of the substance from various pores in her body, in liquid, gaseous, or solid form.
    Due to the effects of the poison in her digestive system, she is missing many important gut bacteria and gastroflora. This limits her diet, removing most meat and nearly all dairy, as well as many vegetable-based fats. On the other hand, she is practically immune to bacterial infections and parasites for the same reasons. The toxin is so pervasive that even her saliva, sweat, and tears can be of harm to other people, forcing her to keep a good distance from most other people. Unfortunately, it uses up a good deal of energy, so between that and her eating habits she remains very weak, hardly capable of supporting her own minuscule weight.
    Evil Theme song: Down Poison by 3 Doors Down
    Extra: While she loves her brother, Bella takes a certain pleasure from doing things he disproves of, and while she is eternally grateful for all he's done she usually chooses to show it by disrespecting and disobeying him. In her mind, she needs to prove her independence and strength.
  12. Okay im planning to start soon and i'll have my cs up soon, oh an Unicornx if you can get your powers figured out that would be great *nod nod*
  13. ^^ Ooops I almost forgot about that.
    Done ~
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Akarahashi Momoto​
    Age: 38​
    Personality: Akarahashi is what some call there worst nightmare, and others a role model. Akuma is what he normally goes by, and the name fits as he is like a trickster a devilish trickster who would put you down in cold blood. no second chances a man who would put you down on the floor and shoot your body over several times in mad laughter. He can be a very charming man when he feels but in combat it is a whole different man that people witness on the field, which is were he earns most of his respect from his teammates. Having many disciples, as one of them to be Reito Ketsui who seems to follow the aspect of nearing crazy yet funny. Being the leader of the super villain gang has put him on the high notoriety chart and he still does not hide his face, which shows how determined he is to become the face of change.​
    Power: His power is Sound manipulation and here are three of his strong moves​
    1. exitium sonum/Sound destruction: This move consist of a simple basic power enhancement, he fires one of the two guns he holds which does not shoot regular bullets. He actually fires out a sound bullet which has the same strength and impact of a real bullet. But once the bullet is fired his manipulation allows him to increase and strengthen the pitch which is why it is so destructive.​
    2. sonus aethereum/ Ethereal Sound: In this move he creates such a silent noise it is almost impossible for the human ear to pick up on the frequencies which is why it is also so deadly, as it surround you silently he increases the strength until it is completely surrounding you. which is when he proceeded to vibrate you so much that your body explodes from the rapid vibrations.​
    3. Akuma concentus petram: Finalis lambere/ Akuma rock concert: Final lick: This move is the ending of a series of moves in which build upon each other, but the concept is simple. he applies the sounds of a guitar out of normal sounds as he strums the air, the reverberations fill the air and cause mass destruction in waves of power. as he reaches the final lick it is the largest and strongest of them all, with a blast radius of 40ft.​
    Weaknesses: His weaknesses are to be found out as the story progresses ( so none of you crazies can blast me in the beginning of the story lol )​
    Evil Theme song: Normally Power:
    Crazed power theme:
    This is the song which plays when he goes to brodcast on tvs, before he speaks:
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  15. I'm digging it! Do we have a starting setting/situation?
  16. well i think the first post should consist of all of us gathering and actually meeting each other, so like in the headquarters which will be like an underground bass in a abandoned warheouse...sound good?
  17. Sounds good. ^^
  18. Hey guys if you are all waiting on my post, dont. i will post when everyone has made it to the meeting room, so when everyone makes it we will officially begin to talk about chaos :P [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION],[MENTION=5397]unicornx[/MENTION],[MENTION=2859]silverlolita[/MENTION],[MENTION=4906]Zeraj[/MENTION],[MENTION=5556]ScarletNova[/MENTION],[MENTION=4514]Ignition to Spitfire[/MENTION]
  19. if i am correct everyone has made it to the meeting place rioght o.o
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