Modern Superhero/Vigilante/Villain Rp! "Eclipse of the Light"

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  1. First off .. This is my first time making a role-play so forgive me!

    I'm not a very creative person so I suggest that anyone that is interested in helping out with the plot post your ideas and we will work out a way to integrate it into the plot. Much help is needed and appreciated, thanks!

    As you can tell from the title, what I'm making is a Modern Superhero Roleplay. The characters are mainly divided into the three groups mentioned above. The superheroes and villains should be pretty obvious and to clarify things the vigilantes are anyone in between. Say, if save people but you utilize lethal force you are classified a vigilante. If you save people sometimes, but rob a bank right after you do so you are a vigilante. If you are still confused about your classification, no matter. Post up your character and we can evaluate.

    The story goes like this: Throughout history, metahumans and the occasional (endangered, rare) mystical being or creature has been affecting the course of history. Now it is the year 2011, and the world is in relative chaos. Most of the major superpowers have their own superhero teams to use as deterrents and whatnot against one another, yet there are still many other such supers that are not affiliated to the government in any way.

    All along, the good guys have been able to beat the bad guys and that is, of course fortunate for us all. However, one of them has wisened up and decided to band together to form an alliance. They know that most of the supers are split into many different groups, factions that may or may not work well together - and the vigilantes are merely a ragtag bunch. Together, they plan to arch against those that stood before them at once, and wipe them out.

    After all, when they clash - It will be a total eclipse.

    Character sheet:

    No specific one. You are welcome to make your own.

    - Appearance. Written or picture, your choice.
    - Personal details like name, age, etc.
    - Powers.
    - Equipment.
    - Personal history. Can be in point form.
    - Personaloty. Can be in point form.

    If you have any questions or ideas or amendments you would like to make to the plot, drop me a pm or reply to the topic below! I will get my characters up soon.

    Urgently needed characters:
    - The main bad guys. (The big ones at the head of the alliance)
    - The main good guys.
    - A few vigilantes here and there to spice things up!

    When I mean main bad guys, I compare them to people like Black Adam, Lex Luthor etc. Main goood guys like Superman, Wonderwoman etc.
  2. Let's go then! I'll be a vigilante.

    Simon Azley
    Age 28
    Average height, lithe, muscular build, brown hair, green eyes, wears contacts.
    Can teleport to any place he can visualize in his mind. Does this by "warping" to another plane of existence with no real concept of space, then warping back wherever he wants on this plane. He can also reach into the other plane and back in a different spot, allowing him to teleport parts of his body (temporarily; at some point either the part has to come back to him or he has to go to the part). If he cannot visualize the spot, he cannot teleport to it. If he knows where it is in space, but cannot see it exactly (for example, a wall in between him and it) he can still teleport, but he could materialize in something and injure or kill himself. Also, he has to be able to move, even the tiniest bit, to teleport, so if he were to be completely immobilized he could not teleport.
    Simon carries a collection of painstakingly sharpened knives, which he uses whenever necessary. He doesn't wear a costume. He carries business cards that simply say "Removal" and a phone number, which goes to his cell. I'll post the personal stuff later.
  3. Well I see this was started three weeks ago... So if this picks up. I'd also like to play the role of a vigilante.
    If need be, I'll switch things around to play on a different side. Let me know

    Name: Jade lockheart

    age: 25

    gender: Female

    Race: humanl

    equipment: A thick black braided leather whip. Along with a pair of simple fighting gloves.

    A girl who's strong well shaped legs seem to go on forever, which makes her very tall around 5'8' maybe 5'9'. The rest of her body is just like her legs, very athletic build. Slender and toned just perfectly constructed to be strong, but keep the smooth grace that a woman's body should have. Her body has just the right level of lush curves to compliment her structure, but not be out of proportion.

    Her skin has a soft sun kissed glow to it. Her face structure has a warmness about it, making her look very inviting and friendly. Her lips are plump with a natural pink glow to them, along with her checks.
    Her eyes are deep emerald green, with freckles of bright spring green through out them. Her hair, which reached down her back to rest just above the top of her belt, its a brilliant golden blond, and cascades down in soft cruels to rest at the bottom in banana cruels.

    The outfit she wears is a pair of short jet black shorts, with a thick lace crimson belt that is tied off to the side, and dangles a few inches past the length of her shorts. Her top is a black tank top with a very low V cut, that cut down into the middle of her shirt. But it laces back up with the same crimson lace, and gives a bit of a peek to the black lacy bra underneath, but its not to noticeable since the thick lace conceals most up until it reaches the top, where its knotted at the ends to dangle a bit freely down the front of her shirt. Along with this, she wears a pair of sleek leather boots, that reach up her legs to just above her knees, and simple zip of the back, and look seamless. She also wears three silver bracelets on one arm, a few different rings over the black sleek fighting gloves. And a silver chocker around her neck, with three rubies dangling from its center each getting a bit larger as they go down.

    Jade has a very bubbly personality. She's very warm to anyone, and loves to flirt. Some call her an attention whore, but truly she isn't. She just enjoys making people feel wanted, and like they belong. She says thats if everyone treated everyone with the same love and attention as that they do as there friends and family peace would reign over the world. So she tries to live her life by the philosophy.
    But don't take her as a push over, or someone who will allow everyone to walk all over her. She knows the difference between being kind, and being weak. So just as much as she cares for others, she cares for herself, and has great self respect. So treat her unkind, it won't go unnoticed, especially if one goes out of there way to hurt her. She does believe in revenge, and taking karma into her own hands.

    Jade doesn't consider herself much of a fighter, nor will she ever tell anyone that she knows the basics. But from her years of living in the tough areas of the city, and having to take care of herself. She learned a bit of street fighting and some hand to hand combat. But its nothing special, and the only time she uses it, is if a fight gets out of hand in her tavern.

    Along with that, she knows her hand at using a whip. Which isn't saying much, but if need be she'll pull it out to make unruly visitors in the tavern submit to her rule. It reaches with out an outstretched arm is around Ten feet, which is the half way point between the bar in the tavern, and most of the seating. ( making the area all around, twenty some odd feet ) giving an it a total of about 10 and a half feet, in a stand still position.

    There isn't much to say about Jade's past, at least that how she makes it seem. Most of her life she moved about from city to city, living down dark streets and bad areas. Until she was a teenager, she lived at home with both parents and two older brothers, but a tragedy hit her family, and while at school they were all murdered in cold blood. The killer was never found, nor was a motive ever concluded. Which all in all didn't matter to much in Jade's life after that point, since she had to move on quick and figure out how to make it out her own.

    With much struggle she finished school, with a full time job as she lived with a close friend. Most of her money she saved up, to one day create something for herself. Some where she could live and work, and feel safe. With much consideration, and influence from her close friend she created the tavern. The reason for the tavern was if her families killer was still out there, and even on the off chance with in the city, she'd probably her word about it in a local tavern, So why not create that tavern. Hence the name Wise man's Tavern. And from the age of 21 she has ran her establishment, passing on the word from traveler to traveler about the killing, Along with important information a new comer to the city might not know. The whole you scratch my back i scratch your back.
  4. Personality is very cruel and sadistic. Ran away from home at 15, but his strongly moral upbringin stayed with him and so he kills evildoers in an attempt to do the right thing. He is troubled, though, because he knows deep down the killing is wrong. Very bitter. Loner.
  5. Wow, its great that you guys are taking an interest in this. I'm very thankful, haha. Do you guys have any friends you can grab to this rp?
  6. I can ask. You can always get on C box and ask people on there, too.
  7. I like this idea :) I'll make a character sheet soon and edit this post and put it up. And I can ask a few people if they'd like to join in too.
  8. Great! We can start once we have a decent number, say 7?

    And, I'd like to have a mix of heroes/villains/vigilantes, please. For now, the headcount is.

    Heroes - 0.
    Villains - 0.
    Vigilantes - 2.
  9. I guess I'll make a hero twin pair?
  10. @Lawk and Rag. That works. :)
  11. should i be a gang boss or a supper vilain >:)
  12. ((I'll take a crack at this.))

    Name: Melody Silencio
    Age: 25
    Side: Villian
    Appearance: hair_ii_by_paulisa-d3fmr0f.jpg

    Melody is typically dressed like a high schooler - blue skinny jeans, Converse and some of flannel shirt. Her color choices are very bold, the colors being black, red, orange, yellow, and neon pink. She doesn't like to do anything to her hair, and will ordinarily let it fall down her back to be tangled by the wind. Her make up, just like her color choices are very bold as well. She enjoys wearing black eyeliner and black eye shadow with heavy mascara. Oddly she keeps her lips nude or bare of make up.

    Her choice of clothing may or may not change when she is out committing crimes.

    Weapons: Melody carries a small pistol that is either tucked into her flannel shirt, underneath her bra, or in her boots. On the other side of her bra, she has a small dagger and a vial of poison to dip the blade in. She doesn't usually carry more than this because she relies on her martial arts knowledge if she's cornered.

    Powers: If she is able to touch you, she will inflict full body pain. Depending on how she's feeling, the pain can be full on cramps of all of your major muscle tissues, feel as if you've been doused by gasoline and lit on fire, a hang over, and even if you lack the necessary body parts, she will imitate the agony of going into labor.

    History: Melody at a very young age grew interested in martial arts and started taking classes when she was about five years old. Growing up she was filled to the brim of teachings about self discipline, exercising control over her actions and emotions, and above all else, to never hurt anyone unless it was for self defense. This she took as a creed for most of her early years in life and had even saved people in her school from bullies and the like. It gave her popularity and made her a very loved person at school.

    However life at home wasn't so peaceful or wonderful. Melody's parents fought constantly, her mother being a subservient wife to her abusive and often drunk father. And while Melody was able to fend off blows from bullies at school, she could never bring herself to defend or fight back against her father. This phenomenon has puzzled Melody since she was a little girl. But her break came when her father went too far. It was the worst fight Melody had ever witnessed with her parents, and she tried stepping in to save her mother, but her father was far too large for Melody to incapacitate him. As she was screaming, and begging for him to stop punching her mother, Melody felt her rage and despair build. She wanted above all else for her father to feel all of the pain he dealt to his wife. Some voice - a malevolent one - told her she could do that and without pausing to think, Melody pressed her hands up against her father's chest and saw on his expression that her wish came true.

    Melody's rise to crime started after this event. Melody blames that voice, which speaks to her whenever Melody wishes to inflict pain, to be the sole reason why she commits her crimes. She doesn't know if the voice makes her believe this, but Melody truly believes that she cannot be a good person if she was given the power to hurt.

    She is now working in the interrogation branch of a massive cartel called Pecco, responsible for giving the populace access to super powers via injections. Melody is also responsible for disposing of any superheroes who try to demolish the operation.

    Personality: Perceived as the calm before the storm Melody is typically in control of her emotions. But she does have a calculating demeanor and is often times very manipulative. She is a troubled soul, but it would take a lot to breach the walls of despair and self loathing Melody has crafted for herself.
  13. sorry im takeing long with the bio :o