Modern super villian gang

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    Hello Punks! and welcome to the show....well more like gang but hey you get what i mean!
    Now let us be serious, My name you ask? Well im Know as Akuma the destroyer. But my men? they know me as Akarahashi Momoto the top leader in the towns Crime Syndicate. Yes i know i know why would this be a great title? Well im not completely sure but shit plenty of people have joined me already. But i mean look at this beautiful city.
    Tell me that isnt nice....huh of course you think it is but look deeper into it
    whats this place have to do with it? well this place is very corrupt and very you say backwards and over the years it has changed.
    well im here to show them just how bad they have made it and it is time to turn this city into our own. Now some people will call us supervillians...just because of our special powers....but hey long as the government continues to make super soldiers then i see nothing wrong with what we do.
    And from our destruction there will be new government...NEW POWER! NOW GRAB YOUR WEAPONS AND JOIN ME IN THIS FIGHT!
    So basically this rp is about a group of super villians who want to take over the government and maybe the rest of the world. I just need a character skelton which should look something along the lines of this.
    (Picture of your character)
    Weaknesses:(atleast 3)
    Evil Theme song: