Modern (Semi-Realistic) Action/Romance Plot . . . [Custom Story & Characters]

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  1. Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my thread.

    This is a concept I've actually just come up with recently, but I think it'd be entertaining and nonetheless fun to write. It would be a long term action-adventure story in a modern world that encompasses chaotic and random events in an open-world city. Driving, shooting, drugs, stealth, theft, racing, robbery, etc. would all be present throughout the plot, as well as sexual themes. Because of it's adult nature and violent themes, its safe to say that my partner should be 18+. I like to role-play in third person, but I don't mind writing in first person if my partner prefers that. All I can ask of my partner is that you write to the best of your ability. I'm not perfect with my grammar and spelling, so I can't expect the same of someone else.

    I'm very visual-oriented, so I've drawn some art to go along with this plot! (Lmao, yes I'm a complete dork.) I can draw your OC to go along with it if you'd like.

    You can read the specifics of the this story below, from the setting to the characters. Comment below or inbox me if this plot peaks your interest!
    *The following is very reminiscent of GTA V.*
    like, very.

    Its ten years ago today that a team of three young people - two men and a woman - are performing a usual heist. They're robbing a union depository in the snowy banks of Fort Collins, a small city in Colorado. Unbeknownst to the three, this robbery will be their last one for a very long time.

    These three young people, whose names were never released to the public despite their business being more-than-so, worked together well. This was probably because they were lifelong friends, having all grown up in the same suburban desert-town that was Irvine, California. They each came from different living conditions, but the pit in their guts that craved money and power is what brought them together.

    They were performing small time robberies first on payday loans offices. With more money, they were able to pay a crew. With a crew, they were official. They were not "robbing", but performing professional heists on small-time banks - only at the ages of 16-18.

    The got away with the first few robberies and were sitting on a couple million dollars, ready to live out the rest of their luxurious lives. They could've been set for life. But, like any teenager with money, they were greedy and stupid, so they decided to go for another score just for the hell of it. After a month of planning, despite the foreshadowing disapproval of their hacker and heist coordinator, Eddie Towe, the three drove out to Fort Collins to hit the union depository. This is where their easy-going criminal careers came to a malevolent halt.

    They go in, shotguns and pistols in-hand, ready to blow the joint. This is supposed to be a small and simple hit - they go in, hold anyone hostage, blow open the safe with a sticky bomb, grab the money, and meet the driver of the escape vehicle outside the bank. They complete the first few checkpoints.

    Each of them are now weighed down with pounds of money stolen from the safe in the duffel bags that are slugged over their shoulders. To their surprise, they're met with a dozen police vehicles all parked outside the bank, and two times the amount of cops, their pistols aimed at the young adults.

    Shots ring throughout the cold atmosphere. There must've been hundreds of bullet casings buried in the snow after the three millionaires came out of it alive. It only took about thirty minutes for them to murder half of Fort Collin's police force. They didn't see it as murder, though. It was simply business.

    They make it to the escape vehicle after shooting a few more policemen. Moments later, their driving 80 MPH on the icy road as cop cars fly by them, headed in the opposite direction towards the bank.

    "They haven't made this licence number yet," the girl in the back informed the driver. "Just keep going."

    Ahead of them was a road block - three police cars and a barbed wire lied across the road.

    "Turn, you asshole!"

    There was no asshole to turn the steering wheel when suddenly a bullet was through his skull. The three barely panicked, though, as the man in the front shoved the driver out of the car and hopped in the now bloody seat without hesitation. It happened in a matter of seconds.

    It was only convenient that the three barely knew or even liked the guy who was now lying on the side of the road far behind them. The man now driving took a quick turn before hitting the road block. Then there was a train ahead of them, but it hadn't made it across the road yet. The car accelerated, gliding over the tracks just before it was hit with the force of the speeding train (literally). The car flipped and hit a tree, but the three emerge with minor bruises and scrapes.
    Our Characters Now
    Remember, you can RP as either one of the characters! I have no preference.

    I didn't want to go into details really, as that was all just a flashback. I'll finish it off by saying one of them dies, and the girl is shot. The last guy leaves his two best friend to bleed out in the snow, teary-eyed. He managed to never be caught by the police, but he lives a mediocre life believing that he left his two best friends to die.

    The girl lived, however, and ends up going into the WPP (Witness Protection Program) when detained by the police, and nine years later she is living in a mansion in a beautiful city in California under a false identity. She is married to a husband who no longer loves her and cheats on her often. She's left her criminal life behind her, but she still dreams and fantasizes about her old life often while she's lying by her pool on a sunny evening with a glass of whiskey and headphones drowning out the world around her. She's rich, beautiful, and seemingly has nothing to be miserable about. Yet, she can't help but miss her old action-filled life. She would love to reunite with her old friend, but she can't let him know she's still alive, seeing as how she faked her death. Little does she know, its only a matter of time before he discovers her existence to be true. (Her character is completely flexible and she can be whoever you want her to be of course - her name, personality, appearance, etc. is all up to you if you decide play as her.)

    The man who believes both of his best friends died nine years ago in the snow has gone on to live and become a substitute teacher in, coincidentally, the same city as the girl now lives in. He only lives in the lesser part of the city - where the gang bangers and the drug dealers who supply the rich white families of Los Angeles live. It is a typical hood, except for the fact that the man who lives at the end of the street isn't your typical hoodlum. He's a white guy with strong aspirations, trying his hardest to make a living and forget his past so that he can provide for his girlfriend the life she desires. Yet, it seems that she cannot be satisfied. Perhaps he's destined to soon meet someone who peaks his interest - someone he has a complicated history with, and someone he believes is dead. (His character is also completely flexible and he can be whoever you want him to be of course)

    This role-play starts with our characters in their respective places. The girl knows that her old best friend is alive, but she's kept her existence a secret. She has no clue that he lives in the same city as her. He doesn't even know she is alive, and has always blamed himself for her death. Yet, that was so many years ago that now they each continue on with their lives, having left the past behind them. The reason I've left them both nameless is because you can role-play as whoever you like - it just depends on which gender you prefer. I think they'd both be fun to play, so I have no preference.

    When they meet up again, once they get through the initial awkwardness and shock, they're bound to raise hell together like they did before. Robbing banks, whether to pay off a mafia man one of them owes money to or just for the hell of it, racing cars, drug deals, sex, theft, and just about everything they've wanted to do again for the past nine years they'll finally be able to do again - thanks to their mutual craving for adventure.​
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  2. Hello!

    You are precisely the RP I am looking for because my posts are long, extremely visual, plus also crime, action, and vigilante oriented. I started a thread a little while back looking for like-minded writers and your thread speaks to me. Here are some of my ideas:

    PARTNER REQUEST - Looking for female role player - various genres and story styles |

    Let me know if you're interested!
  3. Hey, I read your RP ad! Looks cool, seems really fun to roleplay this plot with you! I may not have much to show, but I can assure you I'm a competent roleplayer.

    If you're interested, tell me and I'll shoot you a PM, or you can shoot me a PM!
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