INTEREST CHECK Modern/SciFi HardFi Gang War (spacetime manipulation)

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Tom Sawyer

Original poster
Basically, it's a modern setting but where a large number of people have supernatural abilities related to space and/or time. The police have become all but obsolete, so an elite government task force has been created to keep the peace. A variety of gangs, both large and small, have formed and are vying for territory in the city of Shiftwell, which is also the task force's base. There is a group of bounty hunters that also hunt the gangs for the payoff the government offers.

Play either a bounty hunter, task force member, or gang member. Not all gangs are evil, not all bounty hunters and task force members are good, etc. This is pretty open-ended, so it can go any number of ways depending on what you guys want to do with it. I need at least two task force members, three gang members, and two bounty hunters, although one more of each would be nice. One of the gang members has to be the gang boss.
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