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  1. Void

    This is an interest check for a Modern-Sci RP about six orbs that fall from space and land in various parts of the world. These orbs have the essence of universal law (Matter, Space, Energy, Time, Astral) in them, and whomever touches the orb will have control of that universal law. These orb bearers will obviously have to choose how to use their new power, with the world, government, military, and other parties interested in attaining them. These 5 people will begin a course to discover the true meaning of the orbs, and why they were sent to Earth. That will be the central arc in which they will cross paths and either join/face each other as the overlying plot will threaten mankind altogether. There will be other main characters besides the orb wielders. And any OC's would be welcome as well. The setting is real-world Earth as well as time period and technology.

    If anyone is interested feel free to respond! Questions accepted as well!

    My character would come across the Time orb, but the other 4 are available for grabs, but only if the interest gets enough for OOC.
  2. I reserve the Orb of Space.
    What are its powers?
  3. You may have an interest in the orb of space, but no concrete reserves until OOC. IF the OOC goes up you'll be the first to get the orb should you not become inactive or anything like that. Nothing towards you at all I've had too many experiences with people claiming interest and then I make the rp and they're nowhere to be found.

    Orb of Space if you read above gives the wielder complete control over space. The world is space, distance is space. Applications like telekinesis, dimension alteration, spatial manipulation, anything having to do with space and its control.
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  4. What's the sixth orb?
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  5. Oooooh you caught that I see, nice perception. The secret orb is well....secret. But I won't forget you caught that :greenthumb:
    Providing the RP meets my personal taste in terms of post quality and quantity :'3
    I'd be interested in either the matter or energy orbs, however considering physics it's hard to separate the two entities considering they're made from each other.
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  7. No they are indeed different my friend. In physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, and is the transferral/conversion of properties of objects. Matter can be created and destroyed with containment of mass and composition of space categorized by the number of atoms and molecules. For the sake of the rp that's just what it is: Energy controls transferal and cultivation of energy of all types, as matter controls the molecular and atomic composition of such objects.
  8. I'm super interested, though I have to ask - what is Astral?
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  9. You do know in astrophysics they have concluded that matter and energy can be created by destroying the other and vice verse. Matter under the right circumstances can be converted into pure energy, and under similar circumstances in the transformation of diamonds, energy can be compressed into matter. It is, of course, really deep stuff and what not, upon further probing my physics teacher waved me off and said it would take a long time to explain it in full detail.

    But I do understand where you're wanting to come from an RP standpoint so I'll keep my mouth shut on technicalities for now, sorry to be disruptive.

    How does matter transform into energy and vice versa?
  10. I know, I was a physics minor trust me lol. That still isn't saying anything towards distinctive separation lol. They COMPLIMENT each other, and only take away from what's already provided in the physical system (conversion, compression, not cultivation) but are two completely different things (which was the initial premise here). They are not one in the same, but through process (requiring net force) they can become each other. And no I love discussions like these! No worries.
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  11. Everything outside of the law of the formal universe. That which is abstract to relative theory and laws.
  12. Err, I can't help but feel as though this is somewhat of a vague description. Let me rephrase the question - if my character was to get the Astral Orb, what will they capable of doing?
  13. Yeah you have to be concise with me lol, I thought you just wanted basic info since no one can really reserve anything for sure yet. But some abilities would include precognition, astral projection, telepathy, empathy, etc.
  14. I would love to do this. I am interested in Energy, but can go for matter depending on what @Corpser Roach wants^^
  15. Ohhh I really like the idea of this... but it seems that all of the orbs have been gobbled up...

    I'm rather interested in the Matter orb myself and that is what I shall stick to for now. But it depends on what @Corpser Roach wants of course.

    If not, I am interested in Astral...

    And if not that I shall cry my eyes out in a dark corner.

    One Question though: Would I be able to show interest in this "secret orb" of yours, or is it some sort of plot thingy for a bad guy or NPC?
  16. There aren't any solid reservations right now but if someone shows interest in one concrete orb as opposed to two unsure ones the concrete one would hold precedence if an OOC was to start. That would be unfair for someone to hold two unofficial things. Nothing towards Corpser though just in general.
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  17. Then I hold concrete interest in the matter orb o v o"
  18. Haha looks like you're already full up. Mind if I just watch? ^_^
  19. o3o"
  20. Don't think anyone's expressed sure interest in Astral, just a few questions regarding it.

    And also non-orb OC's are welcomed too
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