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  1. Jordan's grey orbs traveled to the clock on the wall as a sigh escaped his lips. He pulled his hands out of the now empty sink, stopper in one calloused hand, and let the water drain. He dried his hands on the towel tucked into his belt loop and ran his fingers through his spiky brown hair before putting away the last of the dishes and walking out of the dish area and into the main kitchen where time clock sat. He punched out and went around into the main restaurant, taking a seat at one of the small tables and ordering a coffee and waffles. He cast a cursory glance around the small dining area, barely taking note of anyone there before adding cream to his coffee.
  2. Sabina had been tapping her pencil against the paper trying to figure out how to even start writing before her mind had started to wonder. She had come to this restaurant hoping it would somehow inspire her to finish this paper that was due too soon. But even now, her mind could not concentrate. She had to keep her grades up to keep the scholarship, and this was the only class that held her back.

    She jumped in surprise once she came back to earth mentally and her light green eyes searched for any sort of clock. She was hoping it wasn't too late. She finally pushed away her book and papers, giving up for the day. This was how she got in this much trouble in the first place, but if she couldn't write, she wasn't going to push it. Now what was she going to do? She put her head on the table in defeat.
  3. Jordan took a sip of his steaming cup and looked around again. This time something did catch his eye. A girl with her head on the table in front of her, and what looked like university textbooks and notebooks scattered around her. He grinned at the sight, before calling over one of the waitresses he was friends with, Maria, and telling her to give the girl a cup of coffee, on him. He sat back and poured syrup over his waffles, before breaking them apart with his fork and shoveling some into his mouth. It wasn't bad, but he knew he could make it better if they would ever let him out of the dish area.

    He sighed and took a sip of his coffee, occasionally glancing over at Maria, and finally watched her pour the coffee and bring it over to the stressed looking girl. Maria pointed to him, and he knew she was explaining that he had sent it over, but he turned his head away, choosing instead to take a sip of his own coffee before those green irises located him.
  4. Sabina had looked surprised when the waitress had started to pour her some coffee. "Oh, I hadn't-" then the waitress, Maria guessing from the name tag, had pointed to another gentleman who was eating at another table and had told her that he had sent it over and that it was on him. She couldn't help but smile. She looked over at him, but he was turned away, but it looked like it was someone around her own age. She happily put her hands around the cup, savoring the warm feeling, before starting to reach for some creamers. "Can you tell him thank you? That I really appreciate it?" she asked.

    She also grabbed some sugar while she asked, but made her her eyes were kept on Maria, to make sure she wasn't rude.
  5. Maria nodded and walked away, winking at Jordan as she walked over and leaned down. "She was very grateful." Maria told him. He nodded and looked over at the girl again. "I'm glad." He said, finishing his waffles and pulling out some money. He left it on the table before getting up and going over to the table where the girl sat. He smiled warmly at her, holding up two fingers in a peace sign. "Don't push yourself too hard, ok? If you over do it you won't get anything accomplished." He said to her.
  6. Sabina looked up surprised, then smiled. "I am afraid it is my not pushing hard enough that I am the way I am. But - um... thanks." She wasn't quite sure what to say next. Honestly, she had been so absorbed in trying to get tings done (which she was really just letting her mind wander eventually) that she hadn't had 'human contact' in a while.

    "What's your name?" she asked.
  7. "I'm Jordan. What about you?" He asked, looking around at her piles of homework. He could see what went with what easily from where he was, but he was sure that she was trying too hard to do too much all at once. He slid into the seat opposite her and started organizing her things into neat piles, separated by which class they belonged to. He watched her expectantly, not really thinking much on the idea that he may be invading her space. It was never really an issue, and when it was, a quick apology usually relieved the tension anyway.
  8. She watched in awe. "Sabina." she finally replied, giggling. "You seem to be organizing quickly. I know what it all is, but I can never seem to actually get to the sorting part of it." She then brought her pointer finger to her lip and looked up as she thought. "That would probably make everything just a bit more easier and make more sense wouldn't it?" She shook her head and looked back at him. "Thanks. Somehow, that will probably help a lot eventually."

    She grabbed a sugar packet and just started to lightly shake it without actually intending to open it.
  9. "This was how I made it through high school. I worked on the homework from one class at a time, instead of trying to focus on many different assignments at once. It made things much easier for me." Jordan said, smiling at her. "If you want to, you can come back here and get help with your assignments. It's usually pretty quiet, and the food is usually good."

    He knew he was just saying things at this point, because she probably knew by now how the food was, and what the atmosphere was like, but he wanted her to feel comfortable. She was cute, and he wouldn't be upset if he had more opportunities to talk to her in the future.
  10. "Huh. Yeah." She started subconsciously twirling part of her hair around her finger. "I am sad to say I didn't really notice the food when I had been eating. Let my mind be too absorbed in this mess to really enjoy what I was eating." She finally looked at him, and noticed he was kinda cute. This could have been a very good thing. "Do you eat here a lot?"

    She was trying to get some info on him without being too obvious. He was kind of fun, though she hadn't much time to talk to him. She finally flipped her light brown hair back over her shoulder so she wouldn't mess with it anymore. Sometimes it too was distracting.
  11. Jordan stared at the hair she had been twirling even as it flew over her shoulder and managed to fall perfectly. He shook himself out of his subtle trance before he laughed a bit at the question, letting his smile wash over her as he nodded. "I work here. So, I guess you could say I spend a lot of time here."

    He hoped that it hadn't been obvious that he had been staring, but then decided he really didn't care. It was better for her to know he had some interest now, than be surprised by it later if it came to be something.
  12. Sabina smiled. Looks like he might have the same interest. But she wasn't going to push it too much just in case she was reading him wrong. "That would qualify you to definitely know if what's here is good or not," she said with a slight laugh. She started to worry because the conversation appeared to be dying.

    "Well, since you told me not to spread myself too thing-" she mentally thought back and he didn't quite say that, but she said it was close enough, "why don't we go do something? That way I can clear my head a bit. Unless you want to try to help me with this maddness," she said, motioning to the paperwork in front of her.