Modern Romance Ideas

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  1. Hey there. I'm looking for a male counterpart to engage in some fun roleplays involving some romance and excitement. I like to come up with the storyline as I go, but I can be creative. I'm looking for a descriptive partner, and I tend to do two or three sentences per post. Mini paragraphs.

    My first idea is a romance between a teacher and a student - this could be in a fantasy setting, or modern. Perhaps both!

    Anything involving Stockholm Syndrome is also super fun.

    Let me know, gais! ^^
  2. I love the teacher/student thing, and I could definitely do that - maybe a modern high school?
  3. omg teacher/student is my favorite! <3 <3 <3
  4. Teacher/student sounds like fun. My descriptions and such might end up a bit longer than yours (I can get a bit carried away with myself sometimes :P) but hey, if you want someone descriptive, look no further. :P

    Fantasy would be cool, maybe some kind of magic school setting?