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  1. Hello there, fellow Iwaku roleplayers! I am definitely wanting to do a Modern, Slice of Life Group roleplay and I have a few ideas lined up, whichever one tickles your guys fancy.

    1. A group of friends, who have always had each other's back since day one of meeting, they have had an enormous amount of time together and would always look back and do nothing but laugh. But what would happen if one of them dies? The one that held the group together, the glue of the group basically. Will the group still be able to maintain their friendships and relationships with each other? Or will the group fall apart and just forget about each other and all of their astronomical events together? Only time will tell...

    2. The coffee shop has always been a place where a group of college students have always seen each other. One day, they pulled an assortment of tables together and get to know one another and saw that they have a lot in common and just decided to become friends. Half of the group were dancers and singers, the other half of the group are YouTubers, bloggers and Social Media geeks. But what will happen when a few of them in the group start having feelings for another? Hmm...

    3. It's a camp for actors, actresses, singers and dancers. This year's production is {Whatever we decide} and the fight for the lead roles will be filled with sabotage and betrayal. It's a camp where people from all over the United States come from and most have been acting in major productions since birth. The campers of course have different backgrounds, strong personalities so drama is definitely sure to be inevitable.

    So, those are just same samples of the type of roleplays that I have ideas for. I hope at least one of these gain enough interest because I am dying for a group Slice of Life, Modern roleplay.

    Voice your thoughts, opinions and questions below and I'll be sure to comment within a timely manner. Thanks.
  2. I like ideas one and two.... Mostly one and am willing to do it o:
  3. i
    i love all of them, but the first one i would love to do
  4. I would love the first and second one!
  5. Interest already?

    Yes! I love the first idea dearly and I've became close to the characters people make for that particular roleplay.

    I can go ahead and make an OOC for the first one, if you guys are that interested enough. :)
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  6. oh yeah i would so do this, can't wait!
  7. Bumping this thread, hoping to get more interest.
  8. If I could still join, I'd like to do either the first one or second one x]
  9. @F L Y, @Karma200, @Avower, @JusticeHunt20
    Since most of you guys are interested in the first plot idea. I can go ahead and make an OOC, if you guys are still interested.

    Sorry for being non active but I had no internet connection but I am home for the next three days so let's get this party started! :)
  10. I'm still interested! :) AND wooooo party! :bananaman:
  11. yeah!
  12. Well then, expect an OOC momentarily.
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  13. Still in
  14. The first one sounds wonderful. I just joined this site from RPN and I love the creativity I'm seeing already.
  15. I'd love to join if possible!
  16. idk if you guys are still open, but the thread you created in correlation to the first idea sounds lovely. I'd love to join, if possible?