Modern Post-Apocolyptic with Dragons

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  1. Alright, so what I'm planning to do is a group RP set in the near future, but it's after dragons have attacked earth and reduced most of our civilization to rubble. There are still a few places where law and order still exist, but most places there's no such thing, only destruction and dragons. Most of earth's cities have been devastated, though most of the buildings still exist in a heavily damaged and somewhat looted state. Some people live in these areas as scavengers, some live out in the middle of nowhere, and some live in the few remaining civilized areas. Some of the dragons have established themselves as the benevolent rulers of some areas, some just live in solitude, some hunt humans for sport or food (or both), and some simply toy with them for amusement, but all have two incredible abilities: one is the ability to shift between their natural (dragon) form, and a human form at will, and the other is a specific set of elemental powers. Their abilities are weaker in their human form, but their main language is English in both forms (their voice is normal for a human in both forms). They also have a bit of control of their size when they shift back to their natural form.
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  2. Well i'm in also the movie Reign of fire has a plot similar to this if you'd wish to look it up.
  3. Count me in! This sounds awesome. How near in the future are you thinking?

    Would this be mainly played from the dragons pov or humans? Or both?
  4. Awesome! :bsmile: I checked out the plot of that movie and I have to say there are some similarities, but quite a few major differences. What I'm going for here has the dragons a lot more intelligent and able to communicate, and a lot less blatantly destructive at this point in time. Their original goal as a whole wasn't to destroy humanity, but rather beat it into submission and just take over to teach them a lesson, since (Plot twist) WE'RE the bad guys in this RP, not the dragons. They were here first, and we started the war by attacking them unprovoked and slaughtering peace envoys when they tried to come, then we went all King Herod and started hacking up babies 'n shit, so they just want to teach us a lesson for doing that and make sure it doesn't happen again without wiping us out. There could also be a couple dragons that aren't hostile towards humans except in self-defense, though there wouldn't be many, like some who disagree with their brethren and think that humanity and dragons both need to put the past behind them and inhabit the earth side-by side, neither being above the other, since the wars have decimated the populations of both species terribly.

    Anyone else out there wanna hop on? I'm already working on a draft for an OOC/Signup thread just so that I can easily and quickly slap it up to the site once we have a reasonable number of people interested.
  5. I was thinking about like the late 2030s or something, and it's been about a decade since the attack that tore our society apart, so the cities are starting to become a bit overgrown, but the tech that's left wouldn't be from any later than the 2020s, so still fairly near future.

    Also, absolutely both perspectives! Hell, I'm already drafting up ideas for characters of both races in my head! XD
  6. Cool sounds like what I had imagined!

    Woo! So am I now that I know~

    BTW I'm on the East Coast too and I wish all the best for you. You getting the heavy rain yet? Our creeks and rivers are close to flooding.
  7. Yeah, I'm starting to get the heavy rain here in good ol' Marylandistan. If we lose power (which is not unlikely to happen since the rain is gonna make the ground totally saturated and soft, then the wind's gonna come along and the trees are gonna be so easy to knock over), then our basement is kinda fucked, because if we lose power then the sump pumps don't work and our generator kinda shit its brains out last time this happened, so yeah... currently blowing up God's inbox and notification bars with prayer right now. lol
  8. Ugh yeah I'm worried about that too. Also pretty worried about the roads. When Irene came though we couldn't get anywhere because all the roads were gone. If I was a believer I'm sure I would be too.

    Might not be able to rp much if the power cuts. :(
  9. Yeah, same here. The roads tend to get blocked sometimes when we get really bad storms here, but it's from fallen trees and not washouts, though that might change some this time around.

    Lol, of course. RPing needs computer and internet, and computer and internet need electricity, and electricity needs power lines that aren't lying on the ground or severed or dangling pieces of trees like Christmas ornaments. lol
  10. Seems like this might be a fun one. Hopefully not as devastating as the last though.

    Hardi-har, smartass. lol jk. Usually I can get some rping in on my phone using data but might not be able to if the towers are down.
  11. Hopefully so.

    I might be able to do the same, but my phone sucks battery like a sonofabitch and I'd probably want to save that for in case of an actual emergency or something. Hopefully, though, the stars will align correctly to allow the many trees that are going to fall to not dick with any of the power lines that are important to us here.

    Funny thing, there's this giant set of power lines really close to our house that are effectively immune to the kind of stuff that would kill our power, but I guess the current is too high in them or something so they just completely bypass us. The bastards.
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