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  1. I've two ideas but don't know which one most people would prefer.

    idea 1 (Modern RP): A normal school with students studying for a future job, my character meets an unknown man taking an interest ('m thinking of rping the man as well, but if you really really want to rp the man, sure go ahead!) After the odd night or evening my character is back to school, it's monday and everything seems normal except that there are rumors about disappearence and murder, suddenly the man is now a teacher atthe school, having a watch on my character for unknown reason. My character + my friends is starting to investigate the disappearence of the missing people and also the mysterious man whom suddenly started to work as a teacher. Is the man a murderer or is something else happening in the city?

    idea 2 (Mental hospital): my character + your character are both in an mental hospital because of something that has happened in the past, my character thinks that he can see ghosts but the doctors do experiments to prove himself that they don't. After a mysterious accident when my character is going to begin one of the tests (having shocks in the brain, or drill. The hospital will have old methods to deal with their patiens), the whole hospital have an outbreak and everyone is on their way to get outside to their freedom but something isn't right. The doctors and some patiens are getting killed in mysterious ways and my character + the others have to get outside the hospital in order to survive and get their freedom, will they survive?

    So yeah, these aren't very explainable but depending on what people want to rp, we can decide more about details later on. So.... Anyone interested in any of these two?
  2. I'm interested but are they one on one rps or group rps?
  3. I don't know, it depends on how many whom wants to join, or else they are supposed to be onexone
  4. I'm quite interested in the mental hospital one, so long as it is kept completely fantastical or realistic. Just because it irritates me when people are unwittingly getting mental illness wrong, so I find it's best to be clear about what we're going for.
  5. Well, depending on how many whom wants to join and what they want to rp, we'll just have to see. But I'm thinking of keeping the mental hospital realistic, the same with the old methods for example taking a drill in the brain to get a more gore feeling and of course more modern action like pills, a lot of them. Depending on what people want of course.
  6. I would love to join. I'll let you know which one just have to think about the two scenarios and choose.
  7. Don't worry, just take your time.

    One wants to rp the Hospital one, atleast. But you don't have to choose either, you can rp both if you want. But it'll be two different rp's you've to have a watch on.
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