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  1. Much describe. Very title.
    Lolz that was my first thought after I finished typing the title.
    Here's some info about be before I elaborate on the plot!

    - My responses range anywhere between 2-10 meaty paragraphs. Usually, they tend to be 2-5, unless something exciting is happening or a situation merits extensive description. I expect the same from you. Honestly, I don't want a novel in every post, especially if our characters are engaged in a relatively simple conversation and nothing terribly worth describing is happening. I tend to get bored when things are dragged out that way. On the other hand, if I'm pumping out well-thought-out and creative responses (as I always try to do) and you're giving me something hasty with little substance, that's a turn-off. Also, naturally, grammar and spelling are highly important, but I won't yell at you or rudely point out every mistake.
    - One of the most important parts of a role play to me is character development and interaction. I require that your character be interesting and multi-faceted, with strengths as well as weaknesses. I also ~love~ interesting/witty character interactions that challenge me and make me laugh.
    - A note about characters. While I have no judgment toward these types of people or characters, I don't think my characters would mix well with people who are super edgy/goth/antisocial/extreme. If this is confusing, feel free to ask about it! I'm willing to chat and negotiate and clarify anything c:
    - Mmmmm romance. What I'd really love is a romance that develops (somewhat) slowly and unexpectedly, contrary to our characters' initial desires or intentions. With some adventure but nothing crazy like pregnancy or anything.
    - I have the plot idea and several ideas to keep it going, but I'll need your help to really make it interesting and special. I can't carry the RP by myself. But please, be mindful of what you add to the pot. Unless we've discussed it first, just please don't do something that doesn't make sense/messes up what we've got going.
    - If our characters decide to have sex, fine. But I greatly prefer to fade to black. c:
    - This role play will be male x female. I have ZERO preference as to what gender I play. That means you get first pick! If you're like me and enjoy playing either, we can flip a coin or discuss which of our characters would work best together. Something like that.

    Okay. Anything else? Below is a rough outline of the plot I currently can't get enough of.

    Our characters were high school sweethearts. After graduation - for one reason or another - they break up. Perhaps they try to keep in contact for awhile, but before long, they stopped communicating completely. Years down the road, they reunite (I'm thinking they will be anywhere from 24-28 years old). Their lives are very different now, and perhaps one or both of them is in another relationship. When their paths cross again, however, they find it easy to pick up where they left off and rekindle what they began years ago.

    There is SO MUCH we can do here. First, we can play out their relationship from the beginning, in junior high or high school. How that works: We play out scenes from different times of their lives, from when the met to when they started dating, going through their biggest ups and downs until we finally arrive at their break up. It would be sort of like a montage, and then we would go a big time skip to the future when they reunite. That way we would have a rich background for when they start to develop feelings for one another again.

    Also, we can arrange the details of how the broke up, their circumstances later in life, and how/why they end up reuniting. Like maybe her car breaks down and he happens to be the one to rescue her. Maybe they get together for a casual dinner or something and they get snowed in. So. Many. Ideas. I'd love to brainstorm with you! PM me for more information. :D
  2. This sounds really interesting! I'd love to do something like this with you. Do you prefer PM or thread?
  3. Either PM or thread works for me - makes no difference. c:
  4. This sounds really fun, with so much potential! I would love to do it with you if your still looking ^_^
  5. Absolutely! Shoot me a PM and we'll chat! c:
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