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  1. I've got three ideas for roleplays that I want to see if anyone is interested in. Two of them fall under the Modern genre, while the third is a mix of both Modern and Fantasy genres. All of them are group RPs. A brief summary of them are listed below~

    Modern #1- Stereotypical

    A roleplay about high school students, each of which correspond to a stereotype: the cheerleader, the football jock, the emo, the wanna-be, the invisible girl, the nerd, the rebel, the "whore", etc. We could do a lot here, create pasts and friendships and relationships between each of them. Romance would probably be one of the main themes, but by far not the only one.

    Modern #2- Mayburn Academy for the Troubled

    A roleplay about a rehabilitation center that houses criminals; once arrested or charged with something, a person has the option to go to jail for their punishment or attend Mayburn. The idea is that criminals who attend Mayburn should become better, more productive citizens of society. No one knows, however, who has been admitted for murder, shop-lifting, arson, etc. Their crimes are kept secret and have only been seen by their parole officers and the Headmaster of the Academy. A lot could be done with this: personality/mental disorders, romance, action, a little bit of everything.

    Modern Fantasy- Shfters

    This is based off of a book series I once read, but I have no idea what it's called and can't find it anywhere. Credit goes to those rightful owners, and you do not have to be familiar with the series to join. Shifters are half-human, half-wolf, and can Shift into becoming wolves at any time they wish. They live among the humans. There are two rival Shifter packs, their rivalry a result of one Shifter from one pack having run off with a human centuries before (which is forbidden). Now after many years, they are trying to come together in harmony by betrothing the Alphas from both packs. The only problem is, one of the Alphas has fallen for a human and history could very well repeat itself.

    My request for my RPs is that you write at least two, well-structured paragraphs per post. I will be writing a lot more. Also, because I am 19 years old, I'd prefer if these RPs were more mature (especially the Mayburn one). However, anyone is welcome to join, and no one will be turned away because of their age. The quality of your work matters, though.

    I probably will start the Mayburn thread, even if no one posts here about it.

    Like any of those ideas? Wanna adjust one of them? Post below. Can't wait to hear what you guys think. :)
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