Modern military, snow land survival.

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  1. Its been twenty days since we lost contact with control. Food supply is low, and we get our water from the snow. We don't know where we are, but we do know where in enemy territory.

    That's the base of it, "Modern military, snow land survival."

    So, this is something new for me, and something I've been wanting to do for a while now. There are no restrictions, as long as it fits the basis of "Modern military".

    More will be updated when I can put it in, for now, feel free to ask questions, post character sheets, anything! ^W^
  2. Name: Sarah Parker.
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Blond hair. Blue eyes. Quite, gentle voice.
    Picture (open)
    HistorySarah Parker, is an average military unit. Having been deployed less than two weeks ago. Not much is too say about her military record, but she has a small, but noticeable reputation outside of the racks.

    Having been abused by both her father and mother, she was always a girl who did things she did not want to get involved in, but had no choice. Having been used as a drug cartel, alcohol transporter, and once a gang attraction, has a history she keeps to herself.

    She started a military program when she was twelve, and has always stuck with it since that day. At the age of twenty, was finally accepted into boot camp. But her training took an awfully long time due to her fellow rookies.

    She was released into the military at the age of twenty one, and celebrated her twenty second birthday on the field.

    Personality.Sarah is women with a hard, but kind heart. Willing to die, and kill, protecting who she thinks is innocent. She tends to keep to herself while on camp, and only works with groups under orders.

    Misc (open)
    The dog in the picture is sadly, a no-go. I'm trying to make it so the pair gets out there with only their gear.
  3. Also! Character sheets are asked to be re-posted in the roleplay, for easy access really. Rules will be described in the actual role play.
    Its going to be as realistic as possible, as a side note. owo
  4. Hey, I messaged you with my character.
  5. Now to make a thread... Give me a moment.
    Also, I'm still accepting people for whole different 1X1's!
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