Modern Military RP: Russians invade Crimea

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  1. Summary:
    Genre: Modern (Action)
    Plot: A group of US Army 75th rangers are shot down over the Crimean area. They are drug into a war that is fighting for the independence of Crimea while Spetsnaz hunt them down.
    Setting: starts on October 28th, 2016 and ends on May 16th, 2018
    click here to access a map of the Crimean area. The red circle being where the rangers will eventually have to go, though they crashed along the border of Romania and the Ukraine.
    Character faction choice:
    75th Army Ranger
    Ukrainian Police
    Pro-Russian civilian militia
    Pro-Independent civilian militia


    This role play is set in modern times but is a few years in the future to allow female special forces. This is set up to be a very realistic role play, and will feature a lot of gore and swearing.
    Based off of the current events with Russia, I have engineered a role play of 'what if' scenarios. Despite being realistic and featuring real world leaders(with the exception of the US president which would be a different person at this time), the role play will have a story that is completely fiction-
    Many twists, turns and plot development points will be featured along the way.
    To solve the problem of people being able to join the role play at any time, the simple solution of the "reinforcement" plot point would work, in which extra troops are snuck into the country. Or, one could explain why their character hadn't been present- maybe they survived the crash, were assumed dead and have been wandering around for months trying to regroup with their squad.

    I hope you all feel compelled to join, and with that, I'll see you on the far side..!

    link to the OOC thread:
    click here to go to Operation POLAR STAR OOC thread
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    Plot summarized for easier understanding.
    Will accept anyone that wishes to join the role play!
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