Modern Love Story

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  1. So, I had a dream... And it was quite fascinating... And in sharing it was told it would make a good modern Beauty and the Beast roleplay. So, because I was fascinated by the dream, I decided to go with what was suggested and put up a partner request.

    The dream was about a werewolf that had to find true love before becoming feral and having to be put down.

    The werewolf is also at the peak of sexual maturity and, due to the wolf, struggles to keep from trying to jump everyone. Kind of a humor element.

    This can jump to mature, though I'd like to keep it here and keep it clean.

    Of course, in my dream I was the werewolf looking for love, and was female looking for a female because I am in fact gay. This is not a requirement. I can play female looking for a male, or male looking for a female. I can't really do the malexmale thing, unfortunately.

    I just thought this would be fun to try to play out.

    I'm willing to do this in two different roleplays, so two partners doing a sort of separate thing with the same plot idea.

    I'm afraid I can get kind of picky about posts and can get bored easily if they don't give me a lot to work with. That said, I would like a partner that can at least post a full paragraph, preferably 7 sentences minimum. I know that seems small, but I've had partners that have dropped to two or three sentences before and I just get too bored and give up. That is really the only requirement I like to have.
  2. This sounds very interesting. I would be interested in doing this with you :)
  3. Awesome! Why don't you PM me and we can discuss some of the particulars?
  4. I am also interested in this roleplay if you are willing to start the same roleplay with a different roleplayer. PM me if interested, my Private message box is wonky and I have problems sending messages.