Modern Life : Now With Unusual Powers

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  1. This is a compromise like role play. Not a Crossover, for sure, but it takes inspiration from many different franchises. You can have powers from other franchises not listed, but you have to talk with me about it first.

    Powers from:
    Mortal Kombat
    Street Fighter
    Mass Effect
    Elder Scrolls
    Star Wars
    X-Men (Live Action Movies)

    The year is 2015. Teenagers, adults in their 20's and 30's, maybe older, wake up one day, inexplicably with something very different about them. For starters, some of them were disabled before. Unable to walk, or maybe even talk properly. Now they can speak clearly, walk, and be active people like healthy folk.

    All of these people, when they woke up, discover that they possess abilities resembling that of fictional characters. Magical powers from someone's voice, as they can shatter enemies, or even buildings apart. . . mysteriously strong and mighty martial arts skills, like being able to deliver concrete powdering blows several times per second, controlling fire, ice, water, and thunderbolts with someone's will, etcetera.

    This isn't the only bizarre thing that's going to happen.
  2. Question. Avatar.. You mean, the animated show? Or the movie with Sam Worthington in it? (( By the way, love Jensen Ackles. ))
  3. The Nickelodean Show
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  4. Hello! ^_^ I'd be interested in joining, for the X-Men part could it be the power of anyone form the movie? (I'm guessing you do mean the movie, right?)
  5. It just has to be as strong as powers from the movie and not stronger.
  6. Oh, for sure. I'll get to making may character then! What things would you like in the character sheet?
  7. Try a basic outline for now.
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