Modern Game of Thrones? What?

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  1. Hello there! I been having this idea in my head for awhile so I am posting here to see how much interest I get.

    I have this idea where we use the Game of Thrones characters and plot line but make it more modern. Like an AU sort of speak. I already have the plot line typed out, just wanting to know who would be interested.

    I would say posting style needs to be intermediate to a little bit advanced.

    Oh and it'll take in no other than... - Insert drumroll here. - LAS VEGAS! The City of Sin.

    Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Please state them below. Though, if you are going to be negative and a know it all, don't state anything.

    Thank you!
  2. I'm interested! My parents watched the show, and I heard some of it, for they wouldn't let me watch. I'd love to do this, if you will accept anybody who has seen about 2 mins of it in all and has heard about 3/24 of the current shows on Netflix?
  3. I would like to see the plot first, but I'm probably in ^^.
  4. Oh I am so in. This sounds amazing. Pm me please, if you're still looking! I'm willing to give writing samples, bios, anything. This looks too cool.
  5. Sounds pretty interesting actually, lol.
    Would definitely love to see the plot but I'd be willing to be in.

    The show is amazing but so are the books lol