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  1. So it's likely because if the fact that I've been re-watching the Key anime recently, but I reeeeeeeeaally want a romance rp with light to moderate fantasy aspects

    Now this is for brainstorming of ideas, as well as just checking of interest
  2. I'm always up for a romance roleplay.
  3. Yay! Wasn't expecting a response so soon
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  4. You say modern fantasy is it like slice of life modern fantasy ooooooooooooooor something else?
  5. itd be slice of life.
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  6. Ah I am interested either way btw, just wanted to know if we it was going to be broad fantasy or slice of life.
  7. Are we coming up with a concrete plot or is more like a sanbox and free flowing (if that makes sense)?
  8. Itd probably be more sandboxy, though itd throw in some supernatural event now and again
  9. Kitsune your siggy is amazing haha
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  10. Did you say...

    ... Key?

    Well, I guess I'll stick around and see how you roll. So, Key-based, Key concepts, all that?
  11. Yeah that sorta thing
  12. Thanks~!
  13. So This will likely be a sandbox-esque rp taking place in a town where the supernatural occurs frequently. That said, I'd prefer the supernatural to remain mysterious. Any objections?

    Also anyone have any other ideas you want to share?
  14. Oh interested~ Looks cool!
  15. I'm beginning work on the OOC right now.
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  16. About the supernatural being mysterious, would that mean that supernatural beings and things might live amongst humans, but are hidden?
  17. By that I mean that its not a thing that people fully understand. Really just more like legends. Its not seen in everyday life, even if it happens frequently is what I meant
  18. Oooh. Okie dokie~
  19. The hardest part is coming up with a name for this town...
  20. I could help brainstorm, if you want ^^
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