Modern/ Fantasy: Realistic Roadtrip with Monsters?

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  1. So I'm thinking of this plot that involves a small group of young-adults to middle-aged-adults on a roadtrip. Some are friends, others friends of friends. On the second night something goes wrong, their care breaks down in some rural, forested area in North-East United States and we go from there. The monsters encountered from there will be based on real life mythology, like Werewolves, the Jersey-Devil, Mothman, the US version of Nessy that's name currently eludes me.

    The first day provides growth and character development before the encounters with monsters slowly rips the group apart.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Sounds good :)
  3. I'm interested :)
  4. Well, awesome! How's five players sound? Too little? Once we decide I'll go start it :)
  5. 5 Sounds good :) I think a lot of roleplays problems come from over population so it becomes hard to manage/one long waiting game between posts. ^_^
  6. I am so super interested! And I think you meant Bigfoot by the US version of Nessy.
  7. Glad you're interested! and no, Bigfoot can totally be in this, but I looked it up when I made the signup page... it's named, like, Kessie. A dinosaur like Nessie.
  8. :O Really? Kessie xD That's hilarious. And I'm making a CS right now (and looking up Kessie because whaaat)
  9. My mistake! It's Tessie!

    Map (open)

    Bottom, right center. Right next to Skunk-Apes and Thunderbirds!
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  10. Heh... when I first read the title of this thread, I thought "Yeah, monsters on a roadtrip..." but then I opened the thread and read it, and felt disappointed.
  11. Sorry D:
  12. Then start another roleplay in which Actual Monsters go on a road trip. It would be bizarre fun, I'd bet. Like the "Monster" films, perhaps, but with a theme all its own....... heh.
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