Modern Fantasy Police Force RP

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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
It is the year 2018, and the setting is the Autonomous State of The Islands of Alvinor, or A.s.t.i.a, as some people choose to shorten it. The State itself has decent living conditions, granted there is still a large homeless community, and not really much of a tourism market due to government restraints on who enters or leaves. Otherwise, it is a well-to-do republic with a city consisting of two islands connected by highway bridges and a wilderness consisting of three islands. People often move out, but not a lot of people move in, especially recently.

And then there's the truth of the matter. The A.S.T.I.A is a hidden place in the world, satellites don't pick it up, and storms wipe out anything trying to come in that isn't advanced military grade. Online, one would find large amounts of "Information" on it, such as Wikipedia articles, which are only available to those on accessing from the island. Online filters prevent people from posting any information about the island, and when people leave, they are kept in stasis and brainwashed to believe they have had a vacation. Why? Because this island is the last major haven on the planet for Supernatural Creatures. And so begins the story.

When Supernatural creatures get out of hand, and cause problems for the Human population, Task Force Silver is sent in to dispense justice and clean up the mess using a mix of modern technology and ancient magic. Recently, Silver Team have even taken to recruiting Supernatural Beings that have been classified as "Safe." And about the people moving out recently? Supernatural Crime has skyrocketed, and the Task Force has to cover up both civillian and disguised supernatural casualties.

Still making up the story as well as the established lore, suggestions and questions are encouraged and appreciated.


I would be interested, though I guess it depends on the realism in it, in terms of ballistics etc though im defiantly willing to give it a try.

I would be tempted to play a Human, assuming your having different races as well in the task force.

But it is one really cool concept and has me tempted.
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