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  1. First of all: This idea might sound a little fluffy and unicorns and all that, but it definitely don't have to be. I do enjoy darker themed rps, and I'm a big fan of torturing my characters! *insert evil laugh*

    + Replies almost every day
    + English isn’t my first language, so there will be some mistakes. Feel free to let me know about them
    + Write several paragraphs, but I'm not that good at describing things, yet
    + I’m not that into smut, but I can do some
    + Gore and cursing and all that is fine with me
    + I don't mind romance, but it have to develop naturally over time. (If romance, it would have to be MxM)

    + Adults only
    + Write at least a couple paragraphs (I would like to see a post example)
    + Reply at least a few times a week
    + Let me know if you get busy or bored
    + And please be sure you actually have time for this, I'm so tired of people dropping out after one post

    The idea
    After writing it down, I realized that it's pretty much the same world as in that Golden Compass-movie. It's slightly different though, and this is more a grown up version.

    So, people have animal companies, but my idea is set in the modern world. Imagine New York City or whatever, with wolfs pooping in cafés and bears making traffic jams. Fun, right? I don't remember if the animals in the movie could talk or not, but they can't here. They can only communicate with their companion through thoughts. Because I don't want to write talking animals :))

    I started a roleplay with this idea, but it got dropped pretty quickly. Now I'm hoping to find someone else were I can use the same character, because I got very fond of them.

    I don't have one, so I'm up for us figuring out something together, as long as it works with the character I have in mind. I'll include my 'opening post' from the last rp, so you can get an idea of the character.

    Old opening post (open)

    "What do you think, Bocko? Are you up for it?"

    They where standing in a dark alley, the ground still wet from the after noon rain, and garbage lying everywhere. It stunk, but it was a nice hiding spot, and you couldn't really expect anything else in this part of the town. The busy street they where looking out on wasn’t much brighter, with just a couple scrawny streetlights fighting away the darkness of the night that was falling over the large city.

    Marc, a skinny guy with green eyes and dark hair that was currently hidden under a black hood, was clinging to the corner of the alley and eyeing a lady down the street. She was waiting for the bus, and a small yellow bird was sitting on her shoulder. In other words, Marc didn’t have to worry about her companion attacking him or his own companion. Because it wasn’t really the lady he was looking at, but her hand bag. And between his legs stood a raccoon, currently eyeing the same bag.

    - No problemo, they won't see me! I'll be all ninja!

    Bocko's voice was as clear in his mind as if the raccoon had spoked the words out loud. It was nice, being able to communicate without having to open your mouth. If only you could do that with humans too, then he might have bothered with trying to get some friends. But, having friends while living on the street was kinda complicated anyway, especially with the life he led. Besides, you don't really need more than your companion to be happy, right?

    With a thought he sent Bocko on his way. The chubby and grey body ran down the sidewalk, without a single person or creature paying him any attention. There where too many people and animals walking around to notice that this raccoon was alone. Not that it would have alarmed anyone anyway.

    Bocko made it over to the lady and easily climbed up the lamp post she was standing next to. The woman and bird where looking the other way, down the street where the bus would be coming from, and a small paw slowly reached into the handbag.

    Marc was crossing all his fingers and grinning like an idiot, already imagining all the delicious food they could get with the stoled money. But before he got to see Bocko's catch, a hand grabbed Marc's hood and yanked him violently back. He would have screamed out, but a hand pressed over his mouth before he got the chance. A dirty and stinky hand, that was much larger than any hands should ever be, Marc thought.

    "Found you," a dark voice chuckled.

    It took a few seconds before Justin managed to focus on his surroundings, and realized he was now standing between three guys. Three familiar guys, who where all larger and stronger than him. Perfect, Justin thought for himself. The man that was holding him let him go, and Justin stumbled to his feet.

    "Hey guys," he said with a strangle voiced and coughed a little. His throat was hurting, thanks to the hoodie that had cut into it when he was yanked back. "How’s it going?"

    "Drop the small talk. Where is our money?" another one of them asked.

    "Money?" Marc asked with a innocent smile and straightened up, while he yelled for Bocko in his mind.

    Not that he could help much. The men's companions were of course a large dog, a ferret, and a snake. Noen of the animals seemed very friendly, and he didn’t want Bocko to get hurt, so the message was to simply stay the hell away.

    "Don’t play stupid. The client told us you gave him the product and got our payment, so where is it?" the third one growled.

    "Oh, you mean that money! I was on my way to deliver it to you right now," Marc said and grinned.

    "Okay," the first man said and crossed his arms. "So hand it over."

    "Eh, I don't have it on me..." Marc said, his smile failing a little.

    "So how were you planning on deliver it?"

    "Uuuuh..." Marc said, trying desperately to think of something smart. Fuck.

    Bocko of course didn’t listen. He thought it was a good idea to throw a rock at the last guy speaking, and it hit him right in the back of his fat head. The next second the dog bit into Bocko's neck, making the raccoon let out a heart wrecking scream.

    "No!" Marc gasped and tried to run to him, but he was grabbed again before he managed to take even a step.

    "And there’s your little, filthy rag. How nice," the third guy said and took Bocko from his dog.

    The raccoon was hanging completely limb from his hand. Marc stared at his companion with large, frightened eyes. His whole body was shaking slightly, and he suddenly felt sick with worry, ready to pass out. This can’t be happening!

    "Please, let him go," Marc said, clinging to the hope that Bocko had just passed out. He would feel it if he died, wouldn't he? "I’ll get you the money! Someone stole them from me, okay?!" A complete lie, but it hopefully sounded better than telling them he had spent it all. "But I’ll get them back!"

    The guy holding Bocko snorted. "That’s the most overused speech I’ve ever heard. You’ll have to come up with something more original than that. Tell you what. We’ll keep your little friend until the money comes, and if not, you’ll regret it."

    "No, you can’t!" Justin yelled, and got rewarded with a punch to his jaw. The world got blurry for a moment, but he managed to blink it back into focus, nose bleeding and head pounding.

    "Shut your mouth and do as we say, or you–"

    The man got interrupted by another scream. This time it was the guy holding Bocko, who was currently digging his teeth into the mans hand. Relief flooded Justin and he grinned. The next second, Marc spun around and knocked over the guy that had been holding him, who was distracted by the ruckus. He then broke got loose, and without giving himself or the others any time to think, he grabbed Bocko and ran as faster than he ever had.

    TLDR: Marc, 20 something guy, lives on the street with his raccoon Bocko. They survive by stealing, which gets them into a lot of trouble.

    PM me if interested!
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  2. This looks interesting, PM me and we can discuss the plot :)
  3. Updated and looking again
  4. still looking
  5. Still looking! Come on :(

    I'm up for most any genre here. Something dark themed or some simple life stuff... Whatever, as long as it got drama and stuff happening.

    And I'm willing to use another character (but it will have to be anything except fxm if you want romance). Could also possibly change the location.
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