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  1. Gathering interest for a Shadow world - Modern Fantasy supernatural shit going on in the shadows idea. Here is the premise already started the build on it.

    Wars of Shaede
    ~ A Dark Modern Fantasy Gang War - Where the War of the Kin Overflows~
    ⇢ Welcome to the city of Fransokyo1 - in the year 2065; a 'Golden Era' in which the push of Mankind - the Mortal Men of the world, have brought their Technology nearly to the brink of discovery time and time again. The 'Mythical Unknown' however - always proves to out craft it being one step ahead has barely remained in the shadows to all but a select few in the world. Aerth, or Earth as Humanity calls it, is slowly spinning out of control a new darkness pulls strings and puppeteers the beginnings of an Epic War. As the Veritas en Lex-Pacem2 accords are broken world wide discovery nearly breeched the under world is in an uproar. The Kin will have to pull together or repair the Sacred Accords - or risk the end of it all. Where do you stand? Bring on the gongs of war...

    ⇢ This will be a Modern Fantasy Role - Play Group based our Kabyt's own original ideas and takes on a 'Shadow World' in which Supernaturals co in side with Mortal Men and Women. This RP group will play host to all sorts and manner of monster and mayhem. However!!! Be sure to check the races page before creating a character. Old cliche breeds and monster races are getting a facelift and minor adjustments that should provide a unique and fun twist for our story!

    SO... display your interest or ask questions below? Im about to pass out but will return in like 4 hours! BBS!

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  2. O.O;; no one - anyone ?
  3. I'm interested. I enjoy worlds that are as obviously well mapped out as this one. I'm interested to read about the races and the world history. I also love futuristic modern fantasy. It like scratches this weird itch, and it makes me very excited.

    I'm said that no one else has hit you up for this because it is apparent that you've put a lot of thought and effort into this RP idea. So, I will leer evilly into the oblivion that is Iwaku and try to find you some more players.
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  4. Lol thanks! And its cool I believe most are just busy or are waiting for more info on the group page before deciding but really do plan on allowing open ended species just hope some play the Key types hehe. Anyways getting to work the thread now actually so more info will be posted and I will post here when to refresh / re check the page and with what I've updated.

    If you wanna chit chat too that would be cool O.O; sorta bored over here cause all my skype buddies are away at the moment lol-
  5. Yay mornings...-glops in-
  6. Apologies. Apparently, I forgot to subscribe to this thread and so I never saw your response back. I'm very perceptive like that. Very.

    Anyway, I can only say that maybe a bit of information, background maybe, and a flashy banner might help you. People like pictures. I like pictures, anyway. Also, it is sort of crunch time for a lot of college students right now. And I can imagine some high school students are also in the midst of trying to get everything squared away. So, the lack of interest may have more to do with that than anything else. I've noticed a lot of the RPs I'm in have ground to a halt or have died altogether.

    You can always just chat at me about the RP or anything else. I'm interested in playing a monster in a futuristic setting. I've hoarded like a stupid amount of pictures that fit this setting perfectly. My pinterest board looks like a love letter to Lovecraftian cyberpunk. That, and chicks in sensible armor. You always need that.
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  7. Lol Nice! And actually yes I am working on a banner still and some more information and background and images today - currently at work hehe- Also realized I have it in the wrong group area - tho I thought Gore and Violence had to be in libertine - I was corrected and informed else wise so I put in a ticket to get it moved which should also give it more interest I'm told lol.

    As for your character - Awesome can't wait to see what you have in mind. I can help you figure out which your first character is tho if you would like. But tell me which side you going to chose the LightStalkers - Chaotic Light or NightWatchers Neutral Dark
  8. And the thread has been moved successfully! Yippee!!
  9. Oh yeah. Violence and gore are not really libertine. It is a basis for a more mature RP, but not by the standards that define the libertine here. I understand, though, I get confused about things that are on the line. One could tip either way, and one never knows whether to play it safe or not.

    Haha. I know all about doing RP what-nots at work. I'm doing it right now. Fortunately, the system I use at work is black, and I make Iwaku black, and I'm like a freaking slacker ninja.

    I honestly hadn't thought that far, because I don't know too too much about the world. If we look at it from a DnD standpoint both of those categories sound good. I always do like a Neutral Evil or a Chaotic Good. I'll probably lean more towards Chaotic Light, because that sounds like the characters I enjoy playing. *sigh* I have a stereotype and it is playing characters that no one else really likes. XD
  10. -nods- I understand that about character creation completely! And as for the world I've just about gotten the brute of the information down. I've just trying to work on the races now but the idea behind the 'Types' isn't so much DnD definitions as they are ideas behind the group. For instance. LightStalkers are sorta black and white when it comes to law, always for protecting humanity and keeping the UnderWorld and all Kin Hidden. They however seem to bend the laws themselves to get the job done so to speak. So in essence one could argue that the LightStalkers are the bad guys. Then the NightWatchers seem to be the good guys but of course being what clans they are made up of (the darker species ) its no wonder they are able to be good in any aspect lol.

    But the way to look at this is two sides of a war, two councils that govern the two different sects of clans. Each Clan is its own ruler tho and may chose at any time to turn against the Sect or even switch sides. Hence the gang war aspect. Then of course there will prolly be a few neutral elements rolling around that don't have a side at all lol.
  11. Alrighty got a little bit of the Race information up! Woot!
  12. Hey~hey..

    Soooo.. Like just the reg rundown questions:

    Post freq, post level req, can we play multi~charries, free~roam vs plot, and Max number RPers?

    Kay sooooo.... Like just where is this info? And what is this 'Woot'?? Is that the sound the part owl, part doggie race makes??

  13. XD XD yeah sounds something of that nature. Now on to questions

    Firstly Sorry I should have posted this up already lol. OOC thread and lots of info OPEN SIGNUPS - Wars of Shaede ((OOC + SIGN UP))

    Post Frequency - you know as much as you can but at least a post per day would be nice.

    Post Size / Level - 1 paragraph (6 sentences) at least and casual tho I can be extreme in my post size I'm in no way expecting people to match or beat my posts or anything like that.

    Multi Characters - Hellz yeah so long as you keep them active.

    Free Roam VS Plot - well thing Gang War and Factions but you can be a free agent too I would just rather we stick to the Plot of the gang war it will be hard Not to be a part of it. Even neutral characters between the factions and the clans will be 'Fought For' and sometimes even enslaved into clans.

    Max Number : Nothing set yet - but if we advance over 15 members I may make this into an actual forum of its own ^.^
  14. BUMPETY!! Alright We're gonna get the Rp INTRO STARTED TOMORROW! but many members still working on profiles and we still have plenty of room!!!

    We're pretty evened out in numbers right now too! SOOOO If you are looking for some Fun COME JOIN US!!


    Send any questions you may have to my via PM or just jot them here or in the OOC! I'm heading to bed for the night sadly but has a three day weekend so weeee!
  15. HIIII


    QUESTIONS AND STUFF: Is the Earth Element Dragon all you're looking for, or are you looking for characters in general? :3 Aaaaaand I haven't read everything, but I'm a sucker for modern-fantasy. BUT I WILL I JUST WANNA SEE IF OPEN SPOTS. Yee!

    SLEEP WELL GM FRAND I too should have probably slept a while ago :'D
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  16. That is one of the larger roles open, but pretty much anything is open at this point in time. I think the only things that you CAN'T be are: the leaders of both the Night Watchers and the Light Stalkers. And the Fire, Air, and Water dragons. Pretty much everything else is free game.

    Hope you got some sleep.
    Everyone needs sleep.
    All the sleep. Sleep forever.
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  17. Kay so like the Boo Girlie is stiiiillll interested yeah~yeah buuuuut...

    Like in huge ensemble cast RPs like this what happens if a major role or two is dropped? Cuz like I been in RPs where that happens and it collapses. And baaaaad >,<!!

    So that makes me a bit iffy about big rps.. Soooooo the big question I gots is what you intend to do if say the rpers playing leaders or dragons drop?

    Like I don't mean to sound like a boohoo bitchy baby but if it does happen... Like wut, bruh...??O, O??

    But in the meantime imma start an appie cuz Boo soooooo ♥♥♥♥♥♥'s your enthusiasmisms. Fo'sho^^!!
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  18. Bump and thanks @Boo Girlie BoomBoom for the Rainbow Bucket!! (that's my fav LOL)

    Working on the intro now! So Stay Tuned for IC THREAD TODAY!

  19. Okies sorry missed the question at first brain was like derp from sleep and stuff ALRIGHTY So what happens if

    A. Big Group actually happens -- I sorta doubt it will then we will work possibly within different various threads like terfs or something and allow free range and free post order and the such. But I don't foresee us getting to big I will put a cap on 15 members Max I suppose or say this if we ever breech the 20 member marker of ACTIVE members i wouldn't mind building a forum for the group I am that dedicated to my ideas and only ask for members that are the same. I am brutal on skipping people who just vanish.

    Big Spots that are Taken and Abandoned - Are forfeit for NPC my staff. If they vanish we will nPC i always figured we'd end up with alot of nPCs in this story/plot. Side characters that are there more so for plot device and side line stuff where as its like the War is going on and these key people (our characters) are the real pieces that matter - as in any war yeh know? Kings and leaders there may be but in every war Key Pawns in the story move the world and strike which way destiny goes! Which is what i'm most excited for this is sorta gonna be like Game of thrown's just TWO main factions then the clans that make up those 2 factions.

    If People chose to vanish on us we'll take their Chars and NPC them or Maim and Slaughter them in story if they are not needed. I know this seems Bitchy of me but being my story / me hosting i feel people who join and go awhol only deserve this to happen to their characters. O.O; -cries in corner i'm so horrible!-

    And ALSO awesome about you joining up with us - Have i answered your questions in a timely and helpful manner today ? (asks in tech support voice lOl)) Again so sorry for the delayed response was like zombie when I got online earlier lol.
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