Modern day Sid ViciousxNancy/RomeoxJuliet

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  1. Like the title says, a modern day SVxN/RxJ (Maybe I should've put BonniexClyde as well?)

    Basically, one of those romances that probably isn't the best pairing. Whether one is a bad influence on the other or they come from a long line of quarreling families, these romances didn't end well. Mainly, they ended in death. However, it seems that the stars are crossing paths once again, this time targeting young people in modern days.

    Will this romance somehow survive, or will it end tragically like it's predecessors?

    (If you're interested, PM me or post :3 While I would prefer being the girl (I has a character in mind already) I will make an exception (if you feel more comfortable as a female) and play as the guy)