INTEREST CHECK Modern day people transported to Samurai Japan?!

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  1. Okay. I'll admit that this concept has been used before, but it would be very fun if we made a roleplay out of it. Due to a space-time distortion, some people get transported into <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">Japan </st1:country-region></st1:place>during a time when there were still Samurai, Ninjas, and all that awesome stuff. The exact time can be open for debate, but I'd probably go with the Sengoku Period. There will obviously be some changes taking place from what really happened, so we won't know all of the plot twists in advance. These changes will be because some other people had gone into the past before our characters and messed with some stuff.<o:p> There can even be brand new Daimyo's important to the plot, other then Oda Nobunaga (who basically needs to be involved in some way).
    The roleplay will be realistic, at least in terms of our characters not suddenly becoming awesome ninja/samurai and knowing Japanese fluently (unless you already are fluent). I'm thinking it would be a cool idea to only have our characters know what we actually do in real life, so we have to learn as our characters do. It may seem hard to have our characters not understand what people are saying a lot of the time, but that can help with emersion if we're in the same situation as them. Don't worry about a lack of communication all the time, however, because our characters can still talk to each other in English. For learning Japanese, we can help each other with sentences, such as when you post a sentence you can translate it for us and we can ask questions about grammer and stuff like that. It would be really fun if we could know a lot more by the time the roleplay ends then when we started, which would make this roleplay seem like it has an even greater purpose then just being fun, which I hope it will be as well. You don't need to know any Japanese at all to join, you just need a willingness to learn.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The plot will mainly be us trying to survive, figure out how to get back to our own time, and fix the changes in time that someone from the future had caused.

    Here's the discussion thread
  2. Sounds great, as i've been looking for somewhere to start learning Japanese!
  3. Yay! Hopefully we get more people so we can get extra help, but we can still start with just the two of us. With just us two, we can have some romance where our two characters meet each other, although I'm not one for graphic romance and it shouldn't be the main point.
  4. All right, sounds good. Will you be playing a boy, or a girl?
  5. I'd greatly prefer that, if we go with romance, you'd be a girl. I can be a guy or a girl depending on which one you'd prefer. If you wanted to be a guy then we can skip romance.
  6. I could be interested in this. Maybe i could play someone from the sengoku period like Yoshitsune Minamoto!
  7. I'll be a girl! Should we make character profiles?

    And it's good to see another person interested! ^^
  8. It's fine with me if you are a Japanese character, but the main problem would be that you'd be expected to be fluent in Japanese if your character is. Posting everything he says in English would take some of the point away from this roleplay and it might be fun to learn with our characters. If you are indeed fluent then this takes away al the problems. If you're not, you can still do it if you're okay with the problems.

    We should make character profiles, but they don't have to be too detailed.
  9. I'm sorry, i cannot speak japanese, but i do know a lot on all of these folklore characters from the sengoku period. I guess, i should then retire my position as a roleplayer in this rp. Thank you for your time.
  10. You don't have to go with that part of the roleplay, although our characters wouldn't be able to understand everything your character is saying. You can just post what your saying as a translation in English but we'd know that it isn't really English.
  11. Well then, what i can do for that matter, is use google translate, and always pots the english between parenthesis. Would that work?
  12. Yes. I'll start working on this thing now, so it may be out in a couple of days.
  13. Okay. I'll work on a character sheet. Pm me when its ready.
  14. Sure thing. For the plot I'll mainly just explain how this scenario occured and from there it will be up to our characters rather then me setting some path that we must follow in stone. For a suggestion, how about at the start me and E-Claire's characters are sent back into the past to a location that happens to be where Minamoto lives. He finds us and suspects us to be some sort of spy, but due to a language barrier neither of us can understand what's truly going on. Luckily, Minamoto comes to the conclusion that we're not there to harm him and makes us his vassals instead. He can cover for us so that we're not arrested and try to teach us how to survive in what's like a whole new world for our characters and then we can help him in return, especially when we're properly trained.

    So E-Claire, did you want me to be a guy if you're a girl?
  15. I just checked, and Yoshitsune Minamoto was alive during the Genpei War, which took place before the Sengoku period if wikipedia is the be believed. I could have it take place during the Genpei War if you'd like.
  16. *squints at RP* So we would slowly be using more and more Japanese as we the players get better at fluency?
  17. Correct. That is if people are still interested. I haven't gotten much of a reply back.
  18. I don't mind about gender in RP~! You can choose!
  19. Is this roleplay still showing signs of life? Who's still in?
  20. This looks interesting. I might be game.