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  1. In a world where human men are preyed on by these.. creatures that call themselves women, but they are not women, they are monsters imitating a human female. They were created by queen of the Succubi, all of them were morphed by her powers into women-like monsters desiring only pleasure and nothing more.
    But it is said the pleasure they give to a man is ten fold than that of what a normal human female gives. And once the man is introduced to this great pleasure, they become slaves to it and never want it to end.

    Things have changed ever since a brave hero defeated the monster queen, although her creations never left. In one monster-friendly town there is a Colosseum that faces monster and human against each other.

    It is not a normal arena though, the seats are mostly filled with young women. The real show is when a male loses against a monster. If he does lose, he is raped in front of the huge crowd, roaring loudly as he is humiliated by the monster.

    Nobody ever won back then and they all became slaves to the everlasting lust. But in a modern world, how would they fare?

    It has been 6000 years since the Colosseum of Lust began and now in a modern world, the Succubi have integrated into society and there have been some accounts of interbreeding and they both go to the same schools. The Colosseum still stands in it's original form, but many rules have changed! The Succubi may not take their challenger home and keep them as a sex slave, once they rape the loser, nothing happens from there. Mal, now white haired with age, still stands as the owner of the tournament and now decides whether or not the human is raped with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

    The weapons rule has also changed, now both sides must use fists only. And the Succubi will use no powers or they will be disqualified.

    Society leans in the Succubi's favor as the leader of this land is Half Demon and has the purest of Incubus blood, having a blood line that goes back thousands of years. They call him King Incubus.

    Outside of the arena the Succubi are allowed to have sex with a man if he consents, these rules do not hold up at times and they will most likely be forced to fuck.

    This is the new age of Lust and much has changed! It is much better than it was 6000 years ago, yet society still hasn't improved that much.

    Alright people, this is the modern version of the Colosseum of Lust! I hope you like it. Oh, and I have to say something. All former human characters are dead and so are the Succubi that you used. So it's all new!

    Be modern! Be new! Be.. lustrous! *Cheesy motto*

    Anyway, here's the sign-up form.

    Short bio-

    My character, of course. This time not as wimpy or girly.

    Name- Tobius Hughes
    Age- 17
    Gender- Male
    Species- Half-Demon
    Personality- Known to be serious around strangers, Tobius does not hide his true nature around his friends and shares a great sense of humor. When he duels a person, he barely talks and keeps a calm composure. Around higher class people, the young man shows a.. fancy side to his personality and acts like a gentleman instead of his normal ruffian self.
    Fetishes- Although he enjoys complete and utter dominant, he does not admit it as it would make him less of a man. Being dominated by a Succubus would humiliate anyone.
    Short bio- Being the bastard son of a unmarried Succubus and human male, he did not grow up in a happy home. His mother always brought another man home every other night and their screams of pleasure stuck with him throughout his childhood. When he entered his first year of school he was bullied by human children because of his odd appearance and eventually he was physically abused by the other kids in middle school. Then one day he snapped and fought back, seeing potential in himself. Then he trained for months and then months turned into years until finally he knew he was ready and entered the tournament. Thinking he could possibly win.
    Looks- [​IMG]
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  2. Here is my Character!
    Name- Kurkuna
    Age- 29
    Gender- Female
    Species- Human
    Personality- Cold, dis-heartening, depressing, dark and can be seen as evil. She also hates to look into other people's problems. However, if she does decide to open up, one sees she is just hiding who she truly is.
    Fetishes- By no means a virgin, and she only prefers to have some sort of vibrator involved.
    Short bio- Kurkuna was born as Kyle Williams, a young girl with a peppy attitude and a loving disposition. She grew up a standard life in soceity, until a Succubi came and killed her parents by accidental overdose on their powers. Angered and almost suicidal, she took up arms and became the assassin society knows as Kurkuna. As killing a Succubi would get her a very painful death outside the arena, she decided to enter in for one chnace to kill one of the creatures who killed her parents. She is a skilled sniper and uses hidden knives, some even buried in her skin so they can't be found in a search. She also built up a pain tolerance and mental walls so that none could hurt her after her first lover, Ruke, died by a target that could fire back.
    Looks- [​IMG]
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  3. Accepted. And people, I prefer anime pictures over real life ones. You have a choice though.
  4. Human reserved if I may! I will write it when I get back home from school today. :)
  5. Alrighty, then.
  6. Name- Lucas
    Age- 20
    Gender- Male
    Species- Demon
    Despite how he looks Lucas is actually a intelligent fellow. Lucas is quite the hotheaded bunch and pretty stubborn when wants to be, but his usually level headed. He never shows mercy when someone gets under skin and basically becomes quiet when he does; Lucas becomes easily paranoid and cautious despite his look as well. When making friends he can easily become attach to someone when he sees that are worth his while he also becomes outgoing, pretty childish, and sometimes even a spoiled brat at times. Though when fights he can become a bit cocky, give a promising threat, quick on his feet, and smarts.

    Does fighting count as a fetish?

    He get easily turned on if a person can beat him –since it sometimes rarely happens—

    Short bio-
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  7. Accepted.
  8. Hmm...Kurkuna fights a demon!
  9. Do you want a male demon or a female demon?

    Oh, and guys, after the arena is passed by everyone's character, you can explore the city!
    AND now it is purely my choice if you're raped or not. Mal will give a thumbs up or down.

    If I take a liking to how hard they fought, they don't get raped. :3

    Just uh.. just making sure you guys know.

    Just to make my point certain that you can leave the arena when it ends. xD
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  10. Name- Anya
    Age- unknown
    Gender- female
    Species- half-succubus/demon
    Personality- she's pretty sarcastic when you first meet her. After she gets used to you she's very open and cuddly. She'll go out of her way to help her friends.
    Fetishes- domination/bondage
    Short bio-Anya was born in a human dominant town. Many held resentment against her and her mother for the colloseum so she usually stayed alone. Her ability to shape shift allowed her to make some friends so she isn't completely resentful of humans.
    Looks- mixed breeding caused her to be quite short. Only 4'11". She has ram horns and long fiery orange hair. Her eyes are fluorescent yellow. Her skin is more human, having a decent tan with a strange grey tint from her mother.
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  11. Accepted~
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  12. Name- Virgil Shelby

    Age- 25

    Gender- Male

    Species- Human

    Personality- He is cheeky, aggressive and impulsive. He takes no care if his opponent is taller, stronger or scarier than him; he does not fear people that stand in front of him and his goal.

    Fetishes- Being seduced, being dominant and dominant women.

    Short bio- He is born on the worst part of the city where crime was his life… a ghetto thug he grew up fighting for his life every day. Living in a family with poor incomes and almost no food to eat, he knew took things in his hand and oppressed every succubus he encountered, whether it was with beating them up or cussing them he was always on the side of the humans. He was jailed 14 times for provoking fights between succubus and humans; 3 times he escaped jail and was captured once. He took different martial arts courses from the age of 15 till now… he is classified as Master in Hand-to-Hand combat. He gets thrown in the arena for his most recent fiasco against the empire.


  13. Accepted.

    One person uses a real life picture and now other people are starting to do it! Son of a bitch! *Curls up in a ball, rolling around* Use anime pictures.. Dx
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  14. Well Kurkuna wasn't anime type. She's the sexy devil.
  15. None of the piks show up :( guess it's my phone.
  16. [​IMG]

    Did that show?
  17. To open the picture go "right-click, view-image" it should show up then. Oh, and I think it is because you linked the page not the picture. :D
  18. So... uh.. I think we need more monsters.
  19. My character will be up sometime today, in class at the moment, it's going to be a "monster".
  20. Sounds great.
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