Modern day fantasy, vampire hunter, looking for a female.

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  1. Male 24.

    I’ll start with deal breakers just so this process goes faster. Im looking for a partner who wants to play on google hangout (chat) or skype text chat. These are by far the easiest ways to play for me. Overall the search is for long term rp partner. I don’t usually play with people on phones since phones are slower (dunno if there is an app for this or not), and not the best for detailed replies. MY time zone is Central time. USA. I prefer playing with someone in the US or close.

    Typically I enjoy interacting with intelligent female role players. Age has little issue, but I prefer 18 and older. Someone who enjoys a fleshed out story. This will be a long story, with what I feel are very high levels of detail. There may be detailed sexual situations throughout if it leads to those character choices. Really the take home message is it’s a dynamic story with no restrictions. Detail and a quick reply is a must. I want you to put yourself and your characteristics into my story.

    As far as the story idea goes, that is flexible. Here is one I am looking to try out. This is the base skeletal version of the story:

    Its a story about a vampire hunter, who incidentally is a vampire. He needs a feeder, a partner. And that is where you come in. You apply for a job at a very high end company, one that secretly deals with vampire slaying. After you get the job you realize the actual responsibilities and things go from there.

    Here is the intro prompt, the first glimpse of the story, and a little of my writing style. We can discuss your character background, you, before we begin.


    You are walking to a job interview. You just got off a bus, and are heading towards a very tall building. The streets are unusually quite today, even though its mid day. The job is a simple job, secretary. But you have been told its for a high level government firm, and even the secrataries get paid well. All in all, its a good opportunity.

    (describe what you are wearing and then perform your first action)

    A wave of cool air conditioned air hits you. Inside you see lavish carpeting, lighting, and furniture. A receptionist waits in the center. She is a beautiful woman. Her fire red hair curled into a bun, her attire in all white. Even under the suit, you can tell her figure is very appealing to most. She smiles as you come inside, her dark blue eyes glinting under the many chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling.
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