Modeling a Personality

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  1. It's that one part of a bio that everyone seems to be fairly vague on or needs the history to go with it, however, when playing said character someone with a really dark background all of a sudden is perky and very energetic. Keeping to a personality which you cannot relate to is sometimes hard and these are a few steps to help you keep to that commitment and maybe even get an idea as to how to play it.

    1. Choose something very generic to begin with and build off of that. If it is dark, keep dark, if it is boring keep bland but interesting, if you are distanced try to keep distanced. When you finally have that you can work out a history that may go along with how this came about. Let that history then build the personality, use logic in your choices and you might come out with some interesting results.

    2. Next up you are going to want to commit to that personality so you can't fall out from it. The best way to do that is try to incorporate your history into the story. (not a side story) This may need some help from the GM but you keep your interest in the RP constantly and you have a goal for your character to meet. He/She then can develop along the way and maybe even change their personality. It is something that takes awhile to change from one to the other.

    3. Make sure that this personality doesn't conflict with the others too much. If you still want to play a distanced character don't try to keep turning away at every point they offer you to come into the group. For some battle might be the true way to enter yourself into the trust of the rest of the players. Just keep in mind at some point within the first two pages you are going to have to make amends with the fact that this distanced person is going to have to travel with this group all the way to the end.

    4. Changing a personality. When changing the personality of your character the main thing is to not do it too quickly. There is a bit of a grey time and can even be an entire subplot to that character. The main thing that can do this is a traumatizing moment in battle when they either lose a comrade or they one comes to terms with another. These key moments not only allow you into the party and have emotional effect but overall keeps the story very fluidic and enjoyable for readers.

    I hope this generic guide has helped some of you guys a bit. When approaching a situation don't be afraid to check your bio.