Mobile Suit Gundam: Jupiter Jazz

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  1. - Mobile Suit Gundam -
    Jupiter Jazz
    - Plot -
    The year is Universal Century 0099, and as has happened many times before, war has come to the Sol System.
    The conflict has its roots 11 years earlier, during a conflict known as the Gryps War. During that war, the Earth Federation and AEUG fought the Titans, a rogue faction of the Earth Federation military which served the Federation's extreme anti-spacenoid agenda. Over the course of the war, the Titans - and most of the interests they represented - were defeated, either surrendering to the Earth Federation or evacuating with their Jovian allies to the furthest frontiers of colonized space.
    Since they left, conditions have improved drastically within the Earth Sphere. With the liberation of the colonies from the direct control of the Earth Federation, humanity has made great strides in equality and cooperation. Former enemies have realized that, indeed, they are really on the same side, and have banded together to face their true foes, those who cannot accept that a new era has dawned, and who are willing to use whatever means are at their disposal to bring it all crashing down.

    On January 31st, UC 0099, a vessel formerly belonging to the Jupiter Energy Fleet was taken over by unknown militants while in transit through the Asteroid Belt. The ship - a gigantic Jupitris-class helium-3 tanker - performed the equivalent of a nuclear carpet bombing, using a payload of over 50 warheads to create a radioactive scar across much of Southern Europe and Northern Africa, encompassing the Earth Federation capital at Dakar. Decapitated, the Earth Federation called for help from its allies among the Space Colonies, who intercepted the tanker and captured several of the militants on board alive.
    The militants were eventually determined to represent an enemy long thought defeated, ghosts from the past which could potentially undo everything which had been done up to that point.
    The Titans had returned...

    Almost immediately, a coalition was formed to retaliate. Volunteers from across the Earth Sphere were recruited to stamp out the enemy where they lay; an expedition to Jupiter would be mounted, with the intent of ending the threat of the Titans and restoring peace to the people of Earth and the colonies.
    The problem, of course, was that no-one knew just what to expect. The people of Jupiter were secretive, and their was little intelligence on what went on around that distant planet. The Jupiter Energy Fleet, sworn to neutrality, would say nothing either way.
    The coalition would be going in blind, and who was to say the Titans weren't expecting them?
    But the Titans could not be allowed to attack at will. They would have to be dealt with, even if nobody quite knew what they were up against...

    And so, the expedition set out, arriving after five months in transit. Ready to deploy against an unknown enemy in unfamiliar space, they sought out the enemy, ready for the worst.
    Who will survive?

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