INTEREST CHECK Mobile roleplaying?

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  1. Not sure if something like this already exists, but I did a search and couldn't find anything. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to do a chat RP through Whatsapp or other mobile apps, or if there already are any.

    Thanks in advance for any information :)
  2. I wish I knew more, was curious myself. It would be super handy, even if I found myself running into things xD But yes, it's something I'd be game for if there's enough of a community for it.
  3. Hey Renn, glad to know there's someone interested in it. Someone else has PM'ed me about it already. Perhaps we can give it a try once we get a couple more responses :)
  4. Sounds like an awesome idea! I'm always using my phone for the internet anyway so I'm game! Count me in!
  5. I'm in. Maybe some information about the genre of the RP would help bring in the crowds.
  6. Great to hear that Eric! Any ideas about what can be RP'ed? There are limitations like word count (don't want to have to scroll for 5 minutes to finish reading a text, haha) and generally they're more fast-paced.
  7. I think romance would be a prime candidate, naturally, seeing as how the responses between characters need only be quick. And, if there are other people in the RP and they aren't online to do the live RP at that current moment, it leaves open prime room for cheating and backstabbing etc. Another interesting one could be anything involving an action sequence, as the decisions made in a fight over live chat would be much more realistic and fast paced. Anyone want to mention anything I've forgotten? :D
  8. (So sorry for the double post! DX )

    We would also have to use a platform neutral app like Skype or something similar. Just thought it would be worth mentioning. :3
  9. Those are all great ideas! I'm considering maybe an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic scenario that could encompass all the points you've brought up. I'm also thinking there could be game elements included, but that might be for later, if applicable.
  10. In my experience, game mechanics and elements combined with RPing usually ends really badly unless its an already established game system like d20. And post-apoc is a brilliant setting. One of my absolute favorites! What medium were you thinking about using for the RP?
  11. Hmmm okay, we'll leave out the game elements then. I've never actually tried, so I'll take your word for it.

    I was initially thinking of using Whatsapp since it's on both iOS and Android. Do you think Skype is better?
  12. Never really used Whatsapp before but most people have Skype so I think that's probably the way to go. Also, I am in Australia so I'm at GMT +10. We'll have to factor in timezones for participants too. Other than that, we should have an ooc thread to keep the plot updated as we go.
  13. Yeah, a plot thread will be necessary. I'm GMT+8, in Singapore. Most people here use Whatsapp. I've just downloaded Skype though, so I'm just gonna see how it compares against Whatsapp :)
  14. Sweet! Post the link when you've got the plot thread up!
  15. Chat rp is great. That's all I do. So, if you ever feel like trying it out, I'd love to rp with you. Although, I prefer only one on one