Mobile City Arcadia and The God Machines

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  1. Backstory;
    Welcome to Nirvana, Well, thats what we call it, its as far from it as you get. grease smoke, chemical fumes, Machine exhaust and other pollutants cling to the city like a permanent shroud. Even at midday the lower levels are forever in twilight. If your lucky and managed to get a pass to the high spires or viewing balconies you could see Ahead of the city, for there is most definatly a front, and behind it are two more much like it but very different all the same. The one ahead of us glitters like the sun, they call it Avalon, no smog covers that one it runs on some old tech, all clean air and birdsong. The one behind us, They call that one Elysium, is also clouded in smoke and pollutants, but those ones are different they stink of burning fat and rotting corpses, they say Elysium runs on evil technology that requires the sacrifice of living creatures. and on we still move, Nirvana rolling on its huge treads, Avalon on its wheels, and Elysium skittering on its 12 spider like legs. There are more like us ahead and behind.
    Why do we travel like this you ask? Because we are being harried and chased. we run across this blasted wasteland of our own making, from monsters of our own making.
    Long ago, something terrible happened, Something people call The Rift, Reality and Fantasy mixed. or at-least that's what they say, Long ago the beasts that roam our lands were only fairy tails or that's what they call them. As an attempt to seal the rift the governments of the world tried to nuke its source, which failed, The Rift itself, or whatever created the rift retaliated, obliterating huge swathes of the earth reducing it to a wasteland, cities were wiped off the map, oceans were dried up. The world was left a barren waste land. Then the rift spat forth everything, Technology we couldn't understand, monsters we couldn't even dream of. So we did what we could, we took anything we could use and we moved entire cities. And its continued ever since. Every few dozen years the Rift appears some where else and spits out more Monsters and more Technology.

    Why do we keep moving do you ask? Because of the things the the Rift unleashed, Things that we can fight, but are in such numbers we could never survive. So we run from rift to rift collecting technology and avoiding death.
    How do we fight them? The Mercenary Armies. Groups of Merc's who fight for money, The Coalition of Cities pays them a 'standing' rate, a small amount that lets them get by, however they get a large bonus each time they take one of the creatures down. These Merc's pilot the 'God Machines' weapons of war that are made from the Rift Tech that are strange as they are lethal, When you look at them you'd never guess they were capable of what they do, rag tag bunch of random machines. but when you see them fight, you understand why they are called "God Machines." they look like they could take on a god.
    What requires such things to fight them you ask? Monsters, Monsters of such horrific nightmares that any man or woman in their right mind would run screaming.

    Arcadia, the latest addition to the motley collection of walking cities, She moves on Half tracks, Half huge wheels, Wheels bigger than all but the God Machines. Lacking God Machines of her own the other cities Mercenary forces are offered a place. Unlike Nirvana or Elysium she is not covered in smog or dark smoke, But unlike Avalon the air isn't crisp and pure, Her Nucular fuel is running low and she's starting to rely on ancient coal and oil furnaces, so while the air is still nice, there is always a hint of steam and coal smoke there.

    Arcadia being the latest to join the ever growing convoy of moving cities is at the back of the group, and thus the forfront of combat with The Nightmares. The unholy abominations that are attacking the remnants of humanity. Meaning that the pay is higher, as are the risks. but the perks are better as are the bars.
    Those who answer the request of the new city are guaranteed these things. However, they are not guaranteed to come back alive.

    The First time most of these pilots get to meet each other is as their God Machines are walked in to the hanger of Arcadia.


    James smiled, not even realising it, It would be good to get back in to the fight, He'd been holed up in Zion for too long, the city was way to far down the chain to see anything but the smoke of battles being fought far down he line. he was going to enjoy piloting Augmenautus Rex in to battle once again, the thrill of combat the joy of hurling shell after shell in to the foe, the feeling of armoured plates cracking under his claws. NO. he rained his thoughts in sharply those was not his thoughts they were the desires of Augmenautus Rex seeping through the mind impulse link he used to command the titanic war machine. He was skittering through the groups of cities, dodging the dumping of waste materials and the ocational spider like limb. he was enjoying this exercise in pre-emptive dodging, Though it wasn't what he was ment to be doing, his instructions were to pull away from the convoy and wait untill Arcadia got to him. Like hell he was sitting still while he could be running around and enjoying some non-combat time inside Augmenautus Rex.

    He reached Arcadia within the next 15 minutes, hailing it he waited till the ramp for access to the hanger was partly lowered and lept up on to it, stabilizing himself against the shuddering that he caused and skittered down in to the hanger, the metallic legs clicking and cracking as he walked across the floor. In his mind's eye he did what he always used to do before parking up, before the injury. He stretched out all his limbs and yawned, being in the command chair always made him ache, and he still felt that in his bones, a long ago memory. on the outside Augmenautus Rex flexed its tail, the plates sliding across each other with soft screams of metal, the claws flexed, the chain bladed rippers snapping back and forth as if stretching with is pilot. the involuntary actions finished James walked Augmenautus Rex in to its designated bay, well the one he'd designated, it was empty, it was dead across from the exit ramp meaning he didn't have to turn or change his angle when entering or exiting, meaning he could just sprint straight out. He smiled inveterately again as Augmenautus Rex spirit purred in agreement to his positioning. Detaching himself from the interface he initated the process that would lower his life support casket in to the assembly that let him move, talk, and interact with others and then on to the floor, deposited from the underside of Augmenautus Rex like some obscene egg James was set down, spider like legs allowing him to walk across the ground easily, using the several cameras mounted around the casket he looked round for his engineering team who'd arrived earlier that day by glider. he 'waved' them over by turning on one of the lights on the casket and blinking it in their direction. "Gentlemen." He said his voice being emitted by two speakers either side of the casket " The left claw is sluggish and I think The right middle leg needs a new thigh plate." He said politely, while the engineers new how the machine worked, no one could beat James on knowing what was wrong. Unlike other pilots when he was inside Augmenautus Rex he wasn't just driving a God Machine, He was Augmenautus Rex.

    Walking to one of the 'safe zones' of the hanger floor where the God Machines didn't walk he settled down and awaited the arrival of other pilots, curious as to who would join him.
  2. Katrina had been called to help out in Arcadia. It was an interesting dilemma, money or safety? She was sick of her own city, though. Almost nothing pleasant had happened to her there. Her parents were dead. Her friends were dead. Only Jurgandr was a good reason she would stick to her city, but as a God Machine it was better suited for battle anyway. Though the two didn't speak aloud much, they could communicate quite effectively and knew each other well. Jurgandr enjoyed the thrill of combat, it was constructed to fight after all. The pilot herself however did it more out of necessity. She had no skills that would help her earn a living, aside from this. For the sake of a new start in a new city and to satisfy her mechanical compaion, she took up the offer. Jumping into the mech, she headed for the designated hanger.

    Katrina entered the large hanger while inside Jurgandr. She was fairly impressed by the size of it, able to hold multiple God Machines. There seemed to already be one in there as well, some sort of scorpion-looking thing. Once at the designated position, Jurgandr ejected Katrina from itself, ejecting and lowering the cockpit to the ground. Once the girl was out, its head moved back where it belonged. A few engineers came by to ask what she needed, but she just shook her head and they backed off. Repairs weren't necessary. Due to the nature of her combat style, Jurgandr almost never sustained damage. Staying back and running the whole time had its advantages. She gave a wave to her mech and prepared to take off. It may have looked silly, but neither she nor Jurgandr spoke a whole lot, so a wave suited the two of them better. She was moving into a safe zone of the hanger before noticing a man, or at least, parts of one. She reached the zone and gave him a quick scan before deciding to simply take a seat, not wanting to bother the other person.
  3. Reaching Arcadia, Rafa was inside his God Machine who was a little damaged from the last fight, he was going to there because they needed help with the Nightmares, filthy monsters in his opinion "Those creatures are the worst, they are ugly and the smell... ugh... Just thinking in it makes me want to destroy one, even inside Nevan I can smell them... Anyway, I need to repair this damage and get to fight again, I need to fight or I'll die from boredom... You too, right Nevan?" he thought smiling as he get out of his mecha's head into an platform. Nevan slowly moved it's head like it was agreeing, looking forward to the safe area, Rafa was being taken by the platform to the ground, on the ground, he saw the engineers coming for info on how they can repair his mecha "The thrusters aren't working well and the last fight damaged too much it's Armor, the weapons not too much but it's always a good thing to check, I like to take care of my mecha parts myself but I'm a little tired now so thanks for helping me guys." he replied to them, seeing the engineers going to repair what he needed, he slowly walked to the safe area and saw that there was already two in there, an girl and an half-machine guy, the guy was different from everything he had seen but he had fought with nightmares so different that his appearance was normal, the girl was young not that the guy wasn't looking young but all those things in him made his age a little difficult to guess. Getting near them, he tried to find an place to sit but he found none, with an sigh and an yawn, he stopped on an corner and crossed his arms, changing his attention to his mecha he saw the engineers working hard to win their everyday money. Looking around the hangar, he saw the others mechas, one wasn't being repaired it was quiet and looking like forgotten in there, the other was not so lonely like the other mecha, looking proud to Nevan, he really wanted to go right now and end the mercenary mission just to get on another fight, he couldn't wait for it to begin, impatient he grabbed his sword and started playing with it by slashing the air and seeing the ways he could improve his attacks.
  4. James's camera swivelled slowly to look at Katrina "Curious as to my situation?" he asked, his face twitching a little as if to smile. The tone of the voice from his speakers was, while static laced, warm. "You don't have to worry about embarrassing me. Its not like I can hide anything." He said with a laugh, at-least what sounded like one. There was a pause as the entire pod turned to look a towards the hanger door as another God Machine walked in to the hanger. James would have tilted his head, instead the pod shifted a little a bubble running up from the base of the pod slowly. "That makes three, I was told we'd have more. this will be dangerous." He said before watching Rafa disembark from Nevan.

    "Good morning." He said politely as Rafa walked over. Upon Rafa starting to practice James emitted a light clicking noise, as if he was tutting in disaproval. "Waving a lump of metal round won't do anyone any good. not least if you stick someone with it." He said and the entire pod seemed to rock as if shaking its head. "I'm James by the way." He said introducing himself to the both of them. "I apologize that I can't shake your hands. but it is a pleasure to meet those who I will be fighting alongside."
  5. 'Curious as to my situation?'

    Katrina turned back to face the man with the strange condition. She was certainly curious, but didn't want to pester him about it. Rather than replying, she simply shifted her body around to face him. Apparently he could "speak" through speakers. His condition didn't prevent him from piloting a God Machine, it seemed. As the new one came in, she was hoping for more than 3 as well. That wouldn't be a particularly big team. The third one came in, brandishing some sort of sword weapon. It was quite strange to still be using something like a sword when not in a mech, but she decided it probably wasn't worth asking about.

    As James introduced himself, Katrina figured it would be polite to return the courtesy. "I'm Katrina. Katrina Ekov. Good to meet you as well," she introduced herself. "Do you have any information on the mission? I was given minimal information, only that i was to come here to meet up with other pilots," she asked, wanting to know what exactly she needed to do here. There would probably be a briefing on the mission before they headed out, but gathering information beforehand was never a bad thing.
  6. Stopping his little training by hearing James, he said "Some need to be 'sticked' with a 'lump of metal' sometimes..." putting it back on it's sheath, he waited for the girl to end her talk and answered scratching the back of his head "I don't know almost anything from the mission... I just know it involved some fights, money and other pilots... My name is Rafa by the way, It's a pleasure to meet some 'Nightmares Slayers' like you both too." He smiled and just waved to them. "Anyway, James, which is your mecha? And you Katrina? which is yours?" he asked still smiling as he slowly looked to the God Machines trying to know more about their mechas.
  7. James paused "They are not Mecha, They are God Machines." he corrected, his tone careful, as if he was trying to convey something important. "Mecha are old pop culture, These are weapons of war and survival." He said before a light flicked on on the side of his casket shining towards Augmenautus Rex. "She's mine, Augmenautus Rex." He said, when he said the name it seemed to hiss and crackle through the speakers, while the other words were clear, as if even the name itself was hungry for destruction. "A bit unweidly if you don't know her, but she's good. And yours?" he asked before letting Katrina point out her God Machine.

    "As for the mission. I do belive that we're here on 'loan' untill Arcadia gets its own God Machines, higher pay due to the increased risk. other than that, its normal standing orders." He said as he looked out the still open hanger door in to the distance. "Dust storm coming, 'nother rift's opened up somewhere." He said looking in to the distance, it was clear that his camera was far more powerful than a human eye, the dust storm was still a smudge on the horizon. "I hope the other God Machines don't get caught out there, I'd hate to be down a combatant if we encounter more Nightmares."
  8. At that time, a new put white God machine entered the hangar silently. From within Alma looked around, analysing the three other God machines present. In a way, she was glad there were other machines here, making the inevitable fights in the future seem slightly easier to her. The two wing like struts from the back of her mech folded inwards, disappearing into the body with a silent movement as the chest of her mech slid open.
    Alma was stood upright inside, held in place by several metal arms, keeping her matching to the limbs of her God machine. These arms silently began to move, lifting her from the machines chest and carrying her down to the floor, placing her down feet first. They then retracted, the chest of her Mecha silently sliding shut as mechanics came over, Alva shaking her head to inform that no repairs were needed before walking over silently to the safe area.
  9. At Rafa's question, Katrina pointed to Jurgandr. "Sniper-type," she stated, "Protection would be appreciated." She figured the most practical thing to discuss with her teammates would be their roles for combat. Both the scorpion and bulky looking mechs appeared to be close range-types, so if they played guard and were capable her job would be quite easy. Jobs like this with high pay tended to attract rookies trying to make it big early, only to die to their incompetence. These two didn't seem to be that type, though, looking reliable enough for her to bother explaining anything more about her God Machine other than which one it was. Incompetent guards just gave her a sense of false security, which was probably worse than no protection but being fully alert.

    She simply nodded at James's answer to her question. That would be simple enough. Blasting apart Nightmares was all she was good at, anyway. As he finished his explanation, a new machine and pilot arrived, a girl with white hair like her own. She extended a hand to the newcomer. "Katrina. Katrina Ekov," she introduced herself to the fourth pilot. At least this one wasn't caught in that dust storm James spotted.
  10. "Alma Nightingale." Alma said, getly shaking KAtrina's hand. Her voice was quiet and quite single toned, wispy in a sense. She also had pale white/blue eyes, looking at the girl and the other two pilots. "You all seem capable... enough." She said, still quietly as she moved to take a seat. She found it strange only three others had arrived at the time, but guessed that some had been caught in the storm that came close behind her, allowing her and ghost to barely escape. The prospect of the mission, fighting nightmares, held only little interest of Alma besides the pay, although she felt the want of Ghost in her mind, hungering for battle. "Are we expecting any more?" She asked anyone in general, her voice gentle.
  11. ~They say the early bird gets the worm. I say the later bird makes the bigger entrance"~

    The large jet's exploded as they ignited the air before the God Machine known as Sovereign, it's streamlined hull soaring through the air at staggering speed as it excelled towards Arcadia. "Better late than never..." she commented openly to herself as she saw her location on approach, her HUD display flashing weather warnings which she swiped away with a motion of her hand. "I know I know, you don't have to keep reminding me" she said again, this time as if she was talking to her machine, a hand dancing quickly across some controls before she hailed the hangar to lower the ramparts. "This is Sovereign, I'm on approach and request entry" she said formally as the jets began to slow, bringing her down at a steady pace towards the hangars. "Acknowledged, you're cleared for decent" came a voice, confirming her approach as the large door began to operate. "You're late" the voice suddenly spoke, eliciting a small smirk from the young women who would operate such a powerful machine, "Better late than never, I'm sure you'll agree" she replied before the COM channel clicked off, just as the door lowered fully to allow her entry. Her jet's became silent as Sovereign stood upon it's legs, the machine echoing dull thuds as it began to climb into the hangar bay.

    Immediately she took note of some of the other God Machines that were already here, finding her curiosity stolen by some of their exotic designs and weapons, wondering their potential and how they'd fair against her own. Not that she intended to fight these people, of course in actual fact she'd be working with them closely in the future in order to earn her next paycheck while keeping the people of Arcadia sleeping peacefully at night. In any case she looked forwards to meeting them and so spared no extra time taking up a spot in the hangar, the Engineer's waving her in before clamps secured the large machine in place for safety. "Don't worry, I wont be gone long" she said openly once again to Sovereign, stroking a hand over the controls before she pulled a large red lever, causing Sovereigns chest to split open and extend. It was a nice design feature, one which allowed Naomi to dismount without too much difficulty, something she definitely appreciated.

    The young women mounted a ladder which had been provided by the ground crew, arriving at the ground before turning to greet those who'd be tending to her machine. "A pleasure to meet you" she would say, shaking a few of their hands before giving a couple nods as they explained how they'd be taking care of Sovereign during her time here. Satisfied she took her leave before being stopped by one of the engineers who looked confused, "Aren't you going to tell us what needs to be done?" he asked, a large muscular man with a deep gravely voice. Naomi shook her head, "You don't tell me how to do my job, I wont disrespect you by telling you how to do yours" she said with a kind smile before inclining her head, turning on her heel as she continued to walk away. After a few minutes she eventually got her directions to where the other pilots were meeting and made her way there to complete introductions. She was still quite curious about the pilot to those machines she'd seen earlier, wondering what kind of people they were and with what backgrounds they came from.
  12. Alma looked up, her pale eyes noticing another female approach. SHe noted the woman's outfit and hair, her pale eyes focusing to take in the specifics. She noticed how there seemed to be more female pilots than male currently, finding something strange about it as she was told throughout her childhood it wasmainly males who piloted the god machines, although it was notunheard of for females to become the pilots. She kept her black lips closed, waiting for the other more talkative pilots to make their introductions, wanting to learn asmuch as possible about her soon to be 'work partners' before saying anything more about herself.
  13. James paused. "other than the one that just arrived, If any are coming they're going to be much later" He said as the huge deadbolts of the hanger doors were slid across. He waited untill the newcomer had reached them before re-introducing himself. "James, I pilot Augmenautus Rex, the blood red one" he said, as before when he spoke the name harsh static and popping noises distorted it causing it to sound even worse, using the light to point towards it again. "and you might be?" He asked towards the newcomer. He seemed not to care to much about the glances he got from the hanger crew, he'd probably gotten used to them at this point. "I'm surprised we got this few. though atleast it means a bigger pay-check." he said and then laughed. "not that there's much I can spend mine on." He said and the smile like twitch touched his lips again.

    "I apologize for not shaking hands, but as you can see." He said, a thin metallic limb extending to gesture at his recumbent from in the casket of glass and metal. "I'm not all that well disposed to move on my own at all any more." he said before the calliper tipped mechadendrite folded away. "I guess we best get to going over our roles in what will transpire?"
  14. If Alma wanted talkative teammates, Katrina would sorely disappoint. She simply shook the newcomers hand and introduced herself the same way she did to Alma.
    "I'm Katrina. Katrina Ekov. Sniper-type," she stated. "Protection would be appreciated," she said, pointing to Jurgandr. With James's declaration of the others' tardiness, her shoulders dropped a bit. This wasn't a particularly big squad, but at least the money would be good. She figured now would be a good time to speak, given James's transitional statement. Going over roles was something she was willing to be talkative about. Their lives depended on it, after all.

    "I'm a sniper," she restated. By this point everyone was probably quite aware of this fact. "I wield a long-range anti-matter rifle. I can one-shot practically any Nightmare. Unfortunately, up close my only weapons are a sword and weak laser pulses. Keep them away from me and I can blow through them all, given enough time," she told the rest of the team her role. In Arcadia, her own mobility and close range capabilities might not be enough, so she would be counting on the team to help let her fire away and reload.
  15. "I use melee weapons, but also posses some short to mid range guns." Alma said in her quiet, plain voice, her black lips only parting slightly whenever she spoke. "I am a stealth pilot, my mech is silent." She added, seeing no harm in disclosing the most basic facts about her fighting style to her partners. She waited to hear about the roles taken on by the others, wanting to decide how they could compliment her own fighting style of dashing in, getting hits, and leaving with speed. However, she was careful as to not mention any specifics about her mech and style, especially not about the prototype adjustments that were being worked on by several mechanics in the other city, but were still far from operational.

    She looked slightly over at the brass scorpion mech, augmenautus Rex. She was looking at its design and weapon load out, contemplating the positives and negatives of having a heavier, but more armoured mech. Obviously it would not be suitable for use with her own style, but she would feel well supported on the battlefield with such a machine along for the battle.
  16. As Naomi approached she immediately began to take notes of the other pilots and the way they carried themselves. To say she was some what surprised about how one of them was casket bound would be an understatement, however to her credit not one of the other pilots would have been able to tell, Naomi being quite adept at keeping a poker face. "A pleasure to meet you James" she replied with a courteous nod of her head given the inability to shake his hand, her hand instead meeting Katrinas in a firm handshake as she introduced herself. "And you, Katrina" she said with a soft friendly smile before looking back to the casket bound man as he asked about her. "My name is Naomi, my last name not important. Sovereign is the name of my machine and as far as roles go I will be your shield and your sword, I ask only that those with longer range cover the ones I might not see" she said, giving a gentle nod towards Katrina as she'd mentioned about being a sniper. "I'd happily relay the specifics that'll prove useful in keeping you all safe, but I think a practical approach will serve us all far better. So I'll save it for when we practice together out in the field" she said before looking towards the other girl who appeared more quiet than the rest, listening as she mentioned her specialties, giving a small smile. "I guess that makes you my wing girl, as we share similar traits" she said, taking a brief glance at the hangar full of Machines before turning back towards the group, "As I mentioned the shield and sword, I am also an 'up-close-and-personal' type, and I'm with stealth capabilities to boot" she said confidently.
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  17. Alma showed the faintest hint of a smirk on the corner of her dark black lips, finding the concept of this new entry acting as if she was the best at stealth and close combat. However, she decided to remain quiet, letting Naomi feel that she was the best, so that proving her wrong in the field would be slightly more entertaining. She also found the confidence and self-praise of Naomi irritating in a slight way, judging that her boasting and over-confidence could prove to be her downfall in the long run. The diamond tattoo on her chest seemed to radiate avery small amount of dark speks as her lips retrurned to their normal state, not moved by emotion at all. "Working with you will be a... pleasure, I am sure." Alma said quietly to Naomi, her voice gentle and quiet, although possibly hiding a very small, almost indestinguishable sarcasm.
  18. (( @RafaDark post when you can))

    James sighed he didn't bother getting involved in the petty bickering, He knew the bloodlust of his God Machine ran deep, deep enough to draw him in more often than not, deep enough to demand sacrifice of the Pilot. "Augmenautus Rex is close combat, The Macro Cannon is good mid to long range however dosn't have the firepower of most sniper weapons, its used in closing, The claws, and Inferno cannons are close combat only. She's tough as old nails though so just concentrate on keeping whatever we face occupied untill I can get on it." He said as he built a plan in his mind for a mock up engagement. "Admittedly I think I have the toughest frontal armour." He said and the casket shifted as the legs moved up and made ready to start walking. "While I do not hunger, I remember piloting being exhausting, should we discuss this over food?"
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    Hearing what James said, he apologized and still looking at the God Machines, he thought on the battles they would be winning if fighting together as a team started forming in front of him. Hearing they talking and forming battle tactics, he got totally quiet seeing an way to fit in in the conversation but failing in it, he just waited looking to the engineers end the repairs on Nevan so he could destroy some Nightmares. He was bored and quiet as he paid more attention to what James was saying, thinking he answered "I think with something to eat I can think better in a way to help you guys." Remembering he didn't had introduced himself to the other pilots that appeared, he said with an smile and waved to everyone of them "Oh sorry for not introducing myself, I'm Rafa, it's a pleasure to meet all of you." Scratching the back of his head, he asked as his stomach growled silently "So... where do we will go to eat something or we will call for food?"
  20. The other 3 appeared to all be close-range types, while Rafa hadn't yet bothered to say what he was. Katrina figured it wasn't too important, 3 close range fighters would be plenty regardless of what Rafa could do. Alma seemed to have begun fostering a rivalry with Naomi, though. That wouldn't do for a team, but not knowing how to resolve such a conflict, she remained silent. At the mention of food, Katrina felt the pangs of hunger in her stomach. She was somewhat hungry. She didn't really have an opinion on going to find food or trying to call over some, so she just shrugged. What James said intrigued her, though. "You don't have to eat? Does your machine provide nutrition for you?" she asked him. His condition was something quite interesting to her.