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  1. Azure here. I was wondering if it was possible for to setup some sort of mobile app available on the google play store.

    I like to Roleplay but my schedule isn't always suitable for it. I never have time to get on my computer. That's where this idea came from.

    I was thinking it could have the home screen with the main features of the site: Conversations, Alerts, Profile, and Forums.

    You could go from there to get to what you want to do.

    Conversations: Review your inbox and reply to conversations.

    Alerts: Check you're alerts and reply to them.

    Profile: basically allows you do check your content and profile settings, along with updating your status.

    Forums: read and post Forum content.

    This is the general idea. I have no skills whatsoever in this kind of thing, that would be why I posted this. The purpose of this post is to possibly give inspiration to the moderators and admins to maybe make an app for the site for those of us who can't always get to a computer.

    Any thoughts??
  2. Iwaku is already mobile friendly with a responsive style! It will shrink down as much as it can and hide unimportant stuff so you can see the important bits.

    As for an official app, it costs money to get a coder to do that sort of thing. D: We can't afford that kind of stuff. We tried purchasing a mobile app suite when we were on vbulletin and the system was completely unusable (one of the reasons we ended up switching to Xenforo). We're really not keen on spending the money to get another app done.

    The current freebie app of tapatalk that has integration with xenforo is still too buggy for us to consider using yet. When they fix some of the problems, we'll prolly be using it or something like it!
  3. Hmm. What if Iwaku staff held a fundraiser of sorts? calculate the exact cost to hire a coder to make a decent app, make it your goal and offer products in exchange for money.
  4. That is what we did for the vbulletin mobile app suite, and we got a bit screwed on the product we purchased. :( So I am not keen on repeating the process, especially since our mobile responsiveness is already pretty good. We have some higher priorities on our to-do list for iwaku donations!
  5. I use Iwaku mobile and it's compatible but some things get really fugly.
    Like when you are running an advertisement, I have to check on my computer because the text is blended together for some reason.

    Or at least for the IPhone 5's it is.
  6. Same issue on my iPhone 5s to .. But not such a big deal though ^^

    Other than this, the forum looks very good on my phone and I get the alerts as well xD

    An mobile app I don't think it should be necessary :)
  7. If you guys can get me a screencap of the parts that looked messed up, I might be able to do something about it. O__O Sometimes it's a thing I can fix
  8. I second the opinions about the forums looking ok on the mobiles, even without the app. Unless an app would offer a function unavailable on a largely text based website like this one, it would be rather redundant.
  9. Forums are completely workable on windows mobile...

    Safari has some weird things going with it so screencaps are appreciated for any problem areas.
  10. I just link Iwaku with my gmail so whenever i get an alert or inbox message my cellphone notifies me. then i can reply no matter where im at (service provided). Sometimes Verizon be bout that bullsh!t
  11. @Vay @Diana

    This is one I encountered pretty often when I ran my ad for Operation: Polar Star.
    It never goes away, and if your ad gets views or clicks and such, it becomes more of a mess every digit place that is increased with horrible and ugly smashed in figured and overlapping text.

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  12. That's a thing that happens to me on my phone too.

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  13. I have the same issue.. But not always. Just sometimes xD. I wonder why! @.@

    Though I am glad I am not the only one .;)
  14. That one looks like a templating issue I might not be able to fix myself, but I will report it to the ad-makers and let them know the mobile is not kicking in proper there. O_O
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  15. Um, there's another mobile issue I've been encountering which I'd like to point out. Often I can't scroll down to the bottom line of text when writing posts. This makes it a pain to try and edit what I've already written, because then I can't go back down to continue writing. The issue kind of resolves itself if I just rewrite the last line of text, then continue writing for a while, because then it lets me get to the last line, so I can delete the now out of place text. But it's still annoying, and I was wondering if you know what causes it.

    (Since this only happens on Iwaku I'm starting to write some of my mobile posts in a separate writing app, then copy and pasting them to Iwaku, so no worries if there's no solution. I just thought it was worth mentioning.)
  16. I get this too (I browse on iPhone 5 in Safari) but I find if I tap out of the text window and then back in, it seems to fix it
  17. Hm, I might try that next time. I've found rotating my phone so it changes angles can also help.
  18. Yeah I like this idea. Going on the internet on a mobile phone eats up data sometimes so due to this a mobile app could cut down how much data is being devoured.
  19. I think a mobile app would be nice. Sometimes I really wish I could get notifications on my iPad of alerts I get instead of having to sign in every hour to check. But if it's not possible to make one, I'm not complaining.