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  1. I guess this thread may double up as Group RP Plotting. This is general the result of years of mmo's and watching sword art online. I've also only been on Iwaku for a short time, so if there is already an RP with this theme, and requirement to keep track of these elements, please forgive me! ​

    My concept here, is a possible (Mod)Fantasy RP, set in the general style of an MMO. Here, you would have to keep track of your currency, location, inventory, and skills etc. I suppose for this to work I would need another GM, however, I'm curious to see if anyone would be interested in this sort of world?

    You would be able to pick a race and profession to ensure your income. I personally am quite fond of the generic mage, knight, thief, tank styled game, though I may stray from these. You will be able to RP in different locations and interact with NPCs, if you will. I'm curious to see how the economy in an RP like this may go if it carries on long enough. Everyone will begin in the same area, with the same amount of currency and skills. GMs may through in events to keep the pace up. Everyone will start out more or less similar, excluding their character creation. But you're not starting out with a high-powered weapon basically.

    Torn whether to make this just a Fantasy Setting, or making it ModFantasy, and allowing you to RP as a player (sending messages and levelling), rather than as a character in such a world.

    What I'd like to see is a vast world, and character-driven writers. The focus of the RP will not be battle, though it may be included. But I'd have to work out how stats work out. @___@

    If this has interest, I would love to start planning it. :) But participants would be expected to have an active post count, since it may be hard to keep up with.

    Also, I would love to welcome any ideas on what to include.
  2. VRMMOs are probably 30-40% of what I RP, so I hope you can trust what I say on the matter. First off, it doesn't really matter if there's already an RP similar. I've seen 4 VRMMO RPs running at the same time on the same forum and nothing bad ever came from it. In fact it was probably better than way instead of crowding everyone into one world. On a forum the size of Iwaku it's not like you'd have problems recruiting enough people. Second, from experience, I find that the RPs that don't make you keep track of exact stats and currency etc are much more enjoyable and much more successful than ones that do. I know on some forums you can't trust people to be fair with their power and money levels but on most, including Iwaku, I haven't had a problem with that. While on the surface it may seem fair to have everyone needing XP to level up and starting with the same base power levels, its usually the opposite of that. Having those systems in place completely cut players off from access to certain character aspects. My favourite character currently also happens to be on a VRMMO RP, and she's among the top 10 of the entire game world by day 4, but that's just her personality allowing her to be that. I have a second character on the same RP who is potentially more powerful than the first but is scared of power and isn't willing to become strong, and the gameplay allows for both of those characters without them being broken or useless weight. But despite her being several times stronger than anyone else, I don't really get the feeling that the first character is the main character. What I'm trying to say is that a lot of people don't enjoy it when they're bound by stats and currency etc. It limits their creativity. The same applies with having the warrior / mage / rogue preset classes. I don't know if you've noticed, but I seem to find that I enjoy games like Skyrim that allow full freedom of character style much more than I enjoy things that make you choose a class and stick with it.

    Sorry for the somewhat rant-like feel to this post :P
    Here's a link to the RP i was referring to. You can read some of my posts and decide for yourself.
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