Mmmmm! Slow cooking.

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  1. Read This

    This is probably old news, but I found it semi fitting since its horror month!
    Did you feel sick while reading this? What did you think about it?
    Have you ever done something like this in a roleplay? Would you ever? What is something you have done?

  2. Hey... it could have been worse.

    Al least he didn't serve her to anyone at his restaurant >.>

    I could see my one character doing this.. Though he'd likely get bored of the idea after a day or so..
  3. Hmm. Probably wouldn't do that in an RP but I think I've watched way to much CSI and NCIS to really be affected XD
  4. Brilliant idea for a serial killer character, but I don't rp such personalities ( at least not yet )

    I just wanted to know why cook her? And why slowly...
  5. Oh. My. God. That is absolutely horrible. There are no other words for describing that article. The actual contents do not faze me too much, but the fact that somebody is actually capable of doing something like that. The thought simply sends shivers down my spine. I mean, I can think of some horrible stuff, but this was just beyond my imagination. I do not think that I am going to use this for an RP... I do not like things that really have happened in real life, because I think it makes them all the more horrible.
  6. This is not what I was expecting when I clicked this thread. XD

    I don't tend to play characters who kill people, and definitely not ones that'd have to find imaginative ways to hide bodies. But I can totally see myself using this for an NPC serial killer. .____.; real event or not, I'm pretty sure anything I could imagine has probably already been done by some psycho somewhere.
  7. The details are so random and confused and it seems like he's lying, though I have no idea why he would lie about something like that...
  8. I came in here thinking this was about sharing slow cooker recipes, but--Well, ew. My boyfriend told me about that sicko article a while ago. =__=; *stashes recipes away for a more appropriate time*

    I actually can think of two characters who might do this. I have a witch who would because it would either make a tasty soup or she could use it for a wicked spell. Aaand I have a dragon who would because she eats human sacrifices every winter. >>; I'm twisted enough that I'd have this in a roleplay. I love to do weird stuff in my games since they're not things I'll do in real life, ever.
  9. At first I was all : "OOHFOOD"


  10. ..... Is it horrible that now I was crockpot foods now?
  11. The title is a trap!

    What bothers me most about that article is how vague some of the details are. It seems he accidentally killed her, but how? All it says is that he taped her up. Did he put the tape over her nose or something? o__o Also, where the hell did the skull go?

    I've written some grosser bits of fiction than this, really, so I probably would do something like this in a roleplay.
  12. Look on the bright side; she was dead before being boiled. I went into the article expecting her to have been alive during the ordeal, but she wasn't. I've read worse.

    I've played as some terrible characters in the past, and have definitely ended a few lives in some twisted ways. Though I haven't done anything like that in awhile... Maybe I'm getting too soft? >:|
  13. It needed more details than just the basic to make me sick... either that or i didn't understand it enough for it to make me sick.... uhm..... I'm not that freaked... i could even imagine it, but its not that its all that scary.... its just cooking her.... At least he didn't EAT HER or maybe served her body at his restaurant(the evidence would have disappeared better)... reminds me of Sweeney Todd!!