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  1. Spinette was trying very hard to work on the color scheme of the new dress she was making. She pranced around the dress form and peered hard at the light blue fringe she had, muttering under her breathe. She put a hoof up to move her bright green mane out of her face. She looked at it with interest before pouting. Something was missing to the little dress...

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  2. (See Avatar for my character... His Cutie Mark is a small blue orb surrounded by 3 golden horseshoes.)

    Farsight, who had just recently moved to ClydesDale for work, had been searching town for a shop where he could buy a new suit. It was a requirement for his job now... And he had only one from back when he lived in Ponyville, made by Rarity herself. It was a little worn and that's why he had to purchase a new one. That was when he passed Spinette's small clothing shop. He smiles, happy his luck was pulling through, and walks up to the door, slowly pushing it open as he walked in, the small bell ringing, announcing his presence.
  3. ((Spinette's is a twirling thread and needle))

    Spinette twirled as the bell rang, "Welcome to Seam by Seam, how may I help you?" She asked. She smiled, looking at the stallion that had come into her shop. He must be a new one in town, because she had never seen him before.
  4. Farsight smiles back at Spinette as he takes in the shop, "Thanks, I've been looking around for a clothing shop. I need a suit made for my new job." He says, walking up to a few of the suits that were there, running a hoof over the fabric.
  5. Spinette smiled, nodding. "Of course, of course..." She used her magic to drag out several suits she had in the back. "Just tell me what you like and I can see about fitting it..." She trotted over to watch as he inspected the suits. "I do custom as well, if you would prefer a different color or fabric type..." Her voice was thin and whispy, but with some authority behind it that proclaimed she could raise her voice if she needed it.
  6. Farsight looks over at Spinette and smiles, "A custom suit sounds great, actually! I'd love something that matched my eyes." He says, looking over at her, his grey eyes kind and soft. "If you have the fabric for it, that is."
  7. Spinette looked at him closely. She took in his mane and body color along with the eye color and trotted over to open her fabric room. "My, my...let's about a nice soft blue?" She used her magic, trotting out with bolts of blue and gray floating behind her.
  8. Farsight looked over the fabrics and smiled, "Those look great! How do you think you'll put these two together?" He asks as he waits for her to start sizing him up, the small smile on his face quirking up a little higher as he thought about the suit he'd have...
  9. Spinette circled him, taking his measurements with another magical move. She put them both up to him and began cutting the shape. "I will simply use one as the outer lining and one as the inner. The gray is a softer wool. It will be a reversible suit...."
  10. Farsight nods, trying to remain as still as possible, "That sounds wonderful! Make sure to remind me to tip you once it's done." He says, waiting for Spinette to finish her work and start on the actual suit. He notices the dress she had been working on earlier and started to pay a little more attention to it.
  11. Spinnette trotted over to a dress form and cutting out the pattern. She began her work, thread and needle floating over to her as the pattern lay draped over the suit. "Give me an hour tops...." She said with distraction, objects spinning and floating around her.
  12. Farsight nods and moves over to the dress Spinette had been musing over before he had come in, looking it over more closely. He then looks over at his suit and thinks for a moment, once again looking at the light blue she had put to it. Perhaps... He didn't want to bother her with it, so he holds off on his advice.
  13. Spinette snuffled, wiping at her mane with a hoof as the suit began to come together under her skillful eye. She trotted around the dress form, stitching here and there.
  14. Farsight, on the other hoof, was wandering around the shop once more, looking at not only the suits, but the dresses as well. He always considered himself to be... Fashionly attuned, enjoying a good dress or suit on a pony... And he could tell this mare really knew her craft.
  15. Spinette finished, wiping the base of her horn with a small towel. "Done..." She announced, showing him the suit she had made. "What do you think?"
  16. Farsight looks over at Spinette and the suit and trotted over to her, "It looks really nice! Do you have a dressing room? I'd like to try it on and see how it looks." He says, looking around the room, his eyes falling on the unfinished dress again. He wanted to tell her about his thoughts, but the want to try on the new suit was a bit higher on his list of priorities.
  17. Spinette nodded, her magic opening a curtain that acted as her dressing room. "You can try it on in there..." She handed the suit over with a smile.
  18. Farsight smiles back and takes the suit in his magical grip, walking into the curtained dressing room. He closes the curtain and puts on the suit, buttoning it up. Once finished, he opened the curtain back up and walked out, spinning slowly in a circle, "So... How does it look?"
  19. Spinette watched him with a critical eye, trotting around him and nodding. "Very nice...the coloring complements you...." She smiled, happy to see the suit fit well. "Anything else I can help you out with?"
  20. Farsight smiles at Spinette, but shakes his head, "No, but I think I can help you... That dress you have over there, maybe you should do more or less what you did for my suit... Add a nice light gray to it?" He asks, making it a suggestion. His horn glows for a moment and a small bit bag floats out of his flank pocket, "Oh, and how much for the suit?"
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