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  1. Jack McCoy was on his computer one night. He had just discovered the awesomeness that was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the fourth generation of pony. He watched numerous parodies, and even a couple episode clips here and there, limiting himself and being careful about letting people know he had an interest in ponies, his favorites including Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. Twilight Sparkle was like a smart/cute/everything in one kinda girl, with the minor downside of being too much of a hard worker, which Jack could easily have fixed. Dash was fun, and energized, plus she had awesome hair. Fluttershy seemed sweet, her shy nature awakening a protective boyfriend kind of instinct within. Plus, she could warm up to, or at least accept most of his interests…He hoped.

    But he looked at the words 'Friendship is magic' once more. Denial was flowing through his soul...

    …And a portal of the void of creation opened up randomly in town, releasing a couple of familiar ponies, alien to the local area...
  2. Fluttershy fell in through the hole with a quiet "Oof!". She looked around. "...W...Where am I?" Fluttershy muttered to herself. She took short steps forward, looking around the place. The houses were nothing like Equestria's. She looked around, wondering where the other ponies went. Fluttershy was just there with them!

    "T-Twilight? Rainbow Dash?....Applejack?" she called out in a whisper.
  3. The other ponies seemed to be missing, the golden equine with the pink mane was in the middle of a street with a couple apartments, most dark, and a couple stores lit up. Thankfully no one was there to see that there was a pegasus roaming the area saying strange words...

    A magazine blew into Fluttershy's direction detailing modern human teen girls' fashions and looks. This was followed by a guy who walked past Fluttershy, and stared a moment, before going HOLY SHIT (THAT MARE'S GOT FLANK) and running for his life, princess celestia bumping into him, only furthering his screaming.

    "Fluttershy? Fluttershy! Is that you?…come along, we mustn't show ourselves to the two-legged creatures, or they may summon the local authorities. The others are nearby trying to learn what they can about this society..."
  4. Fluttershy shrieked when the magazine flew in her face and she ran away, running into the man. She looked terrified as she screamed along with the man. Fluttershy then ran in the direction of the man as well, without realizing it, and bumped into Celestia. She was quivering, hugging her long leg and whimpering. However, she did not not realize that it was Celestia talking to her.

    Fluttershy looked at the leg and then looked up to see her royal face. She immediately was relieved. "Oh Princess Celestia!" she bowed and then clung onto her leg again. "T-Thank goodness you're here! I was so frightened!" She exclaimed in her soft voice. As Fluttershy nuzzled her leg, she was listening intently. "Oh? Others are here? Oh thank goodness...! Yes yes," she replied and continued to follow Princess Celestia.
  5. (Y'know, I originally had this as a group idea…maybe we could do a group version in the future? :D)

    "Indeed." Nodded Celestia. "But for now, It seems I am to assume the form of a…'hewyu man.' She attempted to pronounce. I'll act as a wealthy woman, using our combined magic to create a manor and fortune of human currency. In turn, you and the others are to pretend to be my adopted family, and act as a human girl until we find a way back to Equestria. Luna will also be my sister as a human, and…Derpy, shall be the nanny/maid. You'll be attending a 'school' for adolescent humans from what I understand…"


    Jack was walking down a nearby street coming close to that of Fluttershy and the princess's location. He had to get some last minute groceries for his mom, and he was kind of pissed that he had to go do it himself at this hour. He didn't wanna get mugged in the darkness of an alleyway. Alleyways were satanic gateways to hell at night if you weren't careful...
  6. (All right owo~!)

    For poor little Fluttershy, this was a lot to take in all at once. "O-Oh? A school? I'm going to be...hewyu man? W-What's a hewyu man? What's the hewyu man currency?" she looked so scared, her fear escalating with every question.
  7. "Here comes a male hewyu-man now…Wait, that there!"

    Celestia gestured to the magazine.

    "Here: You'll look like one of these human girls, only with a personal touch…hold on…"

    And with a glow of the horn, Celestia became a woman in a suit with her trade mark hair, and Fluttershy, a teenage girl.


    Jack walked past the two, grumbling to himself, and thinking they were two normal women, though he did have his eye on the pink haired one….


    "By Equestria…That boy seems awfully miserable…Fluttershy, observe the actions of that young man and anyone around him as covertly as possible. Help us learn more about these people…And if possible, try to help him where you can. Equestria shouldn't be the only place of joy and friendship…"



  8. Fluttershy shut her eyes tight as Celestia laid the spell on her. Once done, she looked at herself. Wow, she looked very different! She thought. Fluttershy then looked up to Celestia and nodded at his request. She then began to follow Jack carefully.

    "Hmm..." Fluttershy thought to herself. "The Princess was right, he does look very disappointed..."
  9. Jack couldn't help but feel rather suspicious. He peered around the area a bit, mostly dodging Fluttershy (Now Felicia Shire) by pure luck as he entered a 7-Eleven, the mystic automatic doors being a sight to behold for the likes of ponykind, as well as the entirety of the store, Jack beginning his trek into the deep aisles of pain and overpriced snack foods...

    "Om Nom Nom Nom Nom…" He thought to himself, imagining a bowl of chips in hand...
  10. "Felicia" stared at the automatic doors and sort of played with them a bit. Stepping forward and stepping back and repeating. "Wow...They open on their own!" She was most likely getting stares at the moment and looked around at the other people curiously. She then remembered her job and went inside the 7-Eleven, looking for Jack. But, of course, she got distracted with the many food items inside.

    "W-Wow! I've...never seen so much food in one place! Not even the Grand Galloping Gala has as much food as this place!"
  11. Jack was looking around, scanning for his needed groceries, when he spotted Fluttershy in awe of the food. Scratching his head nervously, he could not help but admire her looks: He'd only caught a passing glimpse, but when he looked at her properly, she was gorgeous! Like an innocent little flower, she was. Inspiration set forth, various stories and such he'd heard of, mainly Scott Pilgrim coursed through his mind, as he dashed over to pick up some chips he needed, before accidentally bumping lightly into the girl/pony.

    "Ah! Sorry…Say, you look pretty surprised, 'angel'… You from a really rural town or something? Or do you prefer staying indoors?…"

    Then he turned off his 'awesome badass' personality, feeling as if he was acting stupid.

    "…Yeah, I'm Jack McCoy. You need help around town, I'd love to show you some sights. Some kids 'round here'll eat you alive like a shark if you're not careful…"



    "…So…It's…kinda…dark outside, huh?…Uh…what's a cute girl like you doing out so late? It's not safe to run around at this hour. Maybe I ought to walk you home or something?…I mean, I'm one of the best Karate practitioners in town."

    And his badass attitude thing was flickering. XD He felt pretty stupid that moment, wishing he didn't say anything at all.
  12. Fluttershy was looking at a certain aisle of food, wondering what was good and what wasn't. But at this point, she could most likely eat a...tree. Once bumped, she jumped a bit with a small squeak. "meep!"

    She looked up to Jack and her head tilted to the side. She then smiled at him. "Oh no, I'm not an angel, I'm a pon--cashier!" she exclaimed frantically, realizing she was just about to blow her cover. Once introduced, Fluttershy introduced herself, with a bit of strain in remembering, as Felicia Shire. But at the mention of sharks, she hid behind Jack.

    "S-Sharks?! Th-there are sharks here?!" she asked in a surprised tone, staring at him with frightened eyes.


    "Oh?...Ah, well..I...Just came into the city not too long ago...But if you insist about walking home with me," Fluttershy said nodding. She came out from behind Jack and stood in front of him.
  13. Jack whistled when the girl hid behind him, blushing lightly, yet feeling rather good that he could be a big strong badass for her.

    "Metaphorically, some people are vicious in attitude like sharks. Okay…maybe you're from a FOREIGN rural town?…Here, I'll buy you some sweets…Candy, Fruits, whatever you want, I'll buy it."
  14. "Oh? ..Um, yes," Fluttershy nodded. "A-Ah are you sure? I-I have money that I can help pitch in if you want," she said, remembering the 20 dollars that Celestia had given her.
  15. "Nonsense. :O" replied Jack, immediately buying her a nearby piece of candy, and handing it to her (It can be any candy you want. :O maybe an IRL fave?)

    "Go on: try it!" He encouraged the shy girl/pony. "It's good!"
  16. (oki ouo)

    "H-Hm?" Fluttershy took the candy and bit it a bit. It was a Reese's mini peanut butter cup. After swallowing it, she smiled as she enjoyed the sweet taste. "It is good!"
  17. "Toldja." Replied Jack. "Now then…"

    He began to pick out some groceries, giving explanations of every super essential product for Fluttershy's future reference. This was followed by him getting some more stuff just for Fluttershy to take home, using a credit card from his wallet to make the transaction, and even giving a basic explanation of said item just incase "Felicia" didn't understand.

    "…And when he tried to steal my card, I got him in the face with a chambered punch!"

    He led her out of the store, bragging about his skills in the martial arts, especially in a fighting style called 'Atsuichi Karate (Hot-Blooded Way Of The Empty Hand)' which was a style of Japanese Karate mixed with Chinese Kung Fu for a strange, yet effective art that boasted torturous training methods and great power as a fighting style.

    "See, there's this wonderful energy called Ki: we strive to achieve full control over it. The possibilities of harnessing life energy found in all things is endless for a true man of the fist, making them capable of great feats, sights of martial arts beauty, and awe, evidenced by a sublime glow around their hands, or if they're good enough, their whole body!"
  18. Fluttershy nodded at everything he said about what was what, but she was starting to get overwhelmed by how many things there were. By the time Jack got into martial arts topics. Her mind was pretty much fried and even went dizzy for a second there. (This face ---> @~@) "O-Oh many things!"
  19. "Don't worry, some things will go to the back of your mind and you'll remember some of them more casually than others."

    Then he stopped by what appeared to be the harbor, noticing a new building nearby (Celestia's luxury apartment thing), which made him whistle. Then he looked out to the water, and leaned on some rails, as he began to look out.

    "I dunno if you can tell, but next to some of my other interests like the entertainment business of film, television and so on, I've always been a hardworking martial artist. I've been bullied in the past and it caused a desire to burn within: A need to become stronger and show anyone who doubts me I'm above the things they say about me. I want to unlock that Ki energy I mentioned to really prove that point, maybe even open up my own martial arts school, and if I'm lucky, have some kind of successor to my great legacy to come….If I get one."

    Then he turned back to Fluttershy with a weak smile.

    "I'm sure all this talk must be boring to you. I guess I just felt so at home when I began telling you about town, and myself. There's just something…about you."

    And he began to blush, looking away to the water, before noticing a little boy with green hair and a purple t-shirt come out of Celestia's building and wave to Fluttershy, looking overjoyed.

    "O.O you live there?!…What the hell are you doing with a dork like me!?"
  20. Fluttershy listened to Jack talk, paying attention closely. This human really fascinated her and she just stared up at him with those adorable eyes that only Fluttershy could have. She smiled back and waved it off. "Oh're not boring at all!"

    She then saw the boy wave to him. "Oh! Spike!" And then she looked to Jack. "Eh? What's wrong with me talking to you now?" Fluttershy asked in her confused, soft voice.