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  1. Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship. A paragon of Pony Kind, one of four Alicorns in the world. How can a princess rule without those who serve?

    Batponies. Created by Nightmare Moon over a thousand years ago. Feared for no reason other than their creator, loyal even now as they travel the world, slowly returning to Luna's service. Seen as monsters, outcasts in a clear sense.

    Changelings. Bug-like ponies whom feed off of love. Seen as monsters because of the choices of one Hive and it's Queen. Though not all need to weaken their host to feed, stolen love has a negative effect on it's giver. Often Hives are destroyed in the struggle for a stable amount of Love for their kind. Hated by all.

    One day there will be a change. Only Twilight can bridge the gap between the things-that-go-bump, and the day ponies. But she won't do it alone... Harmony will have it's protectors.
  2. New Moon. A threstral - batpony, if that is what you knew her species by. Dark black fur covered her from hoof to ear, small white fangs jutting out from her nuzzle. Two leathery wings lay folded at her sides, that when extended spanned greater than a pegasus's wings fully outstretched. On her flank was the sign of her special talent, her Cutie Mark - that of a thin hollow circle, barely visible, which denoted the lunar phase of new moon. However, her name had actually come before her Cutie Mark, since she was born on a dark night and the moon was nowhere in sight.

    Her Cutie Mark had only appeared after she had first met Luna, the Princess of Night, over a thousand years ago now. Flying during the night was a favored pastime of hers, and due to her dark coloring, few saw her as she flew. It was due to this fact that the would-be assassins didn't see her. Her cry of warning saved the life of the lunar sister, which earned her not only a job in the Night Guard, but also her special talent.

    But when Nightmare Moon took the throne, the peaceful Night Guard were transformed - violently, into a species that had never existed before and would never exist again. Threstrals. They were her elite guard, striking fear into the heart if ponies everywhere. Twisted dark magic flowed through their veins, forcing their hooves to do actions so evil they were unspeakable. When the Nightmare was banished, her threstrals were thrown across Equestrian, dazed and confused. For over a thousand years they hid in the shadows, fearing the wrath of the day ponies. Finally, when the true lunar princess returned, Princess Luna, the threstrals finally had someone to serve again.

    Over time, they had made their way to her, braving the light of Celestia's day in order to reach their princess again. Luna was glad to see her old friends and guards return, immediately reinstating the Night Guard. However, New Moon could never bring herself to return to her old princess. Her special talent, that of a night scout and messenger, was near useless now due to the shift of magic from combat to practical uses.

    Now she wandered in the Everfree forest, her fangs extended as hunger surged in her belly. But she would not go into the town for food, not when the day ponies would chase her out with hooves and magic. Perhaps starvation would finally take care of what age could not...
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  3. Signature buzzing could be heard in the background, two ponies near starvation travelling through the forest. One, elder with a membrane-like beard sticking out of cracks in the Chitin, nearly fell. Dark, meaningless mutterings escaped him for a few minutes before he turned his attention to the smaller, more strangely chitin-covered pony next to him. At her silent gaze he let out a tired sigh, nodded, and dropped to the floor. The dim light made it difficult to see the grey shield-and-wing emblazoned on his flank, though the dull bug eyes he held would give him away immediately.

    Changelings. The very word sent most day ponies into a fright, running far away as soon as possible. Or else fighting her kind for life. Alas, but their own kind also would attempt to destroy the weaker Hives, to make way for the strong. Some mutation long ago had cost their kind the ability to live off of plant matter, for though they could survive, they could not grow and would slowly fade away, only to die. They needed love to survive.

    Sadly, Queen Chrysalis, leader of a moderately-sized Hive, had decided to attack the Ponies. Her goal was simple, to take all of the love in Equestria for Changeling Kind, and thus save them. It failed. As a result love became more scarce than ever before, and the Nightsong Hive had been eliminated to make way for some of the larger Hives. The only survivors of this unique Hive, which rather than steal Love would craft unique appearances for themselves and live among Pony Kind in harmony, scattered to the winds. Only one guard remained loyal to their Princess, and soon to be Queen. Stalwart Guardian, near the end of his Cycle, took it upon himself to protect the blind Princess.

    The younger Pony by his side, a Queen-to-be, or Princess, with blue eyes that swam in different shades and hues based on lighting, tried in vain to coax one of the creatures nearby. Just a bit would do, a tiny bit of love for them. Her pale-blue membrane-like mane draped around her on both sides, partially hiding her eyes. It was dull, as were her wings which lay limply at her side. Moonlight, Princess of the Nightsong Hive, had still not found her talent. That was fine, though, for first they had to get someplace where they could live peacefully.

    Her ear flicked towards the sound of the wind, even as she sensed the pony nearby. She curled up, closing her slitted eyes, and waited for the end. Nopony would let them live if they were found, and Stalwart couldn't fight as he was now.
  4. Moon, as only a close few called her (only Luna and the Night Guard, now), could taste the two ponies nearby. Her mouth watered at the thought of the blood that would soothe the ache in her fangs and the hunger in her belly. Helplessly her hooves dragged through the foliage as she followed the scent in the air, despite her intentions otherwise. A low hissing growl emerged from her muzzle as the scent grew stronger and finally she stood before two... ponies?

    No. Changelings. But... Different than the ones that attacked Canterlot. These were more pony-like... It was strange, but still pleasing to the eye. However, Moon's hunger did not allow her eyes to take in the sight properly. Instead she was forced closer, head lowering to brush against the male's neck... and finding chitin.

    How on earth did she bite through that?
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  5. The tired, fading blue of Stalwart and the ghostly silver of the new pony touched, ever so slightly, right at the neck of the first. This new pony was bright, oh so very bright, but there was a slight darkening of it she knew wasn't normal. It was so similar to Moonlight and Stalwart's that she had to wonder, almost completely out of nowhere, if she was hungry like them. But right now she was more focused on keeping the only creature that didn't hate her in the world still alive, and that meant she had to attack the obviously more healthy pony.

    Having determined what she would do, the slightly smaller pony walked over to the bright silver light, looked for the center of it, and started to fruitlessly punch it with her front hooves, shouting as she did so that while they may be changelings they were still ponies, and hadn't eaten properly in weeks, so leave us alone please! Or, she would have, if she hadn't somehow misjudged where she was going to hit and fallen flat on the ground with an"oof". Undeterred she stood up and tried this again, wondering how she'd mistake the edge of the light for the center.
  6. Moon had taken a deep breath of the male's scent and was about to bite down hard on his neck, hoping to crack the chitin like a bad egg, when her long dormant guards pony instincts kicked in and she sidestepped the blow meant for her, sending the female changeling to the floor with the breath knocked out of her. However the changeling got right back up again and tried to attack once more.

    Moon curled her tongue around a fang and wondered if she still knew how to speak Equestrian after so long. "Thou... Thoust art hungry, changeling?" She rasped out, too hungry to spare any energy towards fighting the female, instead trying to talk to her. "Feed me, and I shall feed you in turn. 'Tis agreeable, no?" Perhaps an agreement could be made... Before Moon lost control and left a bloodbath in her wake.
  7. The young changeling paused, wobbling slightly as her membrane-mane swayed back and forth, before letting her hoof down. The pupils in her eyes widened as she looked at the silver mass, ears swiveled towards her. Tentatively she reached towards Stalwart's presence in the rather silent mind, and the two changeling's heads tilted towards one another, even as the former guard tried to stand once more. For a few moments they were silent, before the Princess changeling nodded sharply.

    "J-just take a little bit from Stalwart, please." She told the Thestral, voice wavering in both hunger and exhaustion. If he could just get a bit of love, the tiniest drops, he would be able to move again. Stalwart glared at her, not even needing to reach across the Hive Mind to tell her that this was not what the two of them had decided on, but she just rose her muzzle in defiance, eyes flashing just a bit to tell him that this was her decision, and that he had better accept it.

    Yes, my Princess. As you command. His tone over the Link was sullen, he having wanted her to be the one fed through love, rather than himself. Obediently he stretched out his neck, telling the Thestral in a resigned, grizzled voice "As commanded, I offer myself to your mercy, Thestral." Even so, his eyes looked at her with an air of weariness which was meant to explain that if anything happened to him he would return, as a ghost if necessary, to ensure that Moonlight was taken care of. "My chitin is old, and brittle. It should not take much to break it."
  8. Moon frowned. Truthfully, she didn't feed on the blood itself - a closely held secret - but on the magic inherent in any pony's blood. However, she knew that a changeling's magic was dependent on love. To get a proper feeding from either changelings, she had to feed them first. Closing her eyes, she prepared herself for the pain this would cause her.

    "Changelings - thoust shall feed first. 'Tis only proper. Prepare yourselves." Then she took a deep breath and began to picture a pony.

    His fur was an earthy green, his mane and tail a darker shade of the same color. His eyes, always alight with life and love, were a wonderous shade of blue. He had wings, long long wings that sent him soaring high like an eagle but diving fast as a falcon. His laugh bubbled up like the babbling of a stream, gentle and welcoming. He, rare for those with wings, was actually a gardener, his feet planted solidly in the ground even as his wings soared in the sky. His name was...

    "Wild Song..." Moon whispered, bittersweet love welling up inside if her as she thought of the one pony she had loved throughout all of her long long life. She hoped the changelings fed, and fed well, for she could not stand the pain of loss once more.
  9. The ambient love was shocking, powerful and easily identified as a love that had been lost at some point. There was a bittersweet flavor to it, even as she ordered Stalwart to feed first. Despite his own protests he did in fact start to draw the love from the Thestral directly, lifting himself up with his Princess' support so that his horn, onyx and smooth, touched the Flank of the Thestral just barely. He fed for a short while, careful not to drain all of the love, and then he pushed Moonlight forward.

    <Stalwart!> She mentally shouted at him, trying to force him to take more, but he would have none of it. She could sense his stubbornness, both in his cobalt Aura and his presence in their two-changeling Hive Mind. She let out a small noise, but also began to feed, careful to take half of what she took in and give it to the elderly ex-guard. Her own feeding was quicker, as she didn't want to drain the Thestral's energy completely, and eventually she stopped. The two of them weren't full, but it was a far bigger meal than they'd had in a long time. Plenty, she hoped, to share their blood and not be left unable to move afterwards.
  10. Moon sighed softly as the changelings fed, her emotions slowly numbing as her strength fled. She stumbled lightly, regaining her feet before swinging her head to face the two changelings. "Now 'tis my turn to feed. I apologize if I cannot dull the pain for you." She managed to rasp out, before her hunger took over and with a flap of her wings, she launched herself at the male changeling.

    Her fangs broke through the male's chitin with a horrible crack, warm blood gushing into her mouth as she drank greedily. Only by using all of her considerable restraint, trained over centuries of fasting, allowed her to break the deadly embrace, a low growl leaving her mouth as she jumped back from the changeling. She ran her mouth around her fangs, collecting every last drop of blood before finally speaking. "You honor me with the gift of your lifeblood. I thank you." And then Moon bowed, as low to the ground as she could, to show her gratitude (and yes, a bit of love) towards the changelings. She didn't know I'd they had saved her life or if she would have just suffered eternal hunger - but either way, she owed them a great debt.
  11. The two of them staggered slightly, Stalwart from the sudden loss of blood and Moonlight from feeling the tiny, yet very potent love granted to the two of them as a result of their mutually beneficial trade. That was all the two of them could call it, for even though much of Stalwart's strength had been lost he still managed to recover, just a bit, and stand on his feet, spitting a tiny bit of azure goop into one hoof and spreading it over the crunched, and still bleeding, puncture wound.

    Moonlight, rather than focus on how effective the sudden, and far sweeter, free love gift had been, moved forwards a few paces and sat down. Judging by her mode of conversation, she thought it might be best to speak "It is we who should thank you. Not only have you not attacked us, but you have freely given us sustenance when we were in need. If you have need of aid, We will freely give it, for thanks to you We have a chance to rebuild the Moonsong Hive." Then, in a gesture that would only mean something to those who knew of her station, she bowed just as deeply to the Thestral. "This is Our vow, and you may call Us Moonlight, if it so pleases you." Inwardly she winced, hoping it wasn't too difficult to tell when she was talking about the two of them, and when she was talking about herself.
  12. Moon, thankfully having lived back in the days of the Canterlot Voice and the royal We, understood exactly what the changeling - Moonlight - was saying. What confused and yet interested her (besides their similar names) was that Moonlight was using the royal We, and yet was bowing... "Princess Moonlight, 'tis I, not thou, that should be bowing. Please, rise. As you are royalty, 'tis a great honor to be of service to you. My former Mistress Luna was once a great friend of the changelings and 'tis a pleasure to see there remains a royal leader." Moon said, bowing once more before raising her head. "I am called New Moon, for the darkness of my coat and the skill of my night during the deepest darkest night. In exchange for the lifeblood that you have shared with me this night, I must now serve you until my debt is fulfilled. Please, Princess, command me as you will." Moon came from an age where debts were a grave matter, and she would not go back on a debt. She would pay it back in full, and there would be no doubt about it.
  13. Moonlight rose again, keeping her posture straight and commanding, as would be expected by one of the Changeling Queens of the Hives were she in front of them. "New Moon..." How small was this world? Another person with a moon-based name! Surprise flashed in her eyes as she thought over the coincidence. "We are pleased by your willingness to pledge aid to Us, but We must also explain the reasons why we are in such dire straights." She paused, head tilting slightly as she listened to Stalwart's warnings, mainly on not explaining how small the Hive might be. "We are currently in exile from our own homeland. The best way to repay your debt to Us would be to find a place to rebuild Our Hive. We would not ask any more than that from you." It would be best to leave this Thestral be, even if so far they had not been enemies. Caution was the word of the year.
  14. "With greatest respect, your Majesty, there is no better place than the forest in which we currently reside, for the natives rarely stir here, and the few denizens that wander mostly avoid a fight." Moon reported, her time in the Night Guard kicking in as she automatically made her report to the princess before her. It was a bit strange, reporting to a princess both a bit shorter than her (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) and a lot, lot, lot... weaker. However royalty must be respected, especially foreign royalty.

    "I would only caution thou against settling more than a few legions and scores - Ach, they use numbers in this day and age... No more so than a hundred of your subjects, Princess Moonlight, for fear that the activity would be noticed by the other ponies in the area and reported to the government." However Moon didn't feel like this was enough to repay her debt. "'Tis would be a great honor if this humble servant could help your Highness (a touch ironic, with the height difference and all) with her settlement."
  15. "Thank you, kind one. We are most pleased." She nodded, standing on four hooves once more. So, this area where she couldn't get love from the animals because they either were filled with hate, like those odd wooden wolves, or fear for their lives and would not grow close enough to her, was the best bet for them to survive. Well, she supposed her people did thrive on adversity. she couldn't feed solely off of New Moon, though, so likely... she would have to hide in the town for a while at some point, gathering Love for the two of them. Just a bit of it would be fine, but for now... with what they had accepted they could likely hold out for another month without having to feed, so she'd likely travel around the town within a few weeks. "Is there shelter for Ourself and Our guard?"

    To think she could have been a ProtoQueen were it not for the ill-planned invasion of Chrysalis. As it was now her growth had been so stunted that she barely looked like a teenage pony, her wings flapping pointlessly when she wanted to fly and magic barely able to handle telekinesis. It would take time for them to be able to gain enough strength to move, but the silvery color that was the Thestral's aura signified that she would not budge, so she was likely the closest to a chance at survival.

    ((If they go into the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight Sparkle could find them at some point. I'd say a week, so that they could rescue some small animal that would be in danger, and keep it as a pet of sorts? That'd be a supply of love, if not as sustaining as Pony or Zebra love. Likewise Zecora could find them, you know.))
  16. ((I'm not sure about the pet version, but I was thinking that Zecora keeps tabs on the forest dwellers and so New Moon exchanges herbs and what not for news of the outside world that Zecora gets from Twilight. Perhaps Zecora, during one of Twilight's visits, let's slip that there are three ponies living in the old castle...))

    "There is indeed such a place, your Majesty, deeper into the forest. None dare wander close, for the old castle is a relic from the olden days of Nightmare Moon, and her magic can still be felt in the stone." Moon said, still in her bow as she had not been given permission to rise. In truth, she hated the old castle, for the dark magic of Nightmare Moon resparked the drive for dark things within her, though she did her best to suppress it. However, she was duty bound to give the best answer she could do the princess, and she would do exactly that. In truth, it was the safest place in the forest, aside from Zecora's hut and Fluttershy's cabin.
  17. ((That's cool. XD I still needs think of some reason they would survive long enough, as feeding on New Moon for too long might be detrimental.))

    Moonlight nodded once more, before realizing that the Thestral was still bowing. Oh, right... she was old, and likely was more used to very strict courtly manners. "You may rise, New Moon." Her ears dropped a bit but remained within the limits of royal confidence, a choice she felt was absolutely necessary for the good of those involved. "If you would be so kind as to lead us to this castle? We would much like to reach Our next shelter before the more dangerous animals of this forest begin to hunt." Stalwart, in response to her unvoiced command, walked over to her in a sort of... half-gait.

    ((XD I'm thinking Moonlight will drop the Royal We unless in formal situations. It's pretty hard to write.))
  18. ((New Moon only knows how to speak in such a formal way, but she's learning! As you can see with he numbers, lol.))

    Moon eagerly regained her feet when the changeling princess allowed her to, shaking out her fur slightly as she kept her gaze on the ground right in front of her feet. "As you command, Princess, so I shall obey. If it may please you, follow me, for the olden castle is this way." Slowly she began to pick out a path through the trees, making sure ever so often that the princess and her guard were still following her, and she also kept alert and aware for any signs of danger.

    The castle wasn't too far away from the place where threstral and changeling had met, so it wasn't long after they started walking that the trees began to thin out and the dirt path became visivle. However, the castle was not in view until a minute or so later, when the trio rose up a small hill to find the castle a few yards away. It looked majestic - or, it would have looked majestic back in the days of its glory. Now it was crumpled and ruined, only mere fragments remaining of the magnificent castle she remembered it was. "This way, your Majesty." Moon spoke quietly, stepping just as softly on the broken atone path that led to the entrance of the castle. "I know a room that has not been destroyed yet."
  19. The two Changelings followed her silently, even along the Hive Mind, save for when Stalwart would trip once or twice. Moonlight always caught him, sensing that slight surprise in his Aura. At least the two of them managed to get there. Stalwart took a few steps once they arrived, "Show us the way, then." His voice was quite a bit weaker than he had expected. Maybe he should have lay down for a bit later.
  20. Moon sighed softly in guilt. "I'm sorry, Mr. Guard, I did not mean to take so much blood from you. However, my hunger took control of me and I could not stop. You're lucky that I had enough will to break free when I did, otherwise, I might have drained you dry." After that disturbing image, she led the pair through the equally disturbing ruins, retracing her steps from memory of the past, although she had to make detours when hallways were blocked off with rubble. Eventually, she reached the room she knew was still standing - the spell enclave, it was called. It was where her Mistress Luna had experimented with her magic, oh so many years ago. "This room was reinforced with many spells of strengthing long ago." Moon explained to the princess and her guard, stepping aside to let them enter first. "It has survived the years easily. Please, do not be afraid."
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