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    The land of Equestria, a mystical land filled with magic and beauty to the most part. The inhabitants of this land are all animals and among them are the three primary pony races who live in harmony with the land. However ponies are not the only ones who inhabit the land, there are Zebras, Buffaloes, and even Griffins and Dragons. All these races exist in either Equestria itself of the land around it.

    However one would be mistaken if they believe such a wold is always at peace, there's trouble at times and even at points rising and falls of evils. However to defend Equestria we have the elements of harmony and their current weilders the mane six. Of course, we cannot completely be dependant on the main six to solve all of our problems. No we still need to work together, build friendships of our own. And perhaps one day, even we more common creatures of this land will be needed for greatness.

    Now let our story begin.

    It was a cloudy day in Equestria that had followed several days of warm sunny weather and now there was a slight drought. The Pegasus had all agreed that due to the drought they had decided to wait for a while to no cause the lake to dry out. Thus they had made the weather cloudy as to lower the temperature slightly and to wait a few days for the natural rivers both above and below ground to hopefully recover. Because of the dry weather, everyone was ordered to be mindful about the water they use, and not to waste it for unnecessary purposes, they was also told to be mindful with open flames as rouge sparks easily could cause wildfires.

    -Town Of Ponyville-
    Current Weather: Mild to hot temperature and Drought. A light fair breeze expected to increase towards the evening.

    Current time: Morning


    Vincent Gainbits

    The weather was not a big item on Vincent's mind, he was not the pony to really care as much if it was hot or cold... however he did like that it was a bit cooler today even if that probably meant that a lot less ponies would be visiting the beach today and more would hang out around their homes. Yet even if that usually meant a lot of ogling for beautiful mares on the beach he could still somewhat do the same in town. Getting out his home that laid slightly in the outskirts of Ponyville he would greet the new day with a smile. And as the question of breakfast came up on his agenda he pondered a while before deciding that he might as well eat out today at the cafe, after all they did serve his favorite grilled sandwiches there.

    Wandering over towards the café he would see that a lot of ponies were just going onwards towards their regular bussiness as expected. He wondered to himself if there was somepony that would need help today as he was a bit of a jump in when it came to work as he didn't want to benefit one company too much at one time. He also didn't really hope or wish that someone would need help, no after all he was afraid that by doing so his luck could cause problems that he needed to solve which he didn't want too. Instead he just stayed focused on what he wanted for now and that was a nice sandwich hopefully delivered by a dashing mare.

    With that in mind he went over to the Caf'e and took a seat, he then leaned back a bit to look as cool as he could while sitting there, and at the same time tried to look welcoming and be ready to flirt if the oppertunity arrived... and with that he waited to get his chance to order. ​
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  2. "... and there we have it. I never really got to analyse ponies back home. Three basic races. Hmm... theoretically, a fourth race can originate from... how do hybrid genes work?"

    Kuda was pondering as he hovered on the table, eating his breakfast.

    "Now dear, you probably shouldn't stress yourself too much," his wife, a bigger fox variety, Shuu, comments. "It's not good for your health."

    "I'll be alright honey," Kuda says, "I promise not to wander into the Everfree alone."


    After a little mingling with this wife, Kuda decided to familiarize himself with the town, maybe observe creatures he could never find in the Eastern lands. Despite spending a few months here, he never truly did comb the entire city. With hind legs retracted, he hovered the city, before seeing one of the many ponies of Ponyville. "Good morning! How's your day?"
  3. Luna looked around not sure where she needed to be going or who she was suppose to be talking to. Well not that she needed to talk to anyone, but she did quite enjoy talking to others when she got the chance to. Not that many people did try to strike up a conversation with her. Luna might be a little strange? Opening up her fortune telling shop, Luna waited for someone to come along and ask for their fortunes to be told.
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  4. Nox sighed as he stared down the road. He had never met his uncle, Full Steam, and really didn't want to. He wanted to go back to his cabin, and their tiny farm, and the way life was before the fire. Stupid drought! It had spread across a good portion of Equestria, and if it wasn't for that... He blinked his eyes shut tightly, to keep tears from coming out. After a moment of calming down, he took a deep breath. His ears pushed forwards and he took his first step inside of the town.

    He easily found his way to his uncle, who was helping out at Apple Acres. After talking with him for a bit, Full Steam sent him to go meet the other ponies of the town. He'd help out another time, today he should get settled in, meet some ponies and make some friends. Nox agreed and trotted back to town. The little town was homey, and it felt warm. But, maybe that was the weather. He shook his mane, and his red eyes saw a show. A fortune teller...? His eyes widened as he padded over to the door.

    Nox peeked in the door and saw another pony inside. He smiled a bit, and nudged open the door, looking around. He watched the mare before speaking up a bit. "Uhm, h-hello..." He gave Luna a shy, nervous smiled as he came forth. "A-are you the fortune teller pony...?"

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  5. Strawberry Cream, or Berry as her friends call her was trotting down the streets of Ponyville. She was a bit late to opening up her Sweets Cafe but then again it was still quite early, who needed cake before the sun was even high in the sky? She was stopped in her tracks with a fox like creature approached her in greeting. She smiled and bounced "Hello there! It's good so far, just headed to open up my shop." She let out a chuckle. "What about youuu~?" Berry was always a morning person, other grumpy ponies might see her as an annoyance.

  6. Anastasia Paced Around her town,Once again having woken up from a nightmare of that fateful night when everything went out of control. A filly had died because she hadn't been there, and her town was now a cursed land, Taking in unsuspecting Fillies who havent yet gotten cutie marks.. SHe does not Agree with Greyhoof's Ideas, But they had decided long ago there was no Princess in town anymore- She mattered just as much as every other pony, nothing more then that.[should i submit bios for the others?]
  7. Starry Inks had never been a morning pony, especially so far from home. She had told her parents that it would be fine. She was almost a full grown mare. There was no need to worry. However, after only three days away from home, Starry found herself incredibly homesick and rethinking her whole idea of moving to Ponyville. The young mare rolled over in her bed, groaning about the sun being far too bright. Carefully she got up and shook her mane, using her magic to start brushing the brown mess. Yawning, Starry started to go about her usual morning routine, sleep still bogging her mind. She magically grabbed her bandanna and glasses, putting them on and at least trying to look somewhat awake. She had her first meeting with an editor, somepony who was interested in publishing one of her works. The thought nearly jolted Starry out of her sleepy stupor as she trotted toward the café where she was to meet her possible editor. Excitement filled her with chills as she sat down at a table, waiting for the assigned meeting. Maybe moving away from home would be a good thing after all.
  8. Vincent Gainbits

    His favorite sandwich was finally served and to that he could enjoy a sweet view, a quite good looking mare sat down by a nearby table. He couldn't quite recall meeting her closely before thus he found it totally fine to mingle with her, on another point she seeemd so totally alone by her table. He had almost decided on going, but now he had a big cute reason to stay here, he got up and walked over. "Hey there, You surely look like the Mare I'm supposed to meet here but the description hardly do you justice" he said smiling to her "Your much cuter and dashing in person." he said reaching out his hoof, "Vincent Gainbits... you can call me Vince" he said smirking slightly as he introduced himself to Starry Inks.
  9. Morning's light broke through the curtains of Cloud Chaser and Pumpkin Spice's room. Cloud Chaser had wanted to sleep in; he wasn't ready to face his day just yet. He was the best therapist in Ponyville, and while he adored his job he also loved spending time with his family. "Come on sleepy head, you've got to get to work in an hour. If you get up now you'll be able to have a couple cups of coffee before you go," Pumpkin's voice urged him. Pumpkin was his faithful husband and best friend; besides, they had to get their daughter Shining Spark (called her Sparks for short) to flight school. It was just last week that she got her cutie mark; a weather pony. Cloud was so proud of her; she'd worked really hard in school to try and figure out what her talent might be and it came in the most unexpected way. Just a couple weeks ago she was grousing about never getting her cutie mark just because Golden Sails had gotten her's before her. Golden Sails was her best friend, they had sleep overs all the time and went to summer camp together. Their families were pretty close; Cloud had wanted them to get their marks together but this turned out to do just as good.

    Pulling himself out of bed, he gave Pumpkin a kiss good morning before trotting into Blue's room. "Heyia little guy, time to wake up. You get to go with your father to his store!" Cloud said cheerfully. Blue shared a common trait with Cloud; he was very hard to wake up. Blue Emerald was just a toddler and hadn't gotten his cutie mark. Probably wouldn't for a while yet, but at this age foals didn't care. Blue stirred under his sheets and got up, yawning. He'd gotten his toddler bed a month ago and was just getting used to it. The small foal got up and headed straight for the bathroom; the morning routine was brush your teeth, wash your face and get breakfast. Well, at least for him it was. Sparks was already up and getting ready for school. She woke up most mornings even before their parents did so that she could be directly on time. She was packing her bag full of books when she glanced up as Cloud came walking down the stairs. Pumpkin was working with Blue upstairs and Cloud figured that he'd get breakfast started.

    "Morning Sparks, you sleep well?" he said cheerfully as he headed into the kitchen. Shining Sparks smiled brightly at her father and nodded. There was a telling sign that the bus was here, waving at her father she ran out of the door. She had breakfast at school most days. Watching her go, Cloud didn't think he could be any happier with his life.

    By the time breakfast was finished, Blue and Pumpkin were at the table waiting (Pumpkin had to calm Blue don't after the little foal realized his sister left without saying goodbye). They were all sitting around the table enjoying their morning when Cloud happened to glance at the clock. "I have to get to work now or I'll be late, have a good day you two," kissing Pumpkin and their son goodbye, he headed out with his briefcase in his mouth.
  10. Looking up at the male who had appeared Luna smiled happily and gestured to him sit down.
    "Yes Luna is the fortune telling unicorn~"
    As he sat down and she brought out several different items she looked up once in a while as she spoke.
    "What would the pony want? does the pony want the future? Does the pony want to see the love that will appear? Luna is able to do anything~ Tell Luna and Luna shall try to help the pony."
    Looking at him and smiling everyone always though it was strange how she spoke in third person not that she tried to allow those thoughts to bother her at all. She was her own pony and she could do and be who she wanted to be.

  11. The sudden appearance of the stallion caused Starry to jump. She blinked at the stallion, a blush quickly emerging to stain the fur on her cheeks darker. "I-I'm sorry, but I don't remember being told to meet a Vincent..." The editor she was supposed to meet was much, much older than the stallion in front of her. "However, it's nice to meet you, Vince. I'm Starry Inks. Just call me Starry." She smiled at the green Pegasus and shook his hoof before shifting anxiously in her seat. Her blue eyes scanned the crowds for the dark red stallion promising to meet her about the draft she had sent him of her first few chapters. Vince's sudden appearance threw the young mare off. "I-um-I suppose you must have been waiting for another mare, I'm waiting for somepony else..." She chuckled, giving a small smile. Her eyes kept ducking through the crowds, trying to find that flash of a scowl that she had met when she first delivered the draft to the company.

    Starry's heart fluttered in a panic. What if the stallion never came? What if the letter she received asking for that meeting was fake? What if she would never become an author, and her cutiemark was just a big fat joke? The stallion-Vince, Starry reminded herself-made Starry feel nervous. She hadn't flirted much before. The only flirting she had found was in books, and even then it was always dashing stallions and shy mares. They understood each other, unlike Starry who was unsure just what to think.
  12. Vincent Gainbits

    He grinned a bit as she spoke and listened to her until she finished, she was indeed very pretty and the way she even blushed was super cute. He didn't really know what to think about the whole situation, but he did indeed find it very lucky to meet a lonely looking mare without trying to gain it through other means. "Oh... No, no. I'm quite sure that that your exactly the beauty i've been waiting for my entire life~ " he said chuckling kindly as hhe glanced around before turning his full attention to her again. He thought for a little while before nodding "And perhaps I just happen to be the one you been waiting for all along as well?" he said and leaned towards the empty seat acoss from hers. "Starry, I really like that, And I would want to get to know more about you, and to keep you company if you do't mind" h said looking into her eyes.​
  13. Nox was a bit taken back as she gestured him in, and he plopped down on a seat. She was quick to bring some items out and asked what he sought. Huh, now that was an interesting thing. He had no idea what he wanted to know. He sighed a bit, shaking his mane out of the ponytail he still had it in for the past two days. He looked over the items again, before looking up at Luna.

    "W-well... I'm n-new here, and uh.." The teen took a deep breath, his ears folding down. "Will I make any friends...?" That's what he wanted to know. He had no idea how to make friends, he never needed to. But if he knew that he would make friends soon, well, that would make him feel better.

  14. Luna stopped what she was doing and looked at the male with a small smile in her eyes. PLacing the items back Luna giggled a little. This young one is such an interesting one~ Giggling some more she hopped out of her chair she made her way to the boy and nudged him to follow her.
    "That isn't something that needs to be made by a fortune telling method~ Luna can tell that the young boy in front of her is a very kind soul and Luna can tell that many others shall want to be this boys friend."
    Smiling at him she shook her short silver mane before looking outside with her grey eyes.
    "To find those friends though, the boy must go out to see the world. Luna would like to call herself the boys first friend and she hopes that the boy shall come and talk to her whenever he needs to talk to someone."
    Smiling at him with kind gentle eyes she looked outside and then looked back at him.
    "But first the boy must learn to be more confident, the boy should not be afraid. Luna thinks this to be true, once the boy becomes more confident about himself, he will not make only ten or fifteen friends. the whole town could be the boys friend."
    Her calm response and her smiling face would be soothing to those who heard it.

  15. Light shone into the windows of All Star's room in Cloudsdale. Drowsily, she sat up and yawned . She looked outside and sighed softly at the sight of the drought which still continued. She looked over at her Soccer Ball in her room near the bed and hoped the weather would go back to normal so she could play soccer without getting hot after a few minutes. Speaking of hot, that's exactly how All Star felt. Opening her wings, All Star shot out of her bedroom window into the heat of day. She folded her wings and dove down, loving the cold wind that whipped past her. Just before she hit the ground, All Star opened her wings and soar over the ground, hooves only a centimeter above. She folded her wings and landed outside of the bakery where she had ordered a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night. Walking in she smiled at the married couple and grasped the bag within her mouth. Dipping her head in thanks, she winked at the twins then turned and headed out.

    Spectra groaned as she awoke thanks to the light than managed to get past her curtains and land directly on her. The pretty Unicorn raised her head with a big yawn. Shaking the sleepiness away, she got out of bed and opened the curtain only to blinded by the suns rays. Letting go of the curtain, she rubbed her eyes with her hoof and blinked a few times. After her eyes adjusted to the light in her home, she used her magic to put her black and purple headphones around her neck. Blaring the song 'Stutter', she left the house and headed into the heat.

    Starry Skies raised her head with a yawn and looked around. She soon realized she had passed out while reading about the history of Canterlot. She leaped off her stool and shook her whole body. She looked out the window but didn't dare stand directly in front of it in fear of getting blinded. With a shrug, Starry Skies put her satchel on then then left her home. She headed toward Twilight's Library to ask for some books to read.

    Vanilla Swirl awoke to the cries of her animal friends. Leaping to her whooves, Vanilla Swirl quickly made them breakfast, as well as herself. After she served it to them she sat down and ate her's quickly. Once finished she opened the windows for the birds, unlocked the doggy/cat door, and put water to the very brim of each water bowl, same with food. Vanilla Swirl smiled at her animal friends then remembered she had to go shopping. She put on her satchel and headed out, closing the door behind her.
  16. "Bane"
    Drifting like a cloud of dust over the land, a young Unicorn paced forth. "or so they say" Said the unicorn out of reasons. He padded over the ground towards town, he was bored beyond compare, because fire was mostly banned and that happened to be his speciality. He felt like a candle that had been snuffed out, and thus there was but one thing he could do.

    Aiming towards the library an particulary boring looking mare stepped into his path. It was a Unicorn like himself who also was heading towards the library and she would be the first to tempt his wrath. "Move!" he commanded pushing himself past the older mare in a most urgently fashion. His robe hardly dampening the force of the tackle and his warning harly arriving quickly enough for a reaction to be made.

    Then he just kept walking to the library until he reached its inside. He didn't even seem to care if he had hurt the pony, nor had he apologised like if it been an accident.
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  17. Starry Skies staggered sideways but was able to catch herself. She watched the rude stallion and fixed herself up before she walked inside as well. Ignoring him, she browsed all the books Twilight had, looking for ones mainly about spells and history for the upcoming test Princess Luna had in store for her. She soon found a large book with many spells and used her magic to retrieve it from the shelf above her. She lowered it to the ground where she laid down and began looking through the book.
  18. "Bane"
    First he just padded around the library, but the he came to halt besides a group of books about both dragons and volcanoes. Books about fires and lores of flames that he briefly scanned through. Then as 'that' mare bothered him again by doing nothing he noticed how she took a book on the subject of magic into her possession. "That's the book I was looking for!. Give it here" he said snagging the book before giving the mare a bitter expression as he turned away to hold onto it.
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  19. That was it. Angry, Starry Skies used her magic and teleported in front of the stallion. She snatched the book from him then used more magic to put up a barrier around herself. With the strong barrier now up, she laid back down and read to book. She purposely did this in front of him for the fun of it. As an extra measure she kept one of her whooves pressed down hard on the book in case he tried anything.
  20. "Bane"
    And so she stole his book!... She should't have done that. Bane was angry, he didn't like being angry but this Wicked mare sought to test his patience further. She would taste his wrath, growling slightly he drapped his horn toward and across her barrier to a loud streaking sound. Sparks flew and with a quick drag the whole thing were engulfed in flames. "Give my book back!" he commanded as the flames licked the floor and the roof spreading in a circle around them. Surely this situation was growing bad fast...