MLP: Canterlot Arrival [Wildpelt x Teal]

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  1. "Quillina!" Cane the sharp call from the other room. Quillina jumped and dashed over to where the call came from, spilling some ink over a parchment as she tried to scramble out of her cramped position. Knowing how Luna would react to her being tardy, she quickly resolved to move faster.

    Art thou ready? Luna asked, sitting on her bed with a small shower of glowdust. Quillina nodded and started packing up some things, mainly her prized quill and parchment.

    Luna gave her a soft smile and yawned, then gave her leave with a wave of her hoof. Quillina dashed down the tower and started making her way to the edge of the castle.

    Quillina was there for one reason: she had to go grocery shopping and she was interested to see about Canterlot. Sure, she lived in it, but didn't actually know about it. She hoped her time wouldn't be spent in vain.
  2. Outside the castle, the posh and high class ponies of Canterlot walk around with their heads held high. As always the weather is to their liking and nothing brash or uncouth is disrupting their day.

    Except for one pony who found an extremely odd thing in her salad that made her jump out of her seat and shout for help.
    The mare fainted and several waiters rushed over to assist her. One closed up the platter and took it outside, opening it up and emptying the contents of it into the trash and returning inside.

    Thankfully for the one who caused the posh mare such distress, the garbage was full so the little red mare was able to get out of the stinky container with ease.
    Sanny took a moment to wonder how she looked anything like a mouse. Maybe bigger ponies see things differently, but she has no idea. Her stomach demands more than just a bite of lettuce though.

    She looks around to see ponies walking through the streets with hardly a care of what's ahead of them, it almost looks like they're walking just to walk. Sanny looks around, hoping to find some more food close by. The grociery store is near and there's bushes right beside the door, which she can't open. She climbs to the top of the bush and waits for a pony to enter so she can ride them into the store.
  3. Quillina yawned, bored, as she began to make her way towards the large store. She stared at the doors and held the list for the store in her teeth. She put it onto her hoof and then began walking.

    Quillina smiled towards the doors eager to complete the task for Luna. She planned to quickly dash in, grab the items, and get out. She was, after all, unfortunately famous for being Luna's scribe. She hoped nopony would recognize her.

    She hid her face as she began walking towards the doors, humming a small tune Luna did.
  4. Sanny perks up as she spots Quillana approaching the doors. She ducks down to make sure she's hidden and studies her on her approach to the door.
    Her bag looks like a good place. she thinks to herself with a smile.

    Sanny steps out and gets into a pounce position. She wiggles her rump in the air and takes a leap towards Quillana and grabs hold of the buckle holding her bag shut. She kicks her legs trying to pull herself up.
  5. Quillina didn't feel the little pony jump into her bag, and she shrugged to herself in thought. She adjusted the saddle bag and then walked in, holding her hoof up so she could see the items on the list.

    She smiled and went over into the produce, picking up some basic vegetables and fruits and putting them into her left saddle bag so she could remember what was hers. She left the left one, the one full of Sanny and her writing supplies, empty.

    For some reason, the princess of the night wanted to get balloons. She blamed this on the cheeky pink pony that followed Princess Twilight around, knowing that probably was the cause. She began grabbing packs of balloons to take home to her study.
  6. Inside of Quillana's bag, Sanny struggles to see in the dark. She keeps loosing her footing on everything she steps on, and it doesn't help that her ride is bouncy.

    With an irritated grunt she rolls on her side and she plans to stay there until this stops. Quillana's inkwell rolls into her face and a tiny squeak escapes her lips as she rubs her snout.
  7. The noise caused Quillina to stop, pausing as she was deciding between pink and blue balloons. She wished she'd asked the princess first, yet she'd been in a hurry to sleep when Quillina left. The noise broke her thoughts and she took the bag off her side and opened it.

    Seeing the tiny pony, she gasped, "What the?!?" She grabbed Sanny gently and out her onto the top of her bag, "h-how did...What are you?" She blinked.
  8. Sanny lets out a terrified squeak and shuts her eyes tight as she's grabbed. Her heart was racing. She squirms in Quillana's grip until she's set down on top of the bag. Falling onto her back, she opens her eyes to look at Quillana. Unlike normal ponies, her eyes are solid pink with no irises. Sanny just stares at Quillana.
    Sanny blinks back at her. She honestly thought that she was going to be punished in some way. She doesn't look so scared all of a sudden. she peeps in her small voice.
  9. Quillina was more than stunned, she was bewildered. She couldn't believe that she'd been in her bag. She wondered how long she'd even been considerably inside. She wished she knew.

    She slowly bent down and met her pink orbs, "I'm Qiillina Script...what's your name.
    ?" She whispered, shy and confused
  10. Sanny is a bit confused now. Everpony up to this point had either not noticed her or mistook her for a bug or a rodent, or in one case a doll, but now she's being asked who she is. Like a normal pony.

    She swallows her saliva and answers I-I'm Sanny. she says. She nervously tugs her tail up to her face and buries her snout in it.
  11. Quillina blinked and suddenly she stared at her, "you're..." She sat on her hanuches, looking her over. She cocked her head, not knowing at first what to think. She seemed very small, vulnerable, and shy. It kinda reminded her of...her.

    "You're...adorable!" She held her hoof to her, and she seemed to be inviting her to a hoof shake. She smiled. She reminded her of a small stuffed pony she had as a fully.
  12. Sanny blushes deeply. The first pony that talks to her and she compliments her, it's a nice change of pace.

    Sanny wasn't familiar with the hoof shake. She wonders what it is she wants her to do with her hoof. She's being nice, so Sanny returns her kindness by licking her hoof. This is what foxes do, isn't it? she thinks to herself as she keeps it up. She was blushing even harder, thinking this most likely isn't what ponies do to be nice to each other.
  13. Quillina read as much as she would write, so she knew the custom of foxes. She didn't pay any mind to it, because she hadn't yet really acknowledged it. But the fact this tiny pony was trying to imitate one was strange to her. Quillina was lucky she understood more about her, but still, it was odd.

    "Aren't you going to shake my hoof?" She asked, blinking, "It's what ponies do." She was getting perplexed by the adorable pony.
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  14. Sanny stops licking and gives her a sheepish smile.
    um..shake, right.
    She extends her hoof and touches Quillana's, but can hardly handle the shake part.
  15. Quillina smiled and pulled Sanny closer once they'd finished, "how have you survived like this? It must be incredibly taxing on your tiny body to have to live like that. Has anypony stepped on you before?"

    When her motherly ranting was done, she suddenly put Sanny into her saddle bag again, for safety reasons. It also was much easier to see her this way, her red coat against the white showing up much more clearly.
  16. Sanny wasn't sure to make of this, being handled. It made her blush. Yes, but it's never really done more than hurt. she replies almost timidly.

    She looks up at Quillana with a worried look.
    W-what are you doing? Are you planning to keep me?
  17. Quillina blinked, "I just couldn't see you against the apples." She sat down,"but if you want me to keep you I'm sure Princess Luna would love a pet! We'd treat you better than the streets!"

    She thought about that and came to the conclusion that it'd be up to her. She adored her already.
  18. She blushes more and thinks about it.
    Pets are fed. And given water. And loved. And warm places to stay. This all sounded pretty nice, except that she wouldn't be at her own home, or something she could call a home. She wasn't requesting it, but it's a nice offer.
    um... *gurgle*
    Sanny gives in to her stomach. Okay, miss Quillana. I'll let you... keep me. she rubs her belly with a grin towards her. It sounded weird for her to say that somepony is going to keep her.
  19. Quillina slowly stroked her mane, "Luna will love you! I'll just finish up some more groceries and then we'll be on my way!" She left the left bag open for her and then began to go back through the adorus process.of balloons and colors.

    Having a pet excited her. Maybe not even a pet, just a friend. She liked Sammy already.
  20. Sanny gets comfortable in Quillana's saddle bag and just watches the "sky" above her as she watches Quillana go through her with her shopping.
    um...Quillana? I'm hungry! she calls up to her.
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