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  1. So Mortal Kombat X is a little over a week old and I'm still a super big noob. I'm trying to get better but there's only so much that I can learn in training mode and I don't really feel like getting dominated in ranked games. Are there any community members who play MK X on the Xbox One? Anyone who'd like to run some games?
  2. I play on the Xbox One, and I wouldn't say I'm good but so far I have more wins than losses. So -shrug- theres that.
  3. well you're probably a bit better than I am, but it's all good fun in the end. Who do you play as and in what variation?
  4. I don't have MKX, but I have a question. Do you think the variations system is good, and do you think that system will become the norm in fighting games?
  5. I think the system is good for Mortal Kombat, not sure if it's really necessary for other fighting games though. I get the feeling that it's designed so that you don't necessarily have to have a completely different pocket character for certain matchups. Only problem is, not all of the variations are very good and sometimes characters only have one really powerful variation. So yeah, not sure if it will catch on beyond MK.
  6. I normally play Erron Black (Outlaw) I like using him with a sword over his rifle or guns.

    I also play Ermac and Sub-Zero. Still deciding which variation I like.
  7. Ah cool cool. I am trying to learn Infernal Scorpion. After that I'll try and learn Ninjitsu I think. It's slow going though, I'm not great at confirming his string after teleport.
  8. Yeah. I'm trying to play all the characters, but mainly Erron Black.
  9. SonicFox's perfomance at fatal 8 really sold the Outlaw variation quite well. I really want to see how he'll do against people playing Summoner Quan Chi.
Thread Status:
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