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  1. So I'm soooooo severely pissed. UGH. Okay, so me and my boyfriend were going to move into his grandma's old farm house for the summer so we could go work in our hometown before school started up again. And now, because of one of his cousins, we aren't.

    He is the most freaking childish person EVER and he's like 30 fucking years old. Tulon (alias for my bf) says that it was because his cousin was having trouble with his relationship, but this whole "I'm moving back to my old house I abandoned" thing happened the NIGHT that Tulon's dad texted his cousin saying we were going to move in there this summer. So great. Fucking futon for me for the summer. Great.

    And before anyone who reads this (if they do) says that I may be over reacting, you do not know Tulon's family. His sister threatened me with 'repercussions' because I didn't agree with her about a stupid facebook status of mine that had NOTHING to do with her at all. She just had to open her big nosy mouth and but in her 'godly' opinion. And his parents didn't so SHIT about it. So she got away with it and Tulon won't do shit about it either. And now this happens?! Like wtf. And Tulon's parents PAY THE BILLS AND TAXES on that old house. His cousin doesn't do shit to pay for anything, but no, he gets the house. He didn't even finish renovating that damn house! I'm soo fricken pissed!

    And the biggest thing is that his parents won't do anything about it. His cousin throws a fit and he gets what he wants. Same with his fricken sister. And everyone in his family is saying that they are going to talk about it because his parents were wanting to move into that house in the future, so they are going to talk to his cousin about that. Well thats in the future. It's not going to help us in the 2 months of school we have lft before summer. And Tulon is saying 'if worst come to worst you can live with my parents with me' well I hope he's prepared for no sex for 2 months. I'm so not going to do that with his parents bedroom right.next.to.his.

    Plus we have a pet now. What the hell are we supposed to do with him? My mum won't take him, and his mum is afraid of rodenty creatures, so great. WTF. I could shoot something right now i'm so mad. And I just was having the greatest day ever, I am pretty much lined up for a job during the summer (which i'm stoked about) but now I'll be moving back in with my mum? AND SLEEPING ON A FUTON BECAUSE MY ROOM WAS GIVEN TO MY YOUNGER SISTER. Doesn't that sound like the greatest thing ever?

    Sometimes I think it would be so much better if I was single. Then I wouldn't have to deal with his stupid family's shit. And this has been going on pretty much since we were really starting to go out. I'm so done with this.
  2. Let it out, my friend. Then calm your nerves. All shall be well.

    Perhaps you and he need to work something out. Clearly, his family is a major bother, but the question is: is HE a bother? If he is not the one that plagues you and troubles you, it would be very cruel, methinks, to leave him because of his family. Have patience and temperance.

    I know how hard it is to deal with a family that is annoying. Believe me. My family is quite akin to his. On both sides.

    *Opens arms for a friendly hug.*
    Now that you have let your wrath out, it is time to relax. Hug? : )
  3. I know it would be horrible to leave him, he's the greatest guy ever, which is why I haven't left him haha :P His family just drives me insane. It's not his fault, I just wish they would realize how crazy they can be sometimes, and actually DO something when his sister is like that to me -.-

    I really really love him, so I probably would never leave him (unless he does something unforgivable or something) I just really needed to rant and go crazy somewhere where neither he or his family could read about it. I'm just really sick of dealing with the stupid stuff I've had to put up with ughhhhh.

    -Accepts the hug- Thank you~ T.T

    I just don't know what we are going to do now :/ we were planning everything out for when we moved back to our hometown and I was just getting excited to move into that old house. I'm pissed, he's pissed, but he never does anything about it. That's the only thing I really don't like about him. He tells me all of the time how mad he can get at his family, but he never tells them. He just backs them up with whatever they want to do. Even that whole thing with his sister, sure he messaged her to tell her he was mad and to shut up, but he didn't ACTUALLY do anything about it. It just feels like I don't really have a voice/opinion with his family sometimes I guess, and I really hate that because my family is fair, they don't just agree to whatever is being discussed without the people who they are talking about being there, you know?

    But really, thanks for the hug T.T
  4. Take his hand and sit him down. Inform your beloved that he needs to say something to his family. Be firm, but gentle. Let him know that he must take control. Allow me to reiterate that: HE MUST TAKE CONTROL. You must come before his family if he wishes to be with you long term. This is a necessity.

    Let him know, my friend. Do not become angry or frustrated. Inform him calmly, coolly, and firmly. You > his family. This is how love must go. He cannot back them up like this forever, because it hurts you greatly.

    *Pats your back and smiles.* Do this and all shall be better, alright? : )