Miyako And The D-Gray Man Team (Cho And Miy Storys)

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  1. Miyako was walk up to the (•) HQ. the ciff part anyways. "What the monkeys do i have to real climb this" she said then sighed. she looks at the flying ball that wird guy gibed her. whats his name oh yeah cross. that son of an monkey saved her then made her work for him. like realy come on who dose that. she sighs then smiled. she then starts to climb. she has inasince in her hair it seams becuse when she wips her hair it grows and slices things. thats perty much all she can do. she really hates her hair its long and blackbut luckly hiding under her hood. she also hates her right eye becuse her mother cusred her right eye.she was amost there now. she hade a black cloak and under it was a black vas and white top with her black pants. she gets to the top and looks around. "so this is the place" she says then gets scared alittle "who the hell wants to go here this place is scary but what ever i need to talk to whats his face." she never been good at names. she sighs and starts alking to the Hq place. "if i die will you take my body to a gravesite please." she was asking her flying ball.
  2. (btw it's called the black order >w< lol and try to spell as best you can cause I have trouble reading what you're saying... =-=)

    As Miyako approached the giant door on the front of the black order, a huge face resembling a tiki mask opened its eyes. It narrowed its eyes then began to scan her with a clear laser. When it scaned her curse it's eyes widened and it began to yell. "FAILED! SCAN FAILED! INTRUDER, INTRUDER!!! SHE'S AN AKUMA, A SPY, A SPY! SHE'S COME TO KILL US ALL!!!" It cried. As the large tiki mask tremble a silhouette of a girl appeared at the top of the gate.
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    she jumped and coverd her face but then notice it was scaning her. she srugged then once he said she was a spy she screamed "what ypur joking right hell no i am no akuma and i hope to never be one i am just cures thats all" she said hiti the gate. "IT NOT MY FALT THAT I AM CURSE" she didnt notice the girl at al
  4. "HELP! IT'S ATTACKING ME!" the gate yelled. The silouette jumped from its perch above the gate and fluttered down to where it was visible. It was a girl with long purple hair tied into two ponytails on each side her head. But more amazingly she had large butterfly wings on her back. She was soon followed by a golem. A muffled voice came through the golem. "Hai Hai," the girl said in response. "Ok akuma, you heard what the tiki thingy said. I'll have to kill you~ any last words?"
  5. "what i a-" she didnt finish becuse out of know where the girl with wing"yes i would like to say i am sorry and i-im not an akuma and and and and i told master cross i would if i came here" with that she kness and prayed. "father forgive me i didnt want to be with that perv" she finished the rest in her head then looked at lady "anyways master cross sent a leter to some guy name kaboe kasow katowe i forget"
  6. "Um...I think you mean Chief Komui? Mmmh...since I'm feeling good today, I'll see what they say" she says turning to the Golem "Reaver, she says she's with Master Cross, he left a letter." after a few minutes a muffle was heard from the Golem. She nodded "It seems they found your envelope, come with I'll show you around" she says with a smile. She approaches the gate. "OPEN!!!" the gate yells as it rise open. "Come, come, I'll show you to Cheif Komui's office" she said.
  7. "is this always like this becuse if it is you are going to hear alot from me" she said with a smiles and follow her in. "um dont bring me too mr Komui? i that his name. but anywways i wouldnt be yet i need to clam down my anger." she giggles and looks at the girl "oh um hi my name is Miyako and you are"
  8. "Oh yah, I forgot to tell you my name, It's Murasaki, Murasaki Cho, but you can call me either one" she smiled and continued to walk to Komui's office.
  9. She smiled and said "nice to meet you Cho." But once sthey wher in the office she was pissed again. "hello I am Chief Komui" the man said he had gasses. "your lucky you have glasses or i would punch you" she said angerly
  10. Komui backed up slowly then hid behind Reaver. "Welcome to the Black Order," Reaver continued "Before you can stay, you need to come with us so we can verifie your innocence" he finished. Cho nodded. "I had to do that too, don't worry" she whispered.
  11. I am not worried he sould be worried. because i am going to kick you butt" she ponts at Komui with fire in her eyes. "your dead" she said creaki her neck. she slowly start to walkup to the guy and said "i would move Reaver" she didntlook at him just at Komui
  12. "U-uh, I'm s-sorry I can't l-let you beat up the c-chief..." Reaver studdered as Komui crept out from behind Reaver. "Um...why do you want to beat up Komui so bad?" Cho asked
  13. "he almost got me killed master cross told mthis would happend" she faced Cho with a smile. she then faced the boys and she changed completly. "so when is this innocence thing" she said claming down alittle and was glade her in Innocence didnt actavite. she only has 50% contrle. some times it actavites on its own but she doset rembers whenevef that happens
  14. "And you would listen to Master Cross?" Cho said puzzled. She sighed. "It's now, if you would step this way" Reaver said. He lead the group to glowing platform which floated over nothingness.
  15. "haha in your dreams i hate that guy i just left so i wount have to see his ulgy face." she said with a smirk. she crossed her arms and followed Reaver and the chff to the floating platform.
  16. Soon after Hevlaska appeared. "Greetings" she said. "This is Hevalaska," Reever began "She is the one that will scan your innocence, and find out your sycronization rate. If you would stand here please." Reever pointed to a spot infront of Hevlaska.
  17. Miyako sighed and tock off her jaket. she walked up to Hevlaska. Hevlaska picked her up. wich scared her at first then calmed down. Miyako closed her eyes and Havlaska cheek her %. wich was 50% she knew she didnt have full controle.
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    "Hmm...50%," Hevlaska stated. "That's not very stable..." Reever mummbled "but do not worry here sychronization rate will improve in do time" Hevlaska reassured. "But that's the lowest I've ever seen" Cho said. Hevlaska put her down.
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    Miyako smikerd "thanks for being so shocked" she was not shocked at the info. and this hole time chiff has been thinking. Miyako just sigh and asked to leave. she sighed and picked up her jaket
  20. "Wow you sigh a lot" Cho said "but since you want to leave so bad i'll show you to your room~" she started to skip down the hall until she reached a door that seemed to be vacant. "Here's your room!" she presented.
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