Mixing Fire and Ice

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  1. Mixing Fire and Ice

    A one x one between Trifected and lilly321

    He’s a fiery and passionate man who sees the best in everything and anything. There’s nothing he hasn’t been able to do. Too bad he doesn’t have friends, just advisors and acquaintance who like him for his stats and money. His family is just a big fat lie. A Kind king? Try a tyrant. A sweet and cool queen? Look up bitch and bitterness. Cheerful and bouncy princess? Check your dictionary because she’s a cold and angry tramp. She’s isolated and trapped. Her illness keeping her from her family and her people. She wants to be there and help them. But unable to control her curse she’s more of a pain then any help. Her parents actually rule the kingdom properly but with advancing armies from the rivalling kingdom put the heat on it’s on. For her she’s determined to do something. While he lays back and enjoys the sun. But when they both get kidnapped in the miss of their own plans they meet in the most unlikely of places. How will they get home? Better yet, how will they handle each other?
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    (But without the long ears and head thing)

    Name: Katrina Cardon
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6"
    Eye color: blue grey
    Likes: Reading, playing the piano, watching others, her family, trying to garden, silk, heights,
    Dislikes: Her powers, corsets, her seclusion, her uncle and his sons, lightning and thunder​
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Nao Sonara
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'2"
    Likes: Reading, playing the piano, fencing and his pet cat
    Dislikes: His family, greddy people, Idiots, dogs
  4. Katrina woke that morning just like any other morning, after noon, her braids falling out of their place, and frost on her blankets. She stretched her arms above her head then stood up and pulled her silk gloves on, which looked quite odd since she was still in her cotton night gown. As she walked to the window she noticed it was even later then she normally woke and tea time had already started in the garden below. She smiled as she saw her mother socializing with some of the ladies from court. She was always glad when she was able to see her parents able to live lives outside of their constant worry for their daughter. She made her way to the bath room and stood in what may have been the first shower ever, since she couldn't take baths because if she did the whole tub would freeze solid. You can only imagine the first time that happened and Katrina had her whole foot frozen in a huge block of ice. So what she would do is release water that was suspended above her head that was only semi warm since there was no way to heat it up and it would cool down the moment it touched her body anyway. from where she stood were small crevasses that would lead to a dip in the ground across the room where it'd collect into a pool and she would then freeze to be broken and take away from there. After following this whole process she pinned her hair up into a tight bun and placed her silver tiara upon her head. She then stepped into a large dress that she was to wear that day and pulled on a string that would pull a bell in the servants quarters. Soon her maid Margret was at her side helping her dress in the light blue gown while telling her all she had heard from the party that was happening below in the garden.
  5. He awoke to the sounds of yelling and shouting from the floor below. Or was it above him? Shaking his head he deduced it was from below because his head was pounding harder then it would have if it was from above. Streching he got out of bed not bothering to look at the clock or out the window because, lets face it shall we? The time was clearly not of any concern to him let alone the crying screaming protesters at the gates begging for attention his father would rather pay attention to him first then listen to them. Oh wait neither will happen. He called for his maids to come and dress and bathe him as he mearly stood and moved very little as they striped and bathed him before putting on his clothing for the day. Or what ever was in his closet that was clean and not dirty or out of style. After that he sent his maids away to tend to a more special need.
    'shoulders back, chin up, back stright, eyes alert and smile a blaze.' He thought to him self infront of his vanity table before he got up and went to get breakfest in the kitchen. yes kitchen not dinning room where His sister would call him a tramp or a man whore. At least in the kitchen he'd have some peice...even if it was a room full of busy and rushed servents.
  6. She smiled as she listened to her tell the details of the women whose lives she was supposed to have, but couldn't due to her curse. After Margret had finished tightening her outer corset, Katrina dismissed that maid, and walked upstairs to her own private garden, since she couldn't mingle in the larger garden in the courtyard. She had her own because what would people think if they found a frozen flower in the middle of summer. The gloves were helpful, but not full proof every now and then things would still be covered in frost even through her gloves. She smiled as the sun hit her face as she walked out onto the roof that held her garden, the sun ray's warming her cool skin. She sat down a table that held her breakfast and ate silently, listening to the birds chirp in the afternoon breeze. She did like the sun, but she enjoyed the night even more. That was one of the reasons she slept in so long, she'd stay up well past midnight almost every night and watch the moon in it's massiveness. Also her powers took quite a toll on her body, sucking a large amount of energy every time she used them. She closed her eyes to relax some, knowing her alone time would only last for a little while longer and her father would come to spend time with her soon.

    Suddenly a hand was around her mouth and her arms were being pulled behind her back. Her eyes snapped open only to find nothing that hadn't already been there before as the intruder's were behind her and were shoving a rag into her mouth to silence her then more darkness as a bag was placed over her head. She tried to stand to defend her self, but her feet were grabbed and tied together just as quickly as her hands were. She tried to use her powers and freeze whoever was trying to take her captive. Nothing changed aside from something thick that was placed over her hands and tightened around her wrists. She felt something hard hit her head and then even the small amount of light that had shown through the bag went black.
  7. (oh god I'm so mixed up today X.X)
  8. He ate silently as the staff around him were busy. They'd tell him hello and any news they knew of as he ate. He'd smile and make small takl with whom ever was free before they were taken away by work and demands. Soon he finished and headed out to the stables where his favourite mare, Ice was. He walked up to the white stallion and patted her mane. Of all his fathers horses Ice was his favourite, not that he'd ever tell that to his father. If he knew then he'd get rid of Ice, The only real friend he had even if Ice was a horse and not human. He couldn't lose her. He'd go mad with out her. He started to groom the other horses before he groomed Ice that way he could spend more time with her and not look like he favored her when he realy did. He even had a seperate set of grooming gear he'd secerctly stashed he used to just groom her and no other mare. He'd feed her all the apples he could carry from the kitchen with out being noitced and made sure her coat was the shinest of all.

    Ice'd would let out sounds of joy and happiness as he'd grrom and feed her, no other rider showed her this much love or affection. saddly he was so into it today he didn't notice the man behind him with a rail. Ice had tried to warn him but he thought she was just excited and not worried for him! He was knocked out and dragged away before Ice could charge at the doors to get to him, they slammed shut in her face. she kicked and bucked at the doors but they held firm trapping her from saving her friend.

    The stranged man dragged the prince to a spare stall where he tied and gaged him up before dragging him on to a wagon and coving it with hay. He quickly went back to grab the strongest horse he coudl find and hooked her up to the cart no matter how fussy and angry she was for hurting her rider. Acting fast he quickly took the horse and cart out of the castle and away from the city
  9. When Katrina awoke she was in a dimly lit room. A torch flicked and cast large shadows of the bars along the cold stone walls. Bars? She opened her eyes suddenly to take in more of her surroundings. She laying on a small bed of straw, her large dress had been traded out for a much simpler peasant dress that clung to her smooth cool skin. Her face grew red when she realized that her captors have now seen more of her then she would have liked. She tried to stand up to go look out side the cell, but was stopped by they large chains that clung to her wrists surrounding them in what felt like a wool cloth. She sat back down, tucking her legs underneath her.

    After what seemed like hours she finally spoke up. "Hello?" Her voice echoed in what she had now assumed to be caves of some sort, due to the lack of sunshine. "Is there anyone there?" She asked nervously. If these people were able to capture her, there were probably many more things they could do to her. She leaned back against the wall and welcomed the silence she was sure that would follow.
  10. He'd awoken a few times in the rough and bumpy travles, bound and gaged. Nothing he could have done would have helped. He would've been caught and given a beating to keep him quiet. So he lay under piles of hay with his head in an old smelly bag that prevented him from any sight, then again the blind fold already did that for him. He tried to wiggle and see what he could do but the binds being too tight and his hands and leggs bound to the walls of the cart ment he couldn't do much moving with out causing alarm. After all what kind of hay moves? the kind with somthing in it. He'd be noticed for sure but by who was the question that worried him the most. If it was a pass byer then they may end up dead for asking about it, his capture would just knock him out again and most likely do it in a not so nice of a way as well.

    They'd stopped a few times to what he assumed was night, considering how cold he was and how itchy and irrated his skin was with the hay poking and proding at him. He'd tried to keep track of the days but it was too hard to tell and soon he gave up. When they stopped again it was to dump him on the ground and start stripping and taking his things. He'd made a big fuss about that alright, so they knocked him out and he came too again when they'd finished the strip and tossed him in to a dark cave like cell before tying him to the wall with chains and laughing at him
  11. All of a sudden there was the sound of voices coming from the left side of the cave and she quickly laid down on her straw, barley keeping one eye open to see what was happening. There were three men walking, two were dragging the body of a much younger looking boy. It was to dark for her make out much about him. Did he have black hair? or was it a dark brown? And his clothes were to dirty to determine anything from them. He was fairly muscular, perhaps he worked in the fields? Or maybe he was a knight? The later seemed more logical. Why would anyone capture a peasant? After the men left, locking the door she sat up and tried to move as much hair as she could out of her face, with very little success. "Hello?" She whispered to the boy. "Are you okay?" She wasn't sure what to expect really. She she even risk talking to him? After all he was in her just like she was. Perhaps he had powers just like hers.
  12. He could see someone was in the cell across from his but the darkness of the cave and the failure of a toarch haning on the wall made it very hard for him to see anything at all. All he saw was someone with long hair. He assumed it was a girl right away seeing how every woman he knew had long hair.Then again some of the men he knew also had long hair but not that long. No the pearson across from him was defently a girl. She looked tiny and scard almost. he could've scoffed if he could. of course she would be scard. they were in the same senairo. The only diffreance was how she got here and who she was. He cold hear her talking but he was so tired and his eyelids were heavy.
  13. There was no answer. She bit her lip and laid back down uncomfortably on the dry hay. Sleep soon found her after she closed her eyes. She had a dream about her garden at home, her soft cotton bed with silk sheets. She imagined the warm sun on her face and her mother and father smiling with her. That sweet dream was soon shattered when her eyes opened to the dark cave. The lighting was a bit brighter, just enough to see the boy across the room who was still asleep. She could make out his face more clearly, her scruffy black hair, and on his tarnished clothes she could just barley make out what looked like the crest of a royal family that was a full week's journey away from the edge of her's. Her heart sunk. Where could she be then? If they had both of them, it was very likely that they weren't anywhere near either kingdom, and the chances of being found were even slimmer. She tried to use her powers again but all it did was freeze the bag and make her hands even more uncomfortable.
  14. He dreamed of his home and how misserable his child hood was with his tryant of a father and a bitch of a mother. To make things worse his bitchy sister makign his life a living hell. He'd turnned and grounted in his sleep as best as he could beign bound to the wall and held down by the weights on his ankles. when he awoke it was still dark. Groaning he tried to get comftorable in his space knowing he'd be here for a while. after shuffling around as quietly as he could and fixing the hay to cover the cold sopts of the wet and chilly ground he settled down and tried to get some sleep, not knowing if he'd get it again...
  15. Katrina heard rustling over where the boy sat and she sat up. "Hello?" She asked for the second time since he had entered the cell, she hoped this time she'd get a response. She sighed when it looked like he was still asleep and leaned against the cold wall and flinched slightly before easing into it. She did wish he'd wake up, if anything just for someone to talk to. But she did want to be sure that's where he was from, if he knew anything about who took them or why, and if he had any ideas on how to get out of here.
  16. He awoke to what felt like mid day to him as he streched and looked around groaning, realising what he thougtht was just a bad nightmare was actualy real. He tried to get up but saw the chins and sighed. the day was just getting worser and worser byt the min
  17. She was getting fed up with his silence. He was in here with her so he must be a prisoner as well. Right? "Sir!" She called out trying to get his attention by sitting up causing her own chains to rattle. "Hello? I can see that you're awake, so answer me!" she demanded in frustration.
  18. He looked up to see a girl before him. She was dressed in rags and was also tied down. he wondred breafly if she was in the same senairo he was in but with a diffrent stats quo. as he was a prince.she looked like a lady or even the daughter of a high lord or baron. He coughed a bit to clear his dry throat and looked at her in her eyes. they were a diffrent colour then what he was used to seeing around the castle.

    'my applogies, my lady" he said politely blowing his head "I'm a little out of is. sorry" he said trying not to make her any more angrier then she porbly was already
  19. She relaxed a little when he answered and smiled a bit. "Thank you sir." She responded slightly bowing her head as well then realized that yelling at him probably wasn't the best idea she'd even had and felt bad about it at once. "I'm sorry about yelling, I shouldn't have done that. We're both in this predicament together are we not? I'm Princess Katrina Maria Cardon. And you are?" She asked in a softer tone. She took deeper breaths to control her emotions.
  20. He looked at her as if he'd been hit by a horse. she was the princess of the country his father was currently at war with, she was the curssed madien the stories the soidlers told of. He didn't know what to say let alone know how to act now. Je knew the diffreance from fact and fiction but at the same time he didn't know what was ture about her and what was a lie. He thoguht for a moment about what he shoudl tell her let alone how the hell to intdrouce himself to her.

    "it's alright I understand, after all I should have paied attention to you when you were speaking" he said knowing his mistake. "I'm....I'm kai" he said keepign his face in check so she couldn't suspect a lie from him "I'm from the other counrty. the one you ar at war with" he said. at least that was true. his cuntry was at with hers
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