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  1. Hello!
    I'm ISSUES, and I've decided to do a mixed search.
    MxM and MxF pairings.
    So before we start, what do I expect?
    I don't have high standards, so don't worry :p

    1. Basic english knowledge, I don't mind spelling mistakes, but I want to be able to read your post.
    2. Please be active, I can understand real life happens, but please give me at least 2 or 3 posts a day.
    3. I don't use anime characters, sorry not sorry.
    4. No one liners.. I just can't.

    AND NOW.. Le pairings.

    MxF pairings:
    Ghost x Living
    Famous x normal
    Civilian x Princess
    Best friends

    MxM pairings:
    Ghost x Living
    Civilian x Prince
    Curious x Openly gay
    Friend with Benefit
  2. If you're ok with MxM and a little dirty-... "things" to happen, could we do a:
    "MxM: Friends with benefits developing into a hardcore relationship overtime which no one is aware of"

    And about the "anime" characters, I use hand-drawn-with-color/digital-programs-from-a-computer characters but not from an already existing serie, like "Naruto" or "Bleach". I use made-up characters because using REAL HUMANS just feels too weird.

    But, if it's still too weird for you to use "digital"-characters I can try out a picture from google-images on an actual human if that works for you. ^^
    Either that or we can describe our characters appearances.
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  3. I'm interested in the ghost and living idea, I can playing a female ghost if that's what your looking for.
  4. I'm into the mxm curiousxopenlygay and the civilianxprince idea !
  5. I'm up for the Ghost x Living MXM idea if your still looking
  6. Yeah sounds good !
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